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  1. I've seen the less expensive blades, I'll probably get a couple of different sizes. I was pleased and surprised that the top blade makers have my sizes. I did check Amazon before I bought the saw Rechecked the setup and had to adjust the table for 90 , it was about 1/4 degree off, now its perfect. Just did a test cuts with a fence, the miter gauge, and did a resaw test. All passed with flying colors, using the 1/4 14 tpi blade.
  2. Steve, take care of yourself first. Good to see that you aren't shy about the ER, some of us are to tough for our own good.
  3. It takes a 62" blade. It will use 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch blades. Laguna makes blades in all four widths in either 4 tpi or 14 tpi. Not sure if I can bring myself to buy a $44 blade for a saw I paid $125 for new .
  4. Smallpatch, The band saw is the table top one from HF, The blade that came with it is 4 tpi, I tried a couple of cuts with it before changing to the 14 tpi. The 14 tpi is the better blade. I'm not planning on freehanding anything but the first cut (and that will be dressed on the 4 x 36 belt sander. Yes, I need an aux fence for the miter gauge, which is designed to allow for that. I did spend a fair amount of time setting up the band saw, more than an hour (that's after putting it together and making sure it ran). Blade guides top and bottom, centering the blade and adjusting the tension. And had to adjust the table to get a perfect 90 degrees. I'll go through the whole process again tomorrow before I cut more blanks. I wear safety glasses as a matter of course, my good eye is 20/350 so in order to see anything I must wear glasses and I only have safety glasses. I'm not planning on resawing any wood with this saw, it's just not built for it. I may use it to cut the bottom of the heart boxes, but I'll see how well it can do that
  5. So I bought a bandsaw (first one) setup and working well. This is so much more controllable for what I want to do I'm using a 1/4 wide 14 tpi blade. Here are a couple of pics of the manzanita root. The closeup has been wiped with oil to show the grain.
  6. I bought some Manzanita root (thought it had interesting grain) hoping to use it for some heart boxes ( 1 1/2" cube). What would be the safe way to cut this into blocks for the scrollsaw? The tablesaw and the chop saw tend to throw small pieces so, Bandsaw?
  7. No, these were made for the Bosses wife. She is in charge of the decorating for a local charity fundraiser. Each time I make a project for her it gets added to the rotating display. The snowflakes got a lot of favorable comments.
  8. Cal, my vitreous detachment is age related; 75% of those who reach 65 will have this happen. Hopefully the detachment does not cause a tear.
  9. Not yet. I had a vitreous detachment, the tear is related. The Docs tell me the left will detach at some time as well. If it happens before the right eye clears up, I'm screwed. Hopefully it will wait.
  10. So, a couple of months ago I had a vitreous detachment in my right eye. No major complications, so I've been alert for any changes. Last Thursday at 11:55 am I had a hemorrhage in the eye. Went to my eye doctor for a check at 1 pm, called my primary provider at 2 pm (torn retina), They started work on getting me to a local eye center for laser surgery. I already had an appointment (semi annual checkup) for Friday at 10:00 am. When I told them it was critical to have surgery within 24 hrs of the tear (eye doctors words). They got me an appointment with a local eye center at 2 pm. Made it to the appointment, had the surgery, am now recovering. Vision is still cloudy from the blood inside the eye, should take 3-5 months for it to reabsorb. I hear a lot of complaints about the VA (there are times I want to hang the lot of them), but when they do good I want to give kudos. This year has been a real roller coaster, Surgery in March, two trips to the ER in realation to the surgery, 3 days in the hospital after going septic from an abcess due to surgery, brother getting major neck surgery (c-2 to T-1 degenerative bone disease), sister passed away last week (congestive heart failure 64 years old), and now my eye, can this year just be over, please.
  11. Very nice smallpatch, Here are some slightly larger ones I did a couple of years ago. These were painted with white craft paint with the sparkles already in the paint (no glitter spread)
  12. Cut out of 3/4 CDX plywood. It will become part of the rotating decorations. At the tires made slot together bracing, the back of the bracing is as tall as the pattern and the pieces of the truck as screwed to the braces. The brace on the back tire is the support for the tree on top. There is a brace at the top of the door that doubles as the support for the treetop.
  13. This a Steve Good pattern. It started life as an 8 1/2 x 11 pattern, I blew it up with "big print" 7' long. Cut with my Boshe jigsaw and Boshe scrolling blades. This will be part of the decorations for a local charity fundraiser.
  14. As for the bearing; the multi step pully is on top of the bearing. I need a spanner wrench (or some real careful punch work) to get it loose. More on that later. :?)
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