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  1. schnewj

    Interval measurements

    Try one of these...they come in handy...but shop around. They can be had for as little as $15. https://www.woodcraft.com/products/m-power-point-2-point-mk2?via=573621f469702d06760016cd%2C57641bc769702d65930008ce%2C57641beb69702d6593000948
  2. schnewj

    Food! . Food! and Grub.

    I keep telling you, there are no rocks in Florida! You of all people should know that...
  3. schnewj

    Rattle Can Disposal

    ...weren't they, though!
  4. schnewj

    Food! . Food! and Grub.

    Rut, roh! Does this mean that @Stick486 can only have two cups of coffee a day? ...I'm gonna find a hiding place...
  5. schnewj

    Rattle Can Disposal

    Under federal EPA laws, yes, but then, again, you live in another country. I would hesitate to speculate on what your state/local crazies require. Generally, the latex/water based products have to be dried/solid before disposal. Some localities will allow water based/soluble products to be dumped down the drain or in some cases, diluted and dumped on the ground (not recommended in my opinion). Under federal requirements oil based products are handled differently. They have to be "empty" containers that have fully cured product residual. If there is uncured product it has to be handled as "hazardous waste" and processed by an approved collection location.
  6. schnewj

    Hartville Hardware

    ...are you sure they aren't Mosquito Hawks? They look like overgrown mosquitoes and are basically the raptors of the mosquito world, while mosquitoes are the bunny rabbits.
  7. schnewj


    ...art for arts sake...nothing more...the subject matter, should NOT make a difference. Only the beauty of the finished product. I shouldn't have the right to complain if you carved a cat, just because I may not like cats. I believe most or all of us would not be offended by this type of subject matter. What is most important is the passion and talent that the artist displays in the finished product. Beautiful display of your talent, Nick. Especially, as your first attempt.
  8. schnewj

    Good sale at Woodcraft

    ...a little odorous is it?
  9. schnewj

    Keeping the air conditioning drain line open

    ?????????????????? I've never had lint build up in my AC drain lines, either the primaries or the secondaries. Usually, any blockages are the result of algae build-up or critters building nests inside of the lines. I have always been told (and it has always worked) to just dump a cup of plain white vinegar down the line(s) once a month. The acidic acid will kill and flush away any algae and loosen up most blockages. If you do have a stubborn blockage it is better to use a low pressure air stream to blow the blockage out of the lines.
  10. schnewj

    Fiberglass Rebar

    OK, here ya go!
  11. schnewj


    Now, I'm confused. you mean that I'm continuously confused? If that's my normal state, then becoming un-confused will just confuse me more. You think I'm bad, now, imagine what I would be like in an un-confused state.
  12. schnewj


    Sometimes, also, referred to as, Schnooge. Looking in the mirror did absolutely no good, it just tended to confuse me...and, as Stick will probably tell you, I'm easily confused!
  13. schnewj

    Simple Lock Box?

    I'm right there with ya, Dan!
  14. schnewj

    Simple Lock Box?

    Yeah! Nothing akin to a Chinese puzzle box...right?
  15. schnewj

    Hartville Hardware

    There were times I felt like it...one thing you never wanted was for your boat to break down and get stuck in the marsh overnight! Every gnat within 20 miles came for the buffet. The mosquitoes in LA aren't just big, they wear old time leather flying helmets, fly up to the door, knock, and then let themselves in...

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