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  1. Danl

    63rd anniversary

    Happy Anniversary!!! Danl
  2. Many of us are there and are afraid to try something different. I look at applying a finish similar to playing a sport. Practice, practice, and practice. Would you run a play in a game that you did not run in practice? I have read that may woodworkers think it is a waste of time to work on joinery for a shop project. They may be correct if they already can produce a good joint. Same goes for applying finish. Shop projects can be opportunities to try something different or to perfect a technique or process. For everything you do, you have to know what to do, why you are doing it, and how to do it. Yes, there are times I get anxious before I apply my finish(s). This forum is a good place to be. A good place to ask questions. Danl
  3. They look nice. Did you receive a request to make them or are they gifts? Danl
  4. I forward these design concepts to my son this evening. The sketches are missing some detail, but there is enough detail to make a plan. I’m waiting on my son for a decision (little does he know, his wife has already made his decision). His wife likes the cabinet which has two pull-out shelves behind a door. All of the cabinets have a trash can drawer, a large upper drawer, and locking casters. Cabinet dimensions are 36” wide by 24” deep. The cabinet will have a white varnish for a finish. Danl
  5. Thank you all for the suggestions. I do have a wood distributor near me and have the means to make the top. I was looking for a easy alternative. My son is planning to sell or rent-out his home in approx. (1) yr so I do not need top shelf material but I do plan to provide a quality product. Thanks again. Danl
  6. My son asked me to build for him an additional cabinet for his kitchen and he is wanting a butcher block countertop. We are still working out the design, but we know that the box will not exceed 40x21. I know that I can make a top for him put I was wanting to look into the options of purchasing one. I went to a low end kitchen & bath outlet today and they would sell me a 36" x 86" finger jointed top for $229. They do not sell smaller pieces. I assume it was maple. They had a stack of them and the top one was cupping. Home Depot sells a maple 25" x 60" top for $339. Grizzly Industrial has Beechwood finger jointed work bench tops. 1-3/4 x 48 x 25 sells for $124 + $100 shipping. I would appreciate it if you would share your opinion(s). thanks Danl
  7. Really neat. I'm sure they will cherish it and display it proudly in their kitchen. Danl
  8. Danl

    Project finish

    IMO I wouldn't put a finish on top of the paint. I assume the bat will only be a momento and will not be handled in the painted area. Danl
  9. Thank you all for the kind words. Danl
  10. Wood "weight" trivia. I wanted to make two seats from hard maple and have the long grain be on the top side. I purchased 8/4 lumber. 8/4 x 8-1/2" x 10' weighed 53-1/2 lbs. I only needed ~ 6' 8/4 x 8-1/2" x 6' weighed 32 lbs I made two blanks 18" x ~18-1/4" x 1" weighed 17-1/2 lbs After scooping and profiling the seat blanks, the two seats weighed 9-1/2 lbs Danl
  11. I was sitting in my easy chair eating ice cream and watching TV Friday evening. My wife noticed this little guy looking into the patio window. Danl
  12. A very nice score for sure! Danl
  13. I did mimic the Mario Rodgrigiez technic with a few changes depicted in the pics. After initial TS set-up, I can make 93 TS set-ups and have the seat blank ready for sanding in 1:35 min. Maximum material removed is 1/16" per set-up. Danl
  14. The key is to know how your plan to assemble the chair for glueing. The joinery for the seat rails and stretchers are loose mortise and tenon. The rear and front legs mortises have to be co-planer. So, the mortises in the rear and front legs are 90-deg, but the mortises into the rails and stretchers are angled. End result is having an angled tenon. The joinery for the back support rails are M/T. and the tenons are at 90-deg. Danl Back support rails with integral tenons Rear leg receiving mortise for side seat rail tenon Side seat rail receiving angled mortise for loose tenon Side stretcher receiving angled mortise for loose tenon
  15. My dad also fought in the Korean Conflict. I know the South Koreans' call it the Civil War. I believe we possibly could of called it WWIII. There were many countries supporting South or North Korea. My dad was in country for approx. 11 months. He never talked about it. A few years ago, I spent some time in South Korea. The people are very hard workers and want a better life for their children. The division is very real. Prior to the War, Japan occupied the country. You will be hard pressed to find a Japanese brand vehicle driving on the roadways. Danl
  16. Four production side chairs were completed this week. The design is original. Primary material is cherry. The seat is made from hard maple with two cherry accent pieces and was scooped using the TS. The back support has both cherry and maple splats and the rails are curved along a 33” inner radius. The chair is finished with BLO and precat lacquer. The design has a lot of angles, particularly the lower stretchers. The stretcher assembly uses loose dowel-tenon joinery, so there are 24 mortises and 16 angled surfaces that must play nice with each other. The rear legs are taper on three sides to 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" and have a subtle castle detail added. You can follow the prototype design/build here. Danl
  17. I'm in your camp. I do wash it out the pint bottle (with warm water) and fill it from a larger bottle. Danl
  18. Happy Father's Day. My gift from my son was a haircut. It had been 16 weeks since my last cut. I was looking like a teenager in the 70's. He put a #10 in the clippers and started clipping. Danl
  19. It sure is a handsome set. Thanks for sharing. Danl
  20. Danl


    How to size gutters and downspouts. See here. Danl
  21. Danl

    Mulberry tree

    My mother would make jam from them. Yummy! Danl
  22. Congratulations Ron to both you and your wife. Danl
  23. Thank you, Gunny. Gunny was able to remove a switch and he sent it to me. I received the switch yesterday and installed it today. Just what I needed. I should be making saw dust tomorrow. Thanks again. Thank you to everyone who provided alternative solutions. Danl
  24. Looks good. Where is this table to be used (inside or outside)? Danl
  25. Thank you Fred for the warning/advise. No, I have it wired for 120V. The OEM switch lasted 16 yrs. The replacement lasted 5 yrs. I'm not in a position for a new saw and this one meets my needs. I noticed that the replacement switch fits many different pieces of equipment. Many probably do not get used as much as a TS. Danl
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