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  1. 15 minutes ago, Fred W. Hargis Jr said:

    I think those saws were convertible voltage (120V/240V)...you don't have yours wired 240V do you? if you do, don't try Lew's suggestion...the white will be hot.

    Thank you Fred for the warning/advise.  No, I have it wired for 120V.  The OEM switch lasted 16 yrs.  The replacement lasted 5 yrs.  I'm not in a position for a new saw and this one meets my needs.  I noticed that the replacement switch fits many different pieces of equipment.  Many probably do not get used as much as a TS.  Danl

  2. Just now, lew said:

    Just looked at the diagrams for that saw. The switch looks very much like the one used on their lathes. I went through 2 switches then finally went to Lowe’s and bought a single throw double pole electrical switch. It worked but I couldn’t use the red off paddle 

    Thanks for the advise.  It may be my go-to switch.  I do not know how long I can go without a table saw.  Danl

  3. Not a good day today.  The switch on my table saw went out in the off position.  The saw is 21 yrs. old this yr.  I had replaced the switch 5 yrs. ago.  It was difficult to obtain because the saw is a Delta.  I had my notes and ordered the same replacement switch.  The switch was ordered from REPLACEMENT PARTS.com.  They indicated that it will be 18-21 days for them to receive the switch from Delta warehouse and I paid to have 3-day turn-around from REPLACEMENT PARTS.  This is all predicated that Delta really does have the part.  I have been down this path before when I tried to get a replacement part for my refrigerator and ended up cancelling my order.  Maybe a good time to purchase a SawStop.  Wow.  $3K for an on/off switch.     Danl



  4. My wife and I purchased groceries yesterday for the 1st time in three weeks.  In the past, she was going three times a day.  I only wanted beer and muffins.  The bill was $547.55.  The wife said that she isn't going back for a month.  The store only had a few patrons and the toilet paper and paper towel shelves were empty.  Our county exec announced this AM that the county parks will be closing for 3 weeks.  Folks are not adhering to the social distance guidelines.   I also heard that Mexico has said that Corona beer is not essential.   I hope all of this is not a new normal.  Danl

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