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  1. I have been wanting to spray shellac and SW Sher-wood Kem Aqua Plus clear for a week but the weather has been hot. Now the temps have dropped some but the humidity has gone up. The SW product best dries at 50% RH or lower and 77 deg or higher. I have been waiting for a window where the temps are below 80 deg and the RH below 80%. I do all of my spraying in the garage which does not have A/C. Am I taking too big of a risk if I spray with the temp and RH above 80? Danl
  2. I plan to move the spray pieces into the kitchen right after they are sprayed to allow for controlled evaporation. I was mostly concerned that the shellac & finish would dry before it hit the wood because the air entering the gun would be dry air, the structure would be of ambient temp, and perhaps the pieces would take on a foggy appearance due to the humidity. Danl
  3. My wife and I found ourselves in Tennessee, so I had to visit Judy Gale Roberts’ studio in Seymour, TN. Judy is an Intarsia artesian. Her work is very beautiful. Unfortunately, Judy was out of town the day I visited, but her office manager was available to answer many questions. Judy teaches classes, makes guest appearances, makes commissioned work, and puts out approx. four new patterns a year. She is looking for ways to be less busy, but the demand for work makes it difficult. I had a great time seeing her studio. If you plan to see her studio, leave the RV at home. The roads are narrow, and the driveway is very steep. Danl
  4. Danl


    Jess, if I followed your advise I would have to do more than start cooking for myself. Danl
  5. Danl


    My wife and I went away for a few days and upon our return we found our home had been attacked by woodpeckers. We have a cedar wood enclosed patio which carpenter bees have been invading for the past 3 years. This year I took persistent action and eliminated approx. 50. I would see approx. 5 bees a day prior to their departure (a good swat with a tennis racket). I have not seen any carpenter bees for approx 3 weeks. The woodpeckers have been pecking the same areas where the bees entered the cedar. I think they were after the bee larva. Today, I saw 3 woodpeckers. It is become a choir to constantly chase them off. Do you have any suggestion what I can do to persuade the woodpeckers to find a new home. Danl
  6. I told my wife to sell anything with a cord and save/give the rest for the two sons. Neither son has a desire to work with wood. Danl
  7. Danl

    Installing new kitchen floor

    My wife did not want wood. She said she did not want the mess that would be created if we did have a water leak, so she selected Armstrong LVT. Danl
  8. It is time to start planning to install a new kitchen floor. I will be removing the old ¾” ply underlayment and two layers of vinyl sheet flooring. I will still have the original ¾” ply subfloor which will not be removed. I believe I want to install a new ½” ply subfloor over the existing subfloor and a new ¼” lauan underlayment. The customer (my wife) has already purchased Armstrong Luxury Vinyl. Questions: What is needed to install the ½” ply subfloor to the existing subfloor? I know it is best to install it perpendicular to the existing subfloor. What is needed to install the ¼” lauan underlayment to the ½”subfloor? I assume I will install it perpendicular to the ½” subfloor? Danl
  9. Danl

    Useless conversation and other drivel...

    Somewhat reminds me of a time I was in South Korea a few years back. Danl
  10. Danl

    Log Furniture

    My hat is off to you. The design for your milling machine is very good and your craftsmanship is the same. Thank you for sharing. Danl
  11. Danl


    Here is my T-track version on my TS cross-cut sled. It works great. 3-layers of 1/2" baltic birch ply. Glue-up 2 layers, let dry, and then cut dado. Glue on 3rd layer, let dry, and then cut groove. No worry of damaging saw blade by hitting a metal track. Danl
  12. Danl

    Improving On Everything

    Jess, how do you know that you are not trapping the same squirrels? I had problems with ground squirrels. The problem went away when I started to teach them to swim. Danl
  13. Glad you are feeling better. Danl
  14. What did you do with your old cordless tools when you replaced it by purchasing a new one because it was cheaper than to replace the battery on the old one, which would no longer hold a charge and the batteries were Ni-cad? Danl
  15. Danl

    Barn Doors

    I do not understand what folks like about them. When the door is being opened/closed, what keeps the door from hitting the wall at the bottom? Danl
  16. Took a little doing to get 300 lbs unloaded from my truck, down the basement steps, and assembled. I have not used it yet but I’m sure it is sweet. It does pass the coin test when it is running. Danl
  17. Here is a few I made years back. Danl
  18. Postal Tom, what you are asking about is what I have in my shop. I has time, temp, humidity, day, date, month, etc. I can monitor the temp and humidity in two location. Purchased from Menards when it was on sale. Danl
  19. I was given two pieces of advise: 1) working past 5:00 pm is working Overtime, regardless of the time you started, and 2) taking a nap is doing something. I must be the odd man out. It took me 9 months to adjust. I received a phone call last month asking me if I wanted to come back and take a short term assignment in New Orleans. My wife saw me spooling up just thinking about it. I call back and said thanks, but no thanks. Danl
  20. Danl

    Estate Sale find

    I went to an estate sale action today and purchased the following for $37.50, one lot. I believe I did ok. Danl . Stanley No. 71-1/2 router plane with 4 blades Stanley spokeshave with 2 blades Stanley No. 101 thumb plane with 1 blade Marking gauges or Pattern makers panel gauges 18" and 10" Phelps Mfg. Co. Oakland CA Gouges with case - no certain what kind. 7 sizes 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4", 5/16", & 3/8"
  21. Danl

    Estate Sale find

    The owner of these items most likely was not a woodworker/carpenter and probably inherited them. At the auction where was a carpenter's tool box. The action company pieced out some of the items. They put these tools in a box and I had the highest bid. I was originally wanting the 71-1/2 plane. The 71-1/2, 101, and spokeshave have evidence of gentle use. I did find some markings on the underside of the handle of the spokeshave but they are not very legible. I think it is a No. 53. The blades are clearly marked Stanley Rule and Level Co. I can not find any info about the gouges. Bill, what is/are sans handles? Ebay has an 18" Phelps panel/marking gauge for sale, asking $199.95 Ouch! Danl
  22. Allen, If your mover is taking I-44 through St. Louis, I would be interested. Danl
  23. Are spouses invited or is this gathering just for those who have sawdust in their pockets? Danl
  24. My wife worked hard sorting through the boxes of porcelain tiles, from HD, so that we only used the “pretty” tiles. I wanted to have a “mirror image” corner and we did not want to have vertical gap lines near each other between the 2nd row and the decorative tiles. She also wanted some of the tiles rotated 45 deg. We used approx. 132 6” x 6” tiles and I had to cut all but 16 of them. Used 1/16 spacers. Yea it is complete! My wife is happy, so I am happy. Danl It

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