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  1. I chose to purchase the clamps from Wynn Environmental. The clamps are called floating gear latches (link provided). Then can be made from band clamps, but I wanted to by pass the trial and error effort. The can was the widest component. I made sure that the can handle is orientation so that it is in the corner of the box to allow the box to be minimal width and depth. I have the box inside top 0 - ~1/16" taller than the can. The next widest component is the HF blower from the centerline of the motor and cyclone. The blower is asymmetrical. I had to move the filter ~ 1" off
  2. Fred, You are correct. Also, having a MERV 15 filter will trap a lot of particles which other filters would not of captured. Paul, I used 2 Gamma seal lids. I cut the center section off of both and attached the inner part with Wynn Environmental 6 flange clamps to the filter, each end. The inner Gamma part hand screws into the outer Gamma part. The upper Gamma Seal attaches to the structure with construction screws. The lower Gamma seal attachment to the bucket is a press fit. The upper Gamma seal lid has a seal that has to be removed. The Wynn filter
  3. I was overdue for a different shop dust collector system. I had the Harbor Freight system sitting in my basement for 6-1/2 years. Until recently, the box had never been opened. With a little ingenuity I designed a two-stage system. I wanted a system that was portable, minimal footprint, less than 80” height, operate on 110/115 volt, and for maximize flow use only one flexible inlet hose and the system had to have minimal bends throughout. The major components are as follows: Motor/blower: Harbor Freight Central Machinery 2 Hp Separator:
  4. Thank you all. The design was my favorite part. The wood was poplar. I purchased a 2-1/4" dia. cork for the bottom, but latter thought it would make access to any money to easy so I opted to have the bottom screwed on with #4-1/2" brass screws. If there is a next time, I will have to do a better job of experimenting with the craft paint. I'm already anxious to start on her next year's birthday present. I would like to make her a bed. Need to work out the planning with her parents. Danl
  5. Allow me to introduce to you Gretchen, the elephant. My granddaughter will have her 2nd birthday in February 2021 and I thought it would be fitting to make her an elephant money bank. Her bedroom has elephant and her favorite color is pink. The design and fabrication was a simple effort, but the painting was difficult. The hot pick top-coat did not want to adhere to the light pink. Thanks for looking. Danl
  6. I always shed a tear when my off-cuts turn into scrap. Like all of you, I just do not have enough shop space for all of it. Danl
  7. John, I'm sure you have a satisfied customer. Please tell us more about the use of Corafoam. Do you use it frequently? I see it is pricey. Danl
  8. This is a very neat project. I can remember WOOD magazine having the project. Great job! Nice jester offering the remanded quarters. Danl
  9. Ver NEAT! I like the design and selection of materials. Cool, cool. Danl
  10. I would be interested in seeing a pic of your set-up and how you retain the water. thanks Danl
  11. Woowe! Looks good. Just missing some sawdust. Danl
  12. John, When working with Cherry, I like to have one coat of BLO followed by a coat of shellac (if the top coat is water borne). The BLO will pop the cherry and walnut. Danl
  13. That is the way you should do it where I live. I believe heat build-up is the issue otherwise. Danl
  14. Danl


    Praying for your recovery. Danl
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