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  1. Hands Free Lighted Magnifying Glass

    At 16.5 x I can not only see the splinter, I can tell the species.
  2. Hands Free Lighted Magnifying Glass

    These are not lighted, but they're my go to magnifiers, I've got two sets one for home and one for work: loupe
  3. People are always asking for free EVERYTHING, from anyone they think they can get it from. While: In the military "can you come show our militia group how to rig radios" "it's your duty; after all WE paid for your training" While installing siding "as long as you're here can you fix XXX?" In the art business "can you frame a picture for me?" As soon as they know I can do scroll work: "If I wiggle my butt, you know, cute like, can you make me a custom piece for production prices?" Every single job I've had, there have been those who seek to get a "special", nope to all of them.
  4. Woodworker Journal Weekly Update Tip

    Dedicate a printer for this: refill the black ink with red (or have it done).
  5. New Modern Turning Apron

    And yes; that is me in my avatar picture.
  6. New Modern Turning Apron

    They told me "we don't take hopeless cases".
  7. Napkin Holder

    Nice work on the dragonfly.
  8. Napkin Holder

    Artie, Let not your heart be troubled. You are doing fine. A couple of points; 1. Back in the day, when I started scrolling, I was using a Sears "hobby saw" , 3 " pinned blades, spring loaded, no tension adjustment. I was working on a project of my own device; small boxes made by using a patterns from one of Spielmans books, hearts, teddy bears, butterflys, etc. I would take 3/4 pine and sandwich it between two pieces of 1/8 plywood ( so a 1/8 ply, 3/4 pine, 1/8 ply), cut the outside shape, remove the plywood pieces, trace the same shape on the inside of the 3/4 pine, cut it out, then trace the design cut on another piece of 1/8 ply, cut it out. Then glue the smaller piece to the "top" plywood and the bottom plywood to the 3/4 pine. At the end I would have a small box shaped like a heart, teddy bears, etc. To finish I would paint it a flat color and then tole paint the face of the box. Then I decided to get fancy. I was cutting butterflys and had the box walls less than 1/16" thick; broke three in a row getting them out of the saw; as soon as I removed the center waste piece I crushed then with the lightest finger pressure I could apply. I had to quit scrolling for several months or I felt I would have taken a maul to the saw. Lesson: Know when to say when. Keep it fun. Don't put yourself under time constraints until you have a better understanding of how long it will take you to complete a project. Pushing yourself because " I HAVE to have it done by X" rarely ends well. 2. turning square corners. a. When you get to a corner, back the blade up slightly (1/32") turn the piece 90 * and match up to the line (if the corner isn't square, come back after the waste is removed and clean up the corner by cutting 180 * from the original cut. b. When starting the cut drill the hole close to one of the corners, cut to the corner keeping close to but not on one of the sides. Back the blade to the starter hole, turn the piece 180* and back the blade up to the corner, then start cutting the pattern. If you need I can have my son either take some pictures or a short video of the technique.
  9. Easter door topper

    very nice.
  10. color difference with and without BLO.jpg

    The small baskets are made of the wood from Treslewood. The larger lidded basket is from the Indiana wood.
  11. aux table for scrollsaw

    Since I do have all those tools, I'll give that method a try before any scrollsaw mods. Thanks.
  12. small basket

    516" cherry, BLO finish
  13. Napkin Holder

    Artie, Nice looking work, thumbs up. As for the sound I use a fingernail and as long as it is a sharp plink and not a dull plunk I'm happy. I've never sanded or filed the back of a blade either, never had to "rough up" the ends as well.
  14. aux table for scrollsaw

    Here are the prototypes: this is where I want to cut the symbols: I really hate reinventing the wheel, so I was wondering if any of you had tried anything like this. here is a mock up of what I am contemplating:
  15. aux table for scrollsaw

    So, here's the deal; a friend wants me to make her some bangles, and I'd like to dress them up for her, adding fretwork to the wide part of the band. What I have envisioned is an auxiliary table that would raise the surface that I'm cutting on closer to the top of the blade so that the bangle would wrap over the top of the upper arm of the saw. The inside diameter of the bangle is 2 1/2 inches so I should have the clearance (3/4" stroke). I was thinking rare earth magnet to hold the aux table to the original table. I am also thinking this would be a way to utilize a spiral blade. Am I clear as mud? Any suggestions?

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