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  1. "...a router"! Ah, grasshopper, have you never heard the saying "you can never have too many clamps"? Well, having "a router" is like owning only one clamp.
  2. That's an awful lot of pine...what's the planned use?
  3. I think that it is an individual choice. Like Gene I am a hybrid woodworker. However, I lean more towards the traditionalist side of the discussion. I can reach for a hand tool and do an operation and get an end result. Sometimes quicker than setting up a machine and performing the operation. I don't mind using hand planes or chisels. Others may not be physically able or mentally inclined to do so...but guess what? I own a thickness planer and a jointer, also. I even have a shaper tucked into the corner if needed. Try and steal my table saw and you might leave in a horizontal position. As for CNC's, well, I'm a little on the controversial side. I see some beautiful and talented, imaginative, results from some people, but I don't personally consider a CNC real woodworking. Again, the traditionalist side. To each his own, if you can't carve, then CNC is the way to go. On the other hand, there are some great uses for a CNC; creating complex components, cutting circles, etc. I see CNC as creating a computer program, not making something with your hands. Just because you own a self driving car, doesn't mean you are a competent driver/operator. With all of that said, CNC are here, do have their place, and can be useful. I just don't see one in my shop anytime soon.
  4. GOOD for you...color me green! I wish all of us could do that and put a hurt on them. The whole thing would stop real quick, well, all except the Jamaicans, apparently, we can't touch them.
  5. @Cal Happy B-day, buddy! I had a cake made just for you... @Stick486 is bringing the Ice Cream...I think! Either that or a fire extinguisher...I forgot which he said... Enjoy the day. Bill
  6. Practice makes perfect...
  7. Thank you Herb for this post. Oh, the lessons that could be learned by 95% of today's youth, if they would only stop and listen!
  8. Good job! You might want to contact Curtis @Woodbutcherbynight. He has a teenager under his wing, who is really doing well, and might be able to offer some suggestions.
  9. Uh, huh! ...an excellent sander...well imagine that... Seriously, great job on a first attempt.
  10. schnewj

    Car accident

    Awwwww! Too bad! Remember this, your insurance company will try and steer you to an "approved repair shop"...translation, we will do only what we have to do, using aftermarket and or used parts. You have the right to choose your own repair place, so shop around and choose wisely.
  11. Obviously, sarcasm! Based on the fact that, he's "I’m a bum on fort couch"
  12. schnewj

    Car accident

    Yah, isn't NO-FAULT insurance wonderful?
  13. ...if I called myself, I'd answer. It might be my other self (refer to tag line below) that I have been looking for all of these years. Unfortunately, it has become a fact of life that scammers have taken over the world. You have to be ever vigilant. My cell phone greeting, says, that if your ID or number is blocked and you don't leave a message the number WILL get blocked. It is amazing how many DON'T leave a message and get blocked, never to be heard from ever again.
  14. I hope he's repainting it. That butt ugly green has got to go! Hurry back, Gramps.
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