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    If a man says he will fix it , HE WILL. There is no need to remind him every 6 months.

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  1. Go here & enter your zip code https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2017/7/25/16019892/solar-eclipse-2017-interactive-map Bud
  2. Knothole


  3. OK guys, here are the donuts that I was required to furnish to you freeloaders so that I could become a member, I hope all of you gain a couple of pounds so eat up should be something for everyone Bud
  4. Stick, give this a try. http://longnow.org/clock Bud
  5. This clock will blow your mind, check it out. clock[1] hope this comes thru.
  6. Ok guys I get the picture, this sounds like a donut conspiracy to me. but I'll see what I can do. Hey kmealy, you sound like my SWMBO But now that it's done, it's, "when are you going to do the back yard". Man I wish someone would cut me some slack, after all I'm 78 yrs old I will get some pics of the project, before, during & after as soon as I can learn to navigate this site, so be patient with me. Thanks for all of the warm reception, It's good to be back with all of the familiar names & faces and those of the existing members of Patriotwoodworkers site. Later, Bud
  7. Hello Everyone I joined on Aug 20th, But this is my first time signing on since. I have been really busy re- landscaping my front & side yards. Removed & replaced driveway ( 12 yds of concrete).removed 2 60' palm trees, 1200s/f of lawn, installed 90' of retaining wall, back filled 6 yds of dirt, covered area with weed block, planted 5 trees & 38 shrubs, then spread 9 yds of 1-1/2" landscape rocks. I'M TIRED !!!! I will continue to lurk for a while until I get familiar with this new site. Bud
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