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  1. If you do the math it's 360/12=30 but a 4 sided box would be 360/4=90 but we know you have to cut the corners at 45, so yes you would have to cut the angles at 15 360/4=90/2=45 360/12=30/2=15
  2. Got this as an e-mail yesterday: At Harbor Freight Tools, the health and safety of our customers, our communities and our team are our top priority. As a designated essential business, our stores are open to serve your essential needs, because even during this difficult time, repairs still need to be made, equipment serviced, and vehicles maintained. And we’ll continue to offer the tools you need at the lowest prices, because that has always been and will always be our commitment to you. As the COVID-19 crisis continues, we’re making these further changes to reduce crowds in our stores and protect the health and safety of our customers and associates: Shop Stores for Immediate Needs, HarborFreight.com for Everything Else Our stores are open to meet your essential needs, but please also consider ordering your tools and equipment at harborfreight.com. We’re dramatically expanding our shipping capabilities to meet increased demand during this crisis, and you can use your Harbor Freight coupons online. All In-Store Sale Events Postponed We’re postponing our Spring Black Friday Sale and all other in-store sales events during the COVID-19 crisis. This will allow for effective social distancing and will help us make sure that we can continue to meet your essential needs. Extending Existing Coupons / No Price Increases All Harbor Freight Product Coupons and 20% OFF Coupons that expire in April or May 2020 are now valid until June 30, 2020, and during the crisis, we’re not increasing any of our prices. Now there’s no reason to rush into the store to take advantage of an expiring discount or out of concern that a price may go up. Different Coupon Books, Emails and Website During the crisis, our coupon books, emails and website will continue to deliver the coupons you depend on to get the lowest prices, but they’ll come with later expiration dates so there’s no need to make an extra trip to take advantage of an expiring discount. In Our Stores We’re continuing to aggressively clean and sanitize our stores throughout the day. We’re limiting the number of customers in our stores at any one time to make social distancing easier while shopping and during checkout. We’re installing plexiglass shields at each register to protect you and our associates. We’re continuing to provide our associates with gloves and masks, consistent with the CDC’s guidelines. We’re providing our stores with thermometers so associates can take their own temperatures before their shifts so that anyone with a fever can go home and recover. All of our associates impacted by COVID-19 will be compensated for missed work hours so no one has an incentive to work when they’re sick. Shorter Store Hours During the crisis, our shorter store hours are: Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm and Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm to allow extra time for cleaning, restocking our shelves and for our associates to meet their own needs. Special Easter Sunday Hours In order to give our associates personal time on Easter Sunday, our stores will be open from Noon to 5 pm. We understand that these changes represent a different way of shopping at Harbor Freight, but they’re our way of ensuring that we can continue to meet your essential needs, stay true to our commitment to offer you the lowest prices and keep health and safety a top priority. All of us need to do our part to keep each other healthy and safe. And while social distancing is essential right now, pulling together and supporting each other as a community and a nation has never been more important. Together we’ll help each other through this. On behalf of the entire Harbor Freight family, we thank you for your support. Stay safe and stay healthy, Eric Smidt Owner and Founder Harbor Freight Tools
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7xWHEWov8M&has_verified=1 take a look, a breakdown of what one of these can do. If you must use one of these consider a very low powered electric (think HF's cheapest) or an air powered one with the air turned way down.
  4. I recently had very bad bouts of veritgo. This is what the VA doctor sent me and it worked like a charm. : Your symptoms sound like benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) which occurs when canaliths (tiny calcium particles) dislodge and become trapped within the vestibular organs of the inner ear controlling balance. It is most commonly caused by illness or trauma and usually resolves within about 6 weeks. Unfortunately, no medications are considered useful for the treatment of BPPV. But Epley maneuvers can be very helpful by shifting the particles out of the semicircular canals. There are lots of instructions and videos on line that show how to identify which ear is the problem (usually it's just one) and how to do Epley maneuvers, but here is a starting point: STEPS TO DETERMINE AFFECTED SIDE: Step 1: Sit on bed so that if you lie down, your head hangs slightly over the end of the bed. Step 2: Turn head to the right and lie back quickly. Step 3: Wait 1 minute. Step 4: If you feel dizzy, then the right ear is your affected ear. Step 5: If no dizziness occurs, sit up. Step 6: Wait 1 minute. Step 7: Turn head to the left and lie back quickly. Step 8: Wait 1 minute. Step 9: If you feel dizzy, then the left ear is your affected ear. EPLEY MANEUVERS Hold each of the following positions for 1 to 2 minutes. Step 1: Turn your head toward your affected ear. Step 2: Lay back quickly. Hold. Step 3: Keep your head back against the bed and turn it toward the good ear. Hold. Step 4: Roll onto your side with your good ear down. Your nose should be turned toward the floor. Hold. Step 5: Sit up, keeping your chin tucked in toward your shoulder. Hold. When you end, you should be sitting over the side of your bed so your feet touch the floor.
  5. John, Boiling water is not "always" 212 degrees. Where I live (4500 ft) water boils at 204 degrees (that's why there are adjustment times when canning food). Also steam has more thermal energy than boiling water (somewhere around 700 calories per milliliter) Steam and boiling water have the same temperature, but there's more energy in the steam. Fun facts it takes 1 calorie of energy to raise the temperature of i milliliter of water 1degree C; but in order to form ice water must lose about 50 calories of energy and to become steam water must gain the 700 calories mentioned above.
  6. Lissa and Artie, The term to search for is makerspace, Looks like University of North Carolina is the closest to Lissa.
  7. 1. tape is sticky side down 2. When working with the compound cuts I'm using the tape quite a bit, so the tape isn't exposed for very long. 3. When I'm not using the tape I unclamp the vice grips and move the dispenser to another location.
  8. I wanted a bench mounted tape dispenser for packing tape. While working on some compound ornament I needed to be able to hold the piece with one hand and tear off short strips of tape with the other. At work we have a bench tape dispenser, but it moves around a lot when in use. U-line has a bench mount dispenser with a c-clamp, it's about $25 with shipping, and I'd have to wait to get it. So, I got a tape gun (Walmart) for $11 (the handle was bolted onto the frame) I removed the handle and clamped it to the workbench next to the saw. Works like a charm.
  9. So I posted my Question about a fair test 5 days ago, this should have been enough time for anyone to chime in on whether or not it was a fair test ( thank you to BillyJack). The set I'm using is the Harbor freight 8" carbide. I did a visual inspection of the blades today and I can see a very slight amount of wear, they still cut clean and flat.
  10. I recently completed my 600th dado on a new set of blades. The Dados I'm cutting are 1 inch deep x 3/4 wide in 3/4 plywood with a 1/8 in Masonite backer (four dados at a time). Is this a fair test to see how well this dado set is holding up?
  11. Maybe he thinks that the people who grow our food ARE supposed to be the ones we admire most,
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