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  1. I purchased my clamps in 2018. I made notes of my set-up to help me with future set-ups. I used a 1/4" sq bottom bit cutting 5/16" deep and then cut the 14-degree slot with a 1/2" shank bit 3/8" deep. Danl
  2. The lights have 900 lumens and are 3000K light color. Now in additions to my wife and I dueling with the thermostat, we are dueling with the switch dimmers. They were purchased in 2018, so I had plenty of time thinking about this project. The fan draws 77 watts and each light less than 15 watts. Big improvement from the incandescent lights. I was using (5) 60 watt bulbs and had less light. Thanks for the kind words. Danl
  3. Sorry Keith, I just now saw that you already guess this. Danl
  4. Hey Steve, is this a cat house/litter box? Danl
  5. After adding flush mount LED ceiling lights to our living room and kitchen in 2017 we wished we had added them to our family room. I finally got around to this project this week. The current fan is centered with the room and we had thought that we wanted to move it so that it would be centered with the fireplace. After adding tape to the ceiling to verify light locations we decided to leave the fan in its current location. We would have to moving the fan 24” to have it centered with the fireplace and we thought we then might have a strobing effect with the new lighting. The four new LED l
  6. In 2019 I was asked to install handrails in a home which was designed by an understudy of Frank L. Wright. I took a piece of the original mill work to SW and they did a "spot on" job of matching the stain. The home owner was very pleased. By far better job of matching than what other contractors did on previous projects. Danl
  7. I usually try for 3/32 unless it is shop cabinets. for shop cabinets, I plan for 1/8". Danl
  8. Been there did that. I have a Rockler shelf pin hole jig and I can not tell you where I last stored it. That is also that reason I have (3) 6" rules. Usually I know where one is at. Danl
  9. Only requires 14-degree dovetail bit. I use a 1/4" straight bit 5/16" deep and then clean up with the dovetail bit 3/8" deep. Danl
  10. My wife and I received our 1st Phizer vaccine shot Saturday. Little side effects. We had to stand in line behind the homeless and the teenage smokers. But, we are grateful. Danl
  11. John, you and your family have been in my prayers. Danl
  12. Apothecary cabinets Woodsmith magazine has the plan for this one. Wood Magazine has the plan for this one. Sketchup Warehouse has the file for this one.
  13. I'm interested in what you find out. I have ever issue of WOOD except for #1 & 3 and I have every issue of WoodSmith. I need to make room by moving them along also. Danl.
  14. Very nice indeed. You have a steady hand. Danl
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