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    schnewj got a reaction from Artie in New layout tool -- speed square type tool for the cabinetmaker   
    Points well taken. However, although I think that its primary design was for tenon layouts, I have found many other uses in the shop. I have used it to check drawers and cabinets for square, ensure that dados and grooves were at the correct depths and uniform along the lengths, on and on.
    Yes, it is Made In the USA. Yes it is a little pricey. However, how many of us sit and complain of the quality of off-shore tools, yet go and buy them just to save a couple of bucks over a better quality tool, that will last twice as long. Classic cases of shopping with your wallet. We have destroyed our manufacturing bases and sacrificed quality in the name of price. If we want to get back to quality tools and materials, then there has to be a compromise. Yup, in the scheme of things, it's pricey, but it'll pay for itself in the long run.
    I learned a long time ago to buy the best tools that I could afford. Some of those tools have been used for over 40 years. Some were cheapo tools that were for one time use with no further expectations...many of these did not disappoint and got that one job done before they fell apart. Some have been replaced several times and probably would equal the original cost of a good quality counterpart. It's all a matter of choice
    Charlie, you're correct about price vs supply and demand. However, let's be honest, how many of the membership would spend the cost of a Starrett tool or buy a comparable iGaging tool at a fraction of the cost? Both get the job done but one is a significantly cheaper. Will that iGaging tool last as long? Who knows!
    Anyway, great discussions.
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    schnewj got a reaction from Artie in New layout tool -- speed square type tool for the cabinetmaker   
    I totally agree, Kelly.
    Woodpeckers have created a tool niche, that, in my opinion is not worth the cost. They do some interesting tools and some are more practical then others. Most can be replaced by cheaper, more readily available/made tools, others like this square are unique and multi use. I happen to like this Delve square. I have found it easy to use and versatile.
    I understand their marketing. They are a small shop. It takes time to set-up and produce a "batch" of a particular tool. Hence the inflated price(s). Then to tear down and set-up for another design. If they were a larger business, then they could set up and mass produce at a lower price point. However, at what cost? Maybe quality!
    In my tenure as part of the Space Shuttle program the higher ups started preaching "Faster, Cheaper, and Better". They were constantly told to pick two because all three together were lofty expectations that just wasn't going to happen.
    I find the quality to be excellent in this little square. The metal is milled to EXACT dimensions. The base is milled to a true 1/4 and 3/8 unlike my set of brass set-up blocks which are kinda close to true dimension. Is that important? Maybe, maybe not, to some people. When it comes to woodworking .001 undersized is just noise. However, it's nice to know that you get exactly what you expect.
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    schnewj got a reaction from Artie in New layout tool -- speed square type tool for the cabinetmaker   
    OK, I may take some heat here...but...I got one of these for Christmas a year ago. It is a very handy tool to use; a well thought out and designed multi-tool. Take time to watch the promotional video and you can see what all it can be used to do. I keep it, my 6" Starrett adjustable square, and a pencil available at all times. I can do just about anything I need with those three tools when I lay something out or do a setup. It supplies the most common dimensions for most build set-ups.
    As for the price, stop and look at what it does and compare it to having (buying) other tools to do the same job. Price a small speed square (~$10), brass gauge blocks (~$15), 6" rule ($?), etc. add up the price and see what the total cost is for those tools. As an example, my $1 (garage sale find) 6" Starrett adjustable square is a $80 new tool. Granted, we all have the accessories/tools that will do what this $50 tool will do...but...I don't have to walk across the shop to the drawer where I keep my brass set-up blocks, pull out the right size and walk back across the shop to do a set-up. Then reverse the process to put the tool back.
    I'm sure that all of us have, by this time, acquired the tools to do everything that this one does. However, do you carry them all around with you at the same time? The honest question to that is NO you don't!
    I won't go into the different, useful things I have found it capable of performing. However, in my opinion, it is a useful tool. Would I buy one for myself? Probably not, when I look at the price and shop with my wallet, but I'm glad that I have it in my tool arsenal.
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    schnewj got a reaction from FlGatorwood in My Big Ash Mallet   
    Nice mallets...well done.
    I have found that the best way to work with the Ash is to first, pare it down with a draw knife, allowing it to split and follow the natural grain to create a blank. Then rough shape it further with the DK (shallow cuts), spoke shave and then finish with a card scraper to final shape.
    It is one tough wood and takes a beating. You just can't force it to do what you want, you have to work with it.
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    schnewj got a reaction from FlGatorwood in MWTCA January 2018 "What's It" Project   
    ...by the way...thanks for all of the congratulatory posts...now, where is this months tool...
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    schnewj got a reaction from FlGatorwood in MWTCA January 2018 "What's It" Project   
    Yup, it worked...moved up right to the front...
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    schnewj got a reaction from FlGatorwood in MWTCA January 2018 "What's It" Project   
    That's your own personal stash, just for being such a great Admin...
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    schnewj got a reaction from FlGatorwood in MWTCA January 2018 "What's It" Project   
    OK, if you insist....

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    schnewj got a reaction from FlGatorwood in MWTCA January 2018 "What's It" Project   
    It's all on the Dark Web already. When the government allowed their data base to be hacked a couple of years ago they got all of my security clearance information...probably right down to what color the safety pin heads were that my mother used on my diapers. My CC number changes every couple of years, because they can't keep the information from being hacked either. As for the bank accounts, good luck...I don't even know those numbers...I have to look them up occasionally.
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    schnewj got a reaction from Harry Brink in An Old Friend Passed Away, Yesterday   
    Dadio strikes, again!
    Herb sent me a couple of links. One was for the LB3499 seal on eBay. That led me to the website of a gentleman in North Carolina. Long story short...seal, bumper and "O" ring kit are available and have been ordered.
    It looks like my old friend will rise from the dead after all.
    Thanks, Herb!
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    schnewj got a reaction from FlGatorwood in No 51. Shoot Board Plane (Lie Nielsen)   
    The green eyed monster has reared its ugly head. Color me green with envy.
    You WILL enjoy that beautiful piece of iron. Happy shooting!
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    schnewj got a reaction from FlGatorwood in No 51. Shoot Board Plane (Lie Nielsen)   
    John, ya can lead the horse to water, but...
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    schnewj got a reaction from FlGatorwood in No 51. Shoot Board Plane (Lie Nielsen)   
    I would NEVER ship myself USPS, they would probably lose me, so don't worry about getting (a) Bill. 
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    schnewj got a reaction from FlGatorwood in No 51. Shoot Board Plane (Lie Nielsen)   
    Don't fret, John. Your shop is going in a different direction. This is just one of you must have tools for that direction. Like you stated, out with the old and in with the new. Using the funds from the old is not like it is coming out of the paycheck.
    Gloat all you want...you have every right to do so.
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    schnewj got a reaction from FlGatorwood in End Vise Tune Up   
    Did you check the moisture content of the blocks? If you have a meter, see what it is and that should give you an idea if the environment is the problem. Another solution, since you have it apart, move the blocks into the house. I'll make an assumption that your space is air conditioned. This would help dry the blocks out.
    Retry the fitment after a couple of days and see if the blocks shrank any. If they swell back up in the shop you will then know how much to relieve the holes to free up the movement.
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    schnewj got a reaction from Artie in Mis-Hap   
    Wow, glad it wasn't worse, Herb.
    I, too, am rethinking my plastic push sticks, now. The Grippers are great tools, especially, if you are ripping down to 1/8". Sometimes a hassle to configure, but definitely do the job with little or NO chance of kickback.
    Heal fast...that's a bad spot.
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    schnewj got a reaction from Gerald in replacement iron/blade   
    Sorry, Pat, no spare available. However, I would still look to the plane iron, and failing that, replace the cap iron with an eBay donor.
    If you really want to make the plane shine then go with an aftermarket. As was pointed out you may have to open up the throat a little. That is no big deal...a few judicious swipes with a file will open up the throat.
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    schnewj got a reaction from Gerald in replacement iron/blade   
    Pat, although replacing the cap iron and blade with a higher quality is always a plus. I would first try replacing the cap iron. The #6 and #7 both use the same iron. They can be found on eBay for around $10. You could get new ones from Stanley at one time but they have been out of stock for a while, now.
    If you just want to fix the problem a used replacement is in order. If you are looking to improve the plane a little, then by all means go for a Hock or another comparable set-up. Here are some links. Don't forget about the IBC Pinnacle blades, which are, also, highly rated. Most of the aftermarkets will be priced the same no matter who you buy them from. So, if you decide to upgrade I would just go directly to Hock or Woodcraft.
    I don't think, that, I have a spare 2-3/8 chip breaker in the "overflow" box. However, I'll take a look and if I do, I'll just send it to you. If I don't PM you, in the next day or two then I don't have one.
    In re-reading your post, you say, that, there is no light between the blade and the chip breaker. However, you are still getting chips stuck between them. Not to be condescending, but look to your blade. It may not be as sharp as it should be, or the angle may be off a little. This may help...
    I generally, find, that, if the chips are jamming up my blade needs attention.
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    schnewj got a reaction from Old Coasty in Pootatuck Lion Miter Trimmer   
    Well, some people can fall into a cesspool and come out smelling like a rose!
    A few days ago I acquired a Pootatuck brand Lion Miter Knife. The price was reasonable and the conditions was Very Good +. According to the seller, he found it in the back of a workbench cabinet belonging to a friends grandfather. The grandfather was a woodworker and has passed away almost 30 years ago. So, the trimmer has not seen the light of day for the past tree decades. Who knows how long before that since it was last used.
    Anyway, I thought that I would share some photos for your enjoyment:

    The original paint was, conservatively, at 85-90%. The bed and the right and left "wings", the channels, etc all had a little surface rust and staining.

    The first order of business was to completely disassemble the tool, cleaning the components as I went.
    Boeshield RUST FREE (Phosphoric Acid) was sprayed onto the tool one section at a time and gently scrubbed with brass brush and a maroon 3M Scotchbrite pad. The screw heads and threads, nuts, and machined bearing surfaces were appropriately cleaned and oiled as needed.
    Here is the first pass with the Rust Free on the bed. The intent is not to polish and make pretty. This tool has earned its patina and I didn't want to destroy it or the original paint if at all possible.

    There was no pitting anywhere. The bed and wings only had surface rust and staining. Once the Rust Free did its job, the components were cleaned again with Mineral Spirits and a maroon pad. The entire tools was then waxed and the applicable areas had light machine oil applied.
    The tools was reassembled and the needed adjustments were performed:

    The wings were trued up and the stops adjusted on both sides at the 90° and 45° marks.

    For those who don't know. The stops, which are spring loaded plungers are contained in a round plate. When the wing is where it should be, you butt the plunger up to the wing and lock it in place with the plate screw. This assures a locked in wing at the two primary angles.
    Here is the completed, cleaned-up and ready to use Lion Miter Trimmer.

    Fences at the 45° angle.

    The back side all cleaned up.
    You can even see a little debris in the channel from a quick test-out.

    Hope you guys enjoyed this. If you have any questions or I didn't cover something ask away.



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    schnewj got a reaction from FlGatorwood in Woodworking Plans   
    The problem is...sometimes the plan isn't right either.
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    schnewj got a reaction from FlGatorwood in Epic Fail Optical Illusion Cutting Board   
    That is anything but a fail. Seeing the illusion close-up or not, OK we're are own worst critics, is not a fail! Wow!
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    schnewj got a reaction from FlGatorwood in A Little Drill Caddy   
    I'm still trying to organize the same way. It's difficult when you have to move or roll something out to get to something else.
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    schnewj got a reaction from 1fizgig in Sandpaper   
    I came across this video. It compares; sanding, scraping, and planing.
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    schnewj got a reaction from John Morris in Pending Projects And Improvements   
    An ability to poll the membership on a variety of subjects would be a plus. As an example if I was looking to buy a band saw I could poll the membership to see what is the most popular model, pros/cons of a model, or any of a dozen other things to help me choose. How about best lathe, turning tools, how-to articles, information of interests...lots of things.
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    schnewj got a reaction from HARO50 in Wood Magazine shutting down the forum   
    I lurked for awhile, but like Gene I DIDN'T like some of the holier than thou attitudes. Luckily, for the most part, we got some of the better displaced refugees here.
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