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  1. Wichman3

    Harbor Freight Lands on the moon

    Great prices, but... no atmosphere .
  2. Wichman3

    waiting on scroll saw blades

    This is a small box I used to make. 1 1/2" thick purpleheart with a sliding dovetail on the top and a heart shaped pin to hold the top in place. I had to use very small blades (#1) and cut slowly.
  3. Wichman3

    waiting on scroll saw blades

    I have two suggestions: 1. slow your feed rate, give that small blade time to cut and turn. 2. practice on scrap (of the same material). short sections with a 1" straight line, cut to the center and then spin the blade in place (slowly) cut back out the same line you cut in on. When you are comfortable with the straight lines, work on some "S" curves. An additional practice is to tilt the table and cut the straight line again, this will result in a cone waste piece, practice until the cone is even. Additionally, I have trained myself to be able to cut either direction, I prefer clockwise (just feels better somehow), but in the fretwork I do I have to be able to cut counterclockwise at times.
  4. Wichman3


    Welcome home.
  5. Wichman3

    attaching a back

    So how do y'all attach a backing to a fretwork piece? Specifically, how do you apply the adhesive so that it dosen't get on the finished sides? Additionally I would like to use a waterproof glue (Welcome sign for the front door), polyurethane comes to mind but it seems to be pretty messy and ugly if too much is applied. Thoughts?
  6. Wichman3

    Get your patterns off easier.

    I use the peel and stick shelf liner myself, works great. As for printing directly on the shelf liner, not so much, it's very curly and won't feed through a printer. It's the backer that's curly, once the backer is peeled off it loses the curliness. I've tried everything I could think of to remove or reduce the curl, vacuum press, reverse rolling, sandwiched between layers of poster board with weight on top (100 lbs+). Nothing helped.
  7. Wichman3

    Updating a Pricing List

    Dave, Ours is from May through the end of Oct. Just too cold for any produce.
  8. Wichman3

    Updating a Pricing List

    So, as of yesterday morning I am now the market manager for the local farmer's market. I can still have a booth (my kids will man it). But now, I can gently push my agenda for quality work at real prices.
  9. Wichman3

    Fred Wilson (retires as forum host)

    Thank you Fred. Enjoy the free time.
  10. Wichman3

    Updating a Pricing List

    I had to deal with a very difficult board member of a local group another board member feared for my safety, so I showed her that photo and said "no one can out crazy me".
  11. Wichman3

    small basket

    516" cherry, BLO finish
  12. Wichman3

    Updating a Pricing List

    My biggest resistance to using the web to enhance sales comes from an article in Scrollsaw Woodworking & Crafts, spring 2015 issue 58. The article, entitled Scrolling Ideas for Spring Cleaning should have been entitled How to steal ideas from esty.com. I had such a negative reaction to the article I won't buy magazines anymore. Yes, I know that anyone can still go to various websites and get ideas and pricing goals, but for a magazine to promote the idea is repugent. Sorry about the "let the board die now comment", I'll try to be nicer
  13. Wichman3

    Updating a Pricing List

    Part of my using a pricing list to have a reality check on my speed. If a reasonable price on a piece is $10.00 and I have 5 hours into it in labor then I'm probably cutting a little slow. This is an extreme example but, hopefully, you get my drift. The city where I live, Pocatello Idaho, is horrible for poormouthing ( the people who come up to a booth and say " tsk, too much, tsk") I had one such person say that about the price of winter squash, and we were half the price of Walmart. I will not drop my price because someone poormouths, period.
  14. Wichman3

    Learning to use a scroll saw

    There is a WoodCraft store in Spokane, so that may be an option for you.
  15. Wichman3

    Learning to use a scroll saw

    Monkey, Please bear with us (the gang) while we try to trouble shoot your issues. In no particular order: 1. Is the blade installed correctly, teeth down? 2. pinned or pinless 3. what size blade? 4. Teeth per inch? 5. table sanded and waxed? 6. are you applying downward pressure on the wood to hold it securely to the table? It only takes a couple of pounds of pressure for this and most of us do it unconsiously.

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