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  1. schnewj


    Don't worry Artie. I go through the same thing. My doctor doesn't want to hear about, or see copies, of my labs going back 35 years. Virtually, nothing has changed in all of that time, except, their established testing range(s). For the most part all of my labs have been consistent from my early 20's on...of course heredity has NOTHING to do with is. My A1C has always been between 5.8 and 6.1...at one time the high end of normal (6.5), but then we change the goal line to 6.0 and all of a sudden I'm a Type II diabetic at 6.1. Most doctors aren't free thinkers...every time the medical journals and trial studies come out the wind changes and the patients suffer. Eggs are bad...eggs are good, don't use butter, margarine is better, oppps, margarine is bad, butter is much better, on and on. If you get lucky you find a doctor that evaluates you, your history, and your condition instead of just reading the labs.
  2. schnewj


    Outstanding, Ma!
  3. schnewj

    Bamboo Butcher Block

    I have a small one (maybe 6" sq.) that I have used for years. It is the first one I reach for unless I'm dealing with larger quantities/sizes. It is really impervious to water and cleans well. I can't speak to "working" with it. However, I would buy one before trying to deal with it in a shop environment.
  4. schnewj


    Tell that to the people throughout the Northern Midwest and NE states...just because you didn't get any (winter) weather to YOUR liking...
  5. schnewj

    Wooden Planes Phase III

    I fold!
  6. schnewj


    I'm with you, Ma. Someone ticked her off, I've have had to put up with "cold fronts" driving the temperatures down to the upper 60's. Although, I do like the outstanding temperatures, they are bringing in the rain, also. Makes it hard to enjoy my road trips on the the bike.
  7. schnewj

    2018 Darwin Awards and Gene Pool Cleansing...

    Yes, indeed! God has a tendency to clean out the gene pool. Lord, why do you have to be soooooooooooo slow in doing it?
  8. schnewj

    Wooden Planes Phase III

    I'll up the anti and add a moving blanket and a magnetic tray.
  9. schnewj

    New member intro

    Hey, Thad. Welcome to the fun...look forward to your participation.
  10. schnewj

    Hello again! It has been awhile!

    Welcome back, Pauline. I see that you are a scroller and a carver. looking forward to getting to know you and your work. Bill
  11. I agree with everything here, Gramps. I, too, watch out for the deals. A couple of years ago I finally sprung for a bare tool, drill driver...how did I ever do without it! I, also, picked up one of their multi bit cases. I does really well. It's portable and I always have the correct bit tip handy for the job. None of them has ever failed structurally. I, also, picked up a drill bit assortment/case. Those I threw away. Yes, they were that bad. Bottom line, yes, the Ryobis do give good service. However, most people are not willing to keep multiple systems, batteries and chargers, around. Few people I know in the handyman/hobby world keep more then one system around. Bottom line if it works for you, that is all that counts.
  12. OK, I'll liken this to someone telling me I need to get rid of my flip phone and get a smart phone. If it was you, what would you tell them?
  13. Why? I don't have any issues with the Ryobi's they function just fine for me, and I have never had one fail or not perform. Also, since I have no need to replace anything why would I phase into another brand? As much as I do like the Bosch tools, I don't have a NEED to switch.

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