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  1. schnewj

    What, Me Worry?

    Thanks guys, for the thoughts. I’m on the road right now and dealing with a cell phone and and a bad internet connection. I’ll be back up and running at the end of next week.
  2. schnewj

    Handy Little Gizmos

    True, but they get mighty expensive, for the end return, sometimes!
  3. schnewj

    Free Food for Our Students! (Enabling Lazy Parenting)

    While necessary for some children, IT IS NOT necessary for all. What ever happened to parental responsibilities? ...and Kalifornia wonders why it is broke and has to impose even more taxes to pay for the give-a-ways! Kali brags that it has the fourth largest economy in the world, yet it taxes its citizens to death and still begs the federal government for more money to keep it afloat. What is wrong with that picture?
  4. schnewj

    Handy Little Gizmos

    I've used them to retrieve many a dropped bolt or screw in a tight engine compartment. Now I use them to pick things up off of the floor so I don't have to bend over!
  5. schnewj

    Ground Wasps

    Growing up in New York (State) (NOT the other New York), we too, were "blessed" with the little creatures. Contrary to popular beliefs, they are pretty docile and helpful critters. The only time they became a problem were when they perked the interest of the local canine population or lost a fight with roadway vehicles. Actually, they make excellent pets (de-scented by the local vet of course). Unfortunately, most states now prohibit the keeping of "wild animals" without special approval and very expensive permits. As a kid I had the privilege of several interactions (read pets) with woodland creatures; raccoons, squirrels, wild rabbits, and a fox. Most were short lived, though! Female raccoons are better then males, squirrels are, well, just too squirrely, rabbits don't take well to sticking around, and the fox got a little too aggressive and had to be turned loose.
  6. schnewj

    Ground Wasps

    @HARO50 So, John, how do you get the skunks to show up...help wanted ad in the local newspaper, Craig's list, what?
  7. schnewj

    Ground Wasps

    The only thing that eases that pain is time! Even after the pain goes away the swelling lingers.
  8. schnewj

    Chinese Rant

    Bridge City has been famous for producing high quality (and a correspondingly higher priced) tools. It appears, that, Xu holds the same values as Economaki, but how long before the quality suffers...my guess is two years when Economaki is finally gone and no longer overseeing the QC inspections of the Xu lines. I'm in total agreement with @Nickp on the plane observations. Form should follow function. Although this Star Wars design probably does an excellent job, my tastes would run to the more classical Lie-Nielsen, Veritas, or other high quality modern planes for a comparable or lower price. There are only so many ways to "shave wood" and "silky smooth" is in, er, the hands of the holder. It is totally subjective. Does that Bridge City plane work any better than the comparable Veritas? My guess is, that, you get to the same end result either way. If you are going to demand HIGH prices for quality tools then focus on unique tools that are not common in the industry. Don't hype me "art deco" tools. Just my 2¢!!!!!
  9. schnewj

    Rattle Can Disposal

    If this helps any. EPA considers discharged aerosol cans as compactable waste. These along with latex type (dried) paint cans can be place in normal trash/garbage receptacles. As an aside, some local waste companies do not want aerosol cans mixed with regular waste if they incinerate (such as power generation). In this situation the cans can "explode" if they are burnt. If there is no vehicle to "collect" the cans then it is perfectly acceptable to throw them into the garbage. Please keep in mind, that, there are several items that should never be thrown into the trash: rechargeable batteries, oil based paint (unless thoroughly cured), fluorescent bulbs, older tube style TVs, old solvents and/or lubricants, etc. Hope this helps.
  10. schnewj

    Patriot Woodworker 2018 Community Raffle Fundraiser

    I can't think of a better place to spend my money! To put it in perspective for all of you... * How many hours a day/week to you spend at TPW? * whatever you spend break it down into a per hourly rate. * this rate is what you are spending for the knowledge, humor, and camaraderie. This is what it your entertainment costs. Now... Compare the cost to: * going to the movies * going out to eat * going to the casino, social club, woodworking store... Yup, no matter what you give/buy it is well worth the price.
  11. Wow! That is a decent deal. I suspect, from the list of some of the tools, that there are only so many picture frames that you can make and sell. We all know, that, there is really not much profit in "hobby shop" size woodworking. By the time you purchase materials and supplies, pay the utilities, maintain the tools, etc., you end up with little or no profit for your labor.
  12. Did you really think, that, you are the only one who has traveled down this road? Oh, ye of little faith...ask and you shall receive; information overload, snarky comments, 12 different directions to go in...
  13. schnewj


    Holy do-do! That's how I learned how to do it, Herb. Are you sure you didn't know my father? I was thinking about getting a new bearometer, too. Do you guys like this one?
  14. schnewj


    So, let's see...pay upwards of several hundred dollars for a "smart phone", take the case off to get an accurate reading from a free app, and risk dropping it on the floor destroying the phone...or...just go buy an inclinometer for less than the deductible on the phone insurance. Hmmmm! What to do, what to do?
  15. schnewj

    Starret Squares

    My 6" (Catalog #11H from the original box) is marked on the rule only. There is nothing on the square frame other than Starrett.

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