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  1. "...a router"! Ah, grasshopper, have you never heard the saying "you can never have too many clamps"? Well, having "a router" is like owning only one clamp.
  2. That's an awful lot of pine...what's the planned use?
  3. I think that it is an individual choice. Like Gene I am a hybrid woodworker. However, I lean more towards the traditionalist side of the discussion. I can reach for a hand tool and do an operation and get an end result. Sometimes quicker than setting up a machine and performing the operation. I don't mind using hand planes or chisels. Others may not be physically able or mentally inclined to do so...but guess what? I own a thickness planer and a jointer, also. I even have a shaper tucked into the corner if needed. Try and steal my table saw and you might leave in a horizontal posit
  4. Thank you Herb for this post. Oh, the lessons that could be learned by 95% of today's youth, if they would only stop and listen!
  5. Good job! You might want to contact Curtis @Woodbutcherbynight. He has a teenager under his wing, who is really doing well, and might be able to offer some suggestions.
  6. Uh, huh! ...an excellent sander...well imagine that... Seriously, great job on a first attempt.
  7. Obviously, sarcasm! Based on the fact that, he's "I’m a bum on fort couch"
  8. I hope he's repainting it. That butt ugly green has got to go! Hurry back, Gramps.
  9. @MaDeuce Hats comment got me to thinking. Some of your inventory takes up a lot of acreage on a wall. You might want to consider making a few scaled down versions (for example the flags) to see how they are received. People may be more willing to purchase a smaller version and fitting it into the existing decor instead of trying to figure out where to hang a bigger version.
  10. Huh, what! Nobody, nobody, will EVER abscond with the pie or the ice cream. Is that clear? People have been known to draw back nubs for that infraction. Anyway, welcome to the fun fest, Matt. I see you brought your sense of humor, so you should fit right in. We have some really talented folks here, some even know their way around a wood lathe. I'm sure that if/when you need some help or advise, you will get some quality information. Just remember, the only bad question is the one not asked, so don't be shy. Oh, by the way...the story is no good without pictures.
  11. Hey, don't malign the humble chamber pot...that's what my mother used as a cookie jar...and I still have it.
  12. Most of the manufacturers, unfortunately, have eliminated the MC from their formulas. The Formby's used to be a really good system. Now the reviews are not so great because of the formula changes. MC is one of my favorites to use, it is just so hard to get your hands on it in today's world for the non-professional that doesn't have a reliable source.
  13. Unfortunately, the Methylene Chloride is almost impossible to buy over the counter anymore. If you were to use this you will have to find a source or a chemical supplier that would be willing to sell it to you. Stripeze used to contain it, but IIRC it has been eliminated from the current formula(s). If you do use Sticks formula, just ensure you use the correct PPE (respiratory, eye, and hand/splash protection), that is a pretty nasty concoction! Effective but nasty.
  14. @MaDeuce Well????!!!! Weekend update! Did you remember your pants?
  15. Heroes all! No telling how many lives these men saved, only to be ignored by those that were. Thanks Peter.
  16. Probably not! The idiot most likely took the angle of the stairs and set the rise and the run to fit the angle, he just divided the number of treads into the available distance to get the dimension.
  17. @MaDeuce Doc, my dad used to tell me, that, we are most critical of ourselves. We know where all of the mistakes are, but most people don't ever notice. Like Stick, said, they are "accents and character". Those flaws are what sets handmade apart from assembly line made. Handmade are what your customers are buying...
  18. I was lucky to have some really good, experienced, contractor superintendents over my years of overseeing construction and maintenance activities. Knowing that our "design engineers" usually didn't have a clue, or care that the piping interfered with the electrical or the shut off valves were under a catwalk and unreachable, usually, found a safe and solid work-a-round/design change. Many times I had to go over the "engineer's" head a force them to sign off on the field change. Most were arrogant, "I can do no wrong", until their boss saw how really inept and uncooperative they rea
  19. ...so, an inch and an eigth is 1 and four ticks?
  20. @MaDeuce You doing Thin Red Line for the firefighters, also? How about combinations?
  21. Nope. It's a movement that recognizes and supports law enforcement. https://www.thinbluelineusa.com/
  22. Great job, Doc. I really like the "Thin Blue Line" flag. I'm sure that those will be popular with the area LEOs. Keep it up...
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