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  1. Cal

    Happy Birthday David

    @difalkner - Hope it is a great one for you, and there is enough cake to go around!
  2. Cal

    Cheap Router Bit Storage

    A nice set up all around, thanks for sharing those pics Tom.
  3. Cal

    Extreme Wood Turning

    Yeow!!! Extreme is right... For me personally, this would be in the category of things that "can" be done - but that doesn't mean they "should" be done.
  4. Y'all planting birds up there now Dave? What sorts?
  5. Cal

    She Is Back To Helping In the Yard

    Great news Jess. Please tell her I said hello,
  6. Doesn't happen all the time, and it just started about a week ago. As I browse through the recent posts when I hit the post to view the thread I get the Laguna Tools home page rather than the thread. It might do it 2 or three times (and I will click around on the title looking for a different result) and then go to the thread. A couple times I just gave up and moved on.
  7. A big thanks to @kmealy for posting this info and these articles up! A few days ago I completed a mirror for a friend. The mirror and frame I think must have come from a yard sale several years ago because it has been in the garage coated with dust and debris for a long time. Anyhow, I was ready to simply toss the frame and make one from pallet material when Keith posted this up. So, I decided to give it a go. I gave it a good scrubbing with soap & water and applied two coats of wax. Not the same as a newly made frame, better than a pallet based frame that I was going to do. Unfortunately, I did not take any "before" pics. I think it will be A-OK hanging in a relatively dark room!!!
  8. Cal

    Occasional Mis-Direct?

    Working fine tonight John. Using Safari on a Mac.
  9. Cal


    No, this is the compass in my iphone. If it did not come with the phone, must be the Mrs. or one of the young ones put it in there for me...
  10. Cal

    Hand Tools - Use 'Em

    What Lew said!
  11. Cal

    Little Jug

    Very unusual looking. I had never heard of leopard wood either. I sure like what you did with it!
  12. Cal

    Cheap Router Bit Storage

    I always like to see good ideas.
  13. Cal


    App found! Right under my nose all along... The compass does it, kinda sorta. Doing some shop work this AM and decided to take another shot at this puzzle. With the phone set against the fence, that reading compared to the reading with the phone against the blade gives the measurement. The only problem I seen is that it would never give the exact same readings over and over. Close, but not "on the money". Sometimes you get what you pay for I reckon.
  14. Cal

    Occasional Mis-Direct?

    Ok John, it had been working pretty good until just now. When I hit the Monday morning thread and the old tool thread it went to the Laguna Tools homepage. Those two threads were the last ones in the "recent posts" column on the Forums page. I made several attempts.
  15. Thanks Keith. Using the earlier info that you posted I went after the old picture frame yesterday. I was quite (happily) surprised at how well it cleaned up. A few minor dings and scratches really kinda sorta disappeared. I plan to do a second coat of wax today and then mount the mirror and call it done. Will post up a pic after that.
  16. Cal

    Display for the 'Maple Rocks' Bowl

    Beautiful accent Steve.
  17. Some great work right there Danl, very very nice.
  18. Cal


    Was putting up some trim yesterday, so resorted to my old reliable... Still interested in seeing if there is an app for this. I remember being amazed at what the Wixey did for me...
  19. Cal

    Coffee and Honey

    A teaspoon of honey and a healthy splash of milk in mine if I am home. Light roast, dark or medium - it doesn't matter. The wife picks up whatever is on sale the day she goes.
  20. Jess, glad you and the misses are ok. I had a very similar experience once except it was the tractor trailer that ran the light. By the way, here is your sign...
  21. Cal

    Another Anniversary

    Congratulations and best wishes to you and your bride Al B!
  22. Cal


    I will look for it, thanks again.
  23. Cal

    We Signed Our Docs On Our Home Sale Today!

    Great news Allen
  24. Cal


    I don't know Bill, I will try that though. All I know is that I could not figure out a way with the Wixey.
  25. Cal


    Wow! I found this on my phone - so cool. Just for sport I set it on one of the stair sub treads. 0* left to right, -1* front to back. Now, anyone know of a similar app that would measure the angle on the miter saw, fence to blade? I have tried all sorts of things with my Wixey, without finding the means to do it.

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