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  1. schnewj

    Perfect Handle Straight Slot Screwdriver

    OK, I'll agree to disagree. Your experiences are in one direction and mine are in an other direction.
  2. schnewj

    Perfect Handle Straight Slot Screwdriver

    Sorry, I have to disagree that Sex bolts are the way to go. Just my actual experience with making knives and how scales are attached commercially.
  3. schnewj

    Perfect Handle Straight Slot Screwdriver

    Just think how you could dress them up...rosewood, cocobolo, birdseye maple...
  4. schnewj

    Perfect Handle Straight Slot Screwdriver

    Thanks, John. I had forgotten that they were, also, supplied in the tank tool boxes. I just wish I had a full set (whatever a set consist of). I really like using the couple that I have...they are tough little buggers...not your typical Craftsman screw driver.
  5. schnewj

    Perfect Handle Straight Slot Screwdriver

    Sex bolts are NOT what you want to use. They need to lock in permanently, have enough of a head to still hold when hafted to the contour. Double caps are the needed ones; steel or Brass, possibly Copper will work equally well. This is an example of what you want. You need a
  6. schnewj

    Perfect Handle Straight Slot Screwdriver

    You may have to search for a rivet source, but they are out there. Check with the places that sell "build your own knife" components. In re-reading my reply, replace the word "grind" with "sand"...I should have been more descriptive. When you contour sand the scales don't be afraid to sand over into the surrounding metal. Use a fine grit for the final contouring, 220 or better. If you really want to finish it off, use a loose buffing wheel with a white polishing compound. If you use some beeswax with the polishing compound on the wheel then the wood, whatever kind you use, will "POP".
  7. schnewj

    Perfect Handle Straight Slot Screwdriver

    Basically, the same way as you would a knife handle... The wood is held on by the rivets. Grind them off, fit and replace a "chunk" of wood (scales) on both sides, set the rivets (which locks the scales in on both sides), and then grind and contour (haft) the handles/rivets down.
  8. schnewj


    @Grandpadave52 Opps! I've been really busy lately, but no excuse for missing your B-day...Happy B-day, buddy.
  9. schnewj

    So... You Don't Like Google Chrome???

    https://www.pcworld.com/article/3213031/computers/best-web-browsers.html "For users who love extensibility but want greater privacy than a Google-made browser can provide, the open source Mozilla Firefox is a great choice. Firefox paved the way for other browsers to become extensible, and Firefox’s new extensions architecture will hopefully help its catalog match Chrome’s Web Store one day". https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/best-browser-internet-explorer-vs-chrome-vs-firefox-vs-safari-vs-edge/ "Firefox comes in a close second — a very close second". https://www.theguardian.com/technology/askjack/2017/feb/09/which-is-the-best-browser-for-windows-10-firefox-or-chrome "Firefox is generally as fast as Chrome but more configurable, and it’s much better at handling tabs". I guess that I, or anyone else, can sit here and cherry pick articles, but the bottom line is this, as I see it... Chrome: * More extensions available. * Memory hog * Tracks you for the google family of targeted marketing Firefox: * Lots of useful, unique, features * Almost equal to Chrome in the speed department * Doesn't use anywhere near the resources as Chrome uses to run * Doesn't do any tracking for targeted marketing. The arguing can go on forever, everyone has to do their own research, weigh the pros and cons and make their own choices. For me, that means Firefox. I have banned Chrome from my computer, but it keeps trying to creep back in! Ask yourself why they feel the need to sneak onto your computer. ...and yes, contrary to the popular brainwashing that goes on, your computer WILL RUN without things like Google, Adobe, and several other software programs. There are alternatives to these problem children. I'd use DuckDuckGo! Like Firefox, it doesn't track or censor the results, either.
  10. schnewj

    Set Up Bars

    Wha...What! You mean they don't have to be brass? You mean I can buy key stock and cut them to any length I want. Wow! ...and here all of the major retailers had me convinced, that I had to over pay for short brass set-up bars. I'm headed to Tractors Plus...or better yet I'm calling Granger, put in an order, and drive the 10 miles to get my new set-up bars. Now that the sarcasm is over...I have to agree with Gramps...why isn't he selling these on eBay! In addition, he wants you to buy in bulk...just a little fishy!
  11. schnewj

    Disston Saw, Tool, and File Manual

    Ditto! This only proves that these guys had their "stuff" together! What a wealth of information all in one place. This should be required reading for every young person learning to use tools. I wish that I had read this when I was a youngun. It would have accelerated my learning curve tremendously. I have seen excerpts from this over the years but never the whole pamphlet. This is really a great primer for anyone learning the basics of handsaw use(s) and how to maintain them. It, also, illustrates some things that most of us have gotten away from using/doing. I have always, said, that I can do a typical operation with a hand tool quicker then getting out, setting up, and using a corded tool. By the time I set up the corded tool, I'm done with the hand tool and have moved on... Thanks, John
  12. schnewj

    A Day at the Mill

    Great video, shows how knowledge, awareness, and teamwork all come together to make a very efficient operation. Thanks, Gramps.
  13. schnewj

    Holiday sales timing

    I generally find, that, the holiday sales are not all that great. Sometimes if you shop around you find as good or better deal on a product all year long. ...and I agree, 10% is not a sale.
  14. schnewj

    Noob New Shop Setup

    Careful there, Larry. Most of the Meguiar's products contain silicons. We all know that is NOT what you want in the shop if you don't want to contaminate the wood surfaces. Here is a list I found that shows what Meguiar's products are compatible with paint/finishing shop use. http://www.meguiarsonline.com/forums/showthread.php?39257-Body-Shop-Safe-or-Not Your recommendation above is NOT recommended, so, I'm assuming that it contains silicone.
  15. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpppp! Lord, I'm full...Sorry guy, the devil made me do it...

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