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  1. Take my money, please....
  2. p_toad

    Please Add Tags!

    So the search engine can't use burnis* like some engines do and use the * to allow anything to follow?
  3. p_toad

    Tabs on the Weather...

    no sign of a nice welcome snow.
  4. p_toad

    More Old Tools

    Before my time...
  5. p_toad

    More Old Tools

    Ah, i thought you would be all over that pencil sharpener...
  6. p_toad

    More Old Tools

    I posted some of these over on Tool Talk, but thought i might share them here, too. A few old Kennedy tool boxes and some tools that are currently hiding in them. Yes, that's a drawknife in the one with the various hammers. the rules are for scale. The inside micrometer was in the first box i ever got which had been left in a house we moved into.
  7. p_toad

    Coffee and Honey

    My dad was always in the habit of drinking his coffee with two teaspoons of sugar and a splash of condensed milk. My best memory of that was the one day he came in, filled his cup, mixed it up and took the pot back out to the kitchen. I jumped up, drank it straight down, and went back and sat back down at the other end of the table before he got back in the dining room. He took one look at his cup, one look at "innocent" me, and went back out for the coffee. I somehow managed to survive my teens.
  8. p_toad

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Oh, i thought you said buzzards....
  9. p_toad

    Tabs on the Weather...

    You may as well ask where have all the flowers gone?
  10. p_toad

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Too warm. No snow in the forecast.
  11. p_toad

    Mower Deck Spindles

    Sure sounds like alcohol vaporing off the fuel. My neighbors have had problems with chainsaws running so hot that fuel looks like it's bubbling because of the alcohol. My one guy says to always mix 2-cycle with hi-test (93 around here since i can't get aircraft fuel or nitro).
  12. Nice. Are these the insert rings for the top?
  13. p_toad

    Saw Bolt

    I thought (being a smarty pants) that i would start on the slotted female side (it's shorter and hollow and my first thought was that the whole thing was rusty). I started with a cobalt 1/16" drill bit which promptly shattered and threw a piece into my one finger and left the broken end in the slot. After I drove that piece out of the slot, i thought i wouldn't waste another cobalt bit...try a cheapy 1/16" bit and if it breaks, no biggie. It broke. After i drove the broken off piece out of the slot i drilled a small hole at an angle to the bolt and injected some oil with a needle (still thinking it was rusty). I let that sit for a week, got fed up and hammered it as described before. That broke the rivet apart enough i could pry the female side up without ripping up or breaking the handle. Yes, it now has a small companion hole for that bolt hole, but overall the handle is in great shape and yes, i still have to clean the plate. I'm either buying some new bolts or grabbing a couple of the sub-par saws at habitat for a couple of bucks next time i'm in there and obtaining my spares from them. That's a nice way of putting it. I won't regale you with the extended vocabulary i employed whilst in the middle of this small project. Live and learn.
  14. p_toad

    Saw Bolt

    I picked up a saw a few weeks back and the blade was filthy (plus a slight bend which i believe i can fix). I managed to get four of the five bolts out without a hitch, but the fifth one? No such luck. As i turned the "screw" side, the other side turned right along with it. Since the "flat" side was below the surface - nothing to grab. I finally got aggravated and smacked it with a hammer and punch (more like an oversized drift). What i got out was a real surprise. No threads inside or out. Now i want to smack whomever put that in there. Thankfully no massive damage to the handle.
  15. p_toad

    Old Tools

    Yessir. The knob holds the blade locked into position. Sorry for not replying earlier.

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