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  1. schnewj

    Vw Camping Trailer

    I used to stick with the warmed over dual ports. I never liked to get much above the 1800 territory. Anything bigger and they had a tendency to be a little unreliable. Besides the Porsche engines were a little hard to come by in my area. However, I did mount a couple of warmed over Pinto 2000 cc engines. The '73 three valve was the best choice, with a Holley 5200 two bbl. it was a screamer (somewhere in the neighborhood of 180 hp) with a few modifications here and there. The real plus on the Pinto was, if you got ambitious, you could jury rig a hot water heat system. I never perfected it but it sure would have beat those heater boxes off of the exhausts. I ran a 1640 in my '67 Baja bug...my 4WD buddies sometimes had a tough time keeping up off-road. I could go places and do things that those Fords and Chevy's could only dream of...even running H-15 size Desert Dog tread tires on the back that bug would manage about 75 on the highway. Would that 1640 have pulled that trailer. Probably, but depending on the GVW of the trailer it may not have been fast. Would I like to have a trailer like that? I would have killed to get my hands on one!
  2. schnewj

    Vw Camping Trailer

    Unfortunately, you had a 1200 cc in the '63. Since this was '74 Super Beetle it would have had an AE series 1600 dual port engine. Juuust a tad more HP then that 1200!
  3. schnewj

    Plane Books

    John has some great advise. I'll suggest Paul Sellers. He has several outstanding videos that cover all of the aspects. There are many others that are good, also. However, go through his first. Brand new Veritas doesn't mean wicked sharp, necessarily. Take time to fine hone the blade. What you think is sharp may not be sharp enough (I have had to strop a couple of mine to "sweeten" them). This is the key element. Make sure that you are planing with the grain and take only enough bite to barely get a shaving. Once you have the "feel" you can find the sweet spot for whatever you want to accomplish.
  4. Just came across this...CPO clearance if anyone is interested... https://www.cpooutlets.com/bosch-1617evstb-2-1-4-hp-fixed-base-electronic-router-and-router-table-base/bshn1617evstb,default,pd.html Bosch 1617 w/router table base...10% off. Not bad when you consider 10% off, no sales tax, and free shipping. I didn't do a street price comparison, so do your own research...
  5. Outstanding! All three bases is a great buy. Was $228 the final price or was there additional taxes and shipping. If not, WOW! Seriously, how can you pass up a deal like that?
  6. schnewj

    Router Setup

    Just came across this...CPO clearance if anyone is interested... https://www.cpooutlets.com/bosch-1617evstb-2-1-4-hp-fixed-base-electronic-router-and-router-table-base/bshn1617evstb,default,pd.html Bosch 1617 w/router table base...10% off. Not bad when you consider 10% off, no sales tax, and free shipping. I didn't do a street price comparison, so do your own research...
  7. schnewj

    Router Setup

    ...nope! Busier then a one armed paper hanger, and it getting uglier by the minute.
  8. schnewj

    Router Setup

    So, assuming that there are 31 days in a month, I only need another 22! Hmmm! maybe a Bosch Colt or two, Trash the old Crapsman and replace it with a 1617, I always wanted to try a Triton, so the Makita M12 (which I DON'T like) can be replaced in my table. As long as I'm at it, I might as well build a more robust and better designed table to replace the RL1000 table. Wait, I just can't get rid of the RL1000, so, I'll need another router for the new table. Auggggghhhh! See what you've done Gene. How could you?
  9. schnewj

    Router Setup

    The router table doesn't even have to be fancy. A simple and quick example; http://www.startwoodworking.com/post/how-build-simple-router-table
  10. schnewj

    Cat Proof Option.

    Hey, the four wheel drive/4-wheeler crowd at the end of the street has one just like that! How'd you know? I wonder how good they are at Texas style BBQ. Hmmm, as the condemned I do get a last meal, right?
  11. schnewj

    Cat Proof Option.

    Sub-links are great!
  12. schnewj

    Cat Proof Option.

    Oh, tay! Thanks!
  13. schnewj

    Cat Proof Option.

    Wow! Thanks, BUDDY! Glad I have friends.
  14. schnewj

    Cat Proof Option.

    I hate body work, and two stage (base coat/clear coat) paint is a little pricey. The days of $30/gallon Ditzler, PPG, or other Urethane paint is long since past. As for the buckshot, it's a little too obvious and unacceptable for my present local. Animal Control/Code Enforcement is absolutely useless until something like that panics a neighbor. I'd have the Sheriff, Animal Control, PETA, and probably the Pulse Night Club survivors knocking at the door. They would be carrying cuffs, ropes, pitchforks and the materials to burn me at the stake. Now, if I spring for a suppressor for my .22 pistol I kinda, probably, might not hesitate.
  15. schnewj

    Router Setup

    Sorry I'm a little late to the discussion, my advise, for what it is worth, start with the Bosch 1617EVSPK. It will give you the most versatility with the fixed and plunge bases. It is mid-level size/power and will do most of your tasks. You will get the advantage of both a 1/4" and 1/2" collet size. It will perform 90% of your tasks and you will get superior quality, longevity, and impeccable customer support. Once you use this and see where it falls short in your particular activities you can adjust up or down in size as appropriate. I suspect from the activities that you have listed that a small trim type router would be your next acquisition. Something along the lines of the Bosch Colt. Another word of advise, go with variable speed for greater versatility. Gene has excellent advise above. Don't think twice about buying a reconditioned tool from CPO or other reputable vendors. Most people still hesitate to buy "reconditioned" tools. However, reconditioned are sometimes better than new. New tools go through a quality control spot check as they are manufactured. The frequency of the inspection depends on the manufacturers protocols. One out of, say, 100 might get inspected for compliance. Occasionally, a bad component or part slips into the mix and gets missed because the tool was not one of those inspected. These tools generally get returned and sent out for rehab. Now, when it is repaired it receives a 100% QC inspection. This ensures that the tools meets and in some cases exceeds the condition of the NEW tool. They are often found at a significantly lower price than MSRP or the prevailing new street price. Hope all of the helps.
  16. schnewj

    Darned Butterflies.

    I'm glad my coffee cup is empty!
  17. schnewj

    Cat Proof Option.

    I wonder if I can get that feature in a F-150! Until then I'll just have to put up with the (cat) scratched paint on my truck from my neighbors feral cats. After all, we all KNOW that leash laws only apply to dogs and all cats are exempt!
  18. schnewj

    Chinese Rant

    Hand planes are becoming a lot more scarce in my area. You rarely find them at garage sales and the flea market(s) don't have much. Every once in a while you catch the Northern Snowbirds selling at the market during the winter. They bring them down from up North but they have an inflated expectation of what is a fair price. They try to hype the "Collector" price. I inform them that I want the user price. I don't leave my planes with 80 year old patina. They are trued and properly fetted for use. Most are finished/polished to a much finer surface finish than originally came from the factory...my personal preference. So, when I am done they will have no "collectors" value. However, they will serve me until the end and probably will serve someones else after I am long gone. Fortunately, over the years I was able to put together a comprehensive and usable selection of Stanley's. All of them were refurbished and are USERS. Most here have seen part of my stable: However, the above is just a little of the total inventory...the wood planes date from mid and late 1800's to what was a new, late(r) type #7C. I am, also, not above purchasing the occasional Veritas "wood shaver". They are an absolute joy to use. A "properly tuned" Stanley or other quality makers plane can be made to function correctly but the Veritas planes are in a league of their own. My best advise...stay away from the off-shore junk on Fleabay. No matter how much work you put into it it will still be poor quality materials and a poor quality user. Keep checking the yard sales, flea markets, etc. for older name brand (Stanley, Record, Bailey, Miller Falls, etc.) to refurbish and don't hesitate to ask on any of the many woodworking forums if someone has any to sell. You might be surprised what someone will come up with...even parts to complete an incomplete garage sale find.
  19. schnewj

    Photos From Alaska

  20. schnewj

    Blue Eggs

    A chicken, is not a chicken, is not a chicken...at least not all chickens are the same. There are numerous, different, breeds of chickens and not all chickens lay a white egg. Essentially, there is little or no differences between a brown (or what are typically called yard eggs) and the white ones you buy at your local grocers. I have seen Blue, Green, Brown, Yellowish, and spotted eggs. It all depends on the breed, feed, and how they are processed. If you really want an education go through the local county or state fair stock exhibits and look at the entries. You will see "chickens" that you never knew existed or even recognize as chickens.
  21. schnewj

    This Is Funny

    ...back when the Tonight Show was entertaining. Johnny Carson was not only funny but a great interviewer. ...and then there is Jimmy Fallon at the other end of the spectrum, and his endless line of Hollyweirders and their "I'm never wrong" narcissistic egos.
  22. schnewj


    @kmealy I just realized, you had a closet! I didn't even have that, just a bunch of door covered shelves where the gable roof sloped and met the floor. I shared the room with my seven year older sister until my father closed in a sun porch, split that in half and made her a bedroom of her own. That room became a den (TV room) when she graduated from high school and moved out. I didn't even have any heat to my room, and it got just a little chilly when it hit -20°+ in January with the ice build-up on the inside of the single pane windows. I finally got an electric blanket one Christmas. Like you my shoes were limited. A pair of good sneakers for gym (the old pair for daily wear), a pair of work boots, and a pair of dress shoes, oh, and I finally got a pair of Sorrel Felt Pacs for winter, again, as a Christmas present. I considered myself lucky I had that. No shelf full of sneakers costing several hundred dollars like this kid. My father threw a fit when I went and got a pair of $13 Pro Keds for HS gym class. They lasted me for the entire four years and went to college with me.
  23. schnewj


    Mommy, of course!
  24. schnewj


    Then another six months arranging and rearranging his hats and shoes to get them juuuust where he wanted them!
  25. schnewj


    I thinks that this is WAY past the reality stage...

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