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  1. Happy Birthday, hope it was a good one!
  2. Congrats on the grandson! Those tulips are amazing
  3. Great tutorial Steven. I vote for a new thread on a new build...
  4. Wow! What kind of junk yards do you frequent? Do they have any daylight hours, or only after midnight?
  5. Gerald, the "special order" link on your website didn't do anything - might be my computer... That is an interesting concept. How do you advise folks that their piece might crack while drying?
  6. Well, one way to look at it is if you want the job a couple helpful suggestions might be a factor in deciding to give you the work I don't always go to the cheapest supplier in town when I can get good advise down the street...
  7. They look mighty nice Steve. What technique do you use to sand on the lathe? Do you just use hold the sandpaper with your hands? Or do you attach the paper to a block of wood or sanding block?
  8. Good luck with it Rusty, look forward to your posting some projects up!
  9. Hey Billy, I wasn't talking about the uppers - I was talking about 12" wide base cabinets. When I looked at the sketch, about the only useful storage area is a 2' cabinet beside the range. A good deal of counter space, but not much storage. JMHO Billy. That much space could be so much more useful for a bit more (if any) extra cost.
  10. I would agree with Larry, nothing in the pic makes it look "used". Of course it could be a new set-up, but I still vote salesman...
  11. Not flaws Billy, but just a comment. IMHO, 12" cabinets are not worth much. They are too small for much of anything even if you go with frameless cabinets. On a 13' wall, there is only 2' of usable lower cabinetry and 6' of "wasted" space. This doesn't count the 3' corner cabinet. I realize there will be wasted space there, but I am not a big fan of lazy susans there either.
  12. Wow Frederick, that is simply superb! In all the pip's that were posted I never got/thought about the size of this. Seeing it up on the wall brings the scale home. Hope you will take us along on the next project also.
  13. Rusty, is this a new machine for you? Don't recall you posting CNC stuff up before
  14. Looks really great Steven
  15. This ought to be fun, new machines and new technology to learn! Like Gene, I am anxious to see some PIPs!
  16. Frederick, that looks super, super something. I don't want to use up all my superlatives and have nothing to give when you've mounted it to the plaque
  17. Looking pretty darn nice from where I sit Frederick. Your technique with the gold leaf into the smaller details. Are you simply laying it in and then rubbing off the excess?
  18. Mike, what is this "fake stuff T1-11" you speak of. Never heard of it, but I would like to know more. If I can make a recommendation for the interior, I would vote for paint - specifically a white paint. It will reflect light back and make the whole shop brighter and therefore easier to work in. Now, can we help you spend some more money? How high are the ceilings? Will this also serve as garage parking? Will it be 1, 1 1/2, 2 story? How about electrical service, lighting, dust collection?
  19. Thanks for the follow up Jess. Please let Bernadette know that she is still in our thoughts & prayers. It does sound like she is making a remarkable recovery though Our area doesn't see much snow at all, maybe a dusting every 3-4 years and when it does happen it "usually" comes overnight and will be gone by noon. There have been exceptions of course, and perhaps one day I will share a kinda funny story of one that happened while I was a weather man stationed here - just about 48 years ago... Winter temps are similar to yours, but our colder days would likely be upper 40's to low 50's. And like you, I can't think of any place I need to go when it does snow, nothing that can't wait a day or two. And I am just about that bad when it rains, or after dark - and don't even ask me to drive in the rain after dark!
  20. Cal

    Hand Tools

    A great looking project CDave. And a word about using your hand tools... don't expect much flack here. We all appreciate them, whether we use them or not
  21. That frame sure compliments the picture Jess.
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