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  1. Perhaps instead of calling it a box joint, we can call it the Jesse joint. Danl
  2. I read an article about Ken's carousal project and he said that it takes 4 months per each one. The math indicates that he started 9 years ago. Danl
  3. This past weekend, my wife and I had the privilege of visiting The Factory at Franklin. It is and stove factory converted into maker studios and shops located in Franklin TN, just south of Nashville. While there, I was able to visit Ken Means. He is quit the artisan. He has 22 completed carvings in his TN studio, and 5 carvings still in Oregon, his home until recently. He plans to make 32 carvings to have enough to start the construction of his carousel. I enjoyed my visit. Danl
  4. I went to an antique shop this weekend and found this gem of an old drafting table for only $990.00. Look at the bread board ends. The end piece has slots to accommodate for seasonal movement. Danl
  5. If you purchase a new router, I would suggest purchasing both collets. 1/4" and 1/2". That way you can use your existing bits with the new router. Don't over look DeWalt. I have been using a 2 hp (DW621) for years. Danl
  6. I'm all healed. I have been for some time. After my fall, I was not producing new bone growth so it took a long time to get ride of the walker, scooter, and boot. It kept me out of the shop for 11 months. It only took 1 year for arthritis to set in. When I go up the basement stairs I hear a lot of snap-crackle-pop. I still have 5 screws which will stay in my ankle. Now, I have to have an annual IV Reclast infusion. I'm going in for the 3rd one this month. Doc said this will be the last one because the side effort is damaging to the liver. I trim my bushes standing on the ground now. Thank you for your kind comments, for asking and caring. Danl
  7. Thank you for your compliments. In case you interested, the trays were 3-3/4" wide when I started to mill the box joints. I had to index each one from the top. Danl
  8. My wife and a good friend have a birthday coming soon and I wanted to make them something different/special. The 3/8” thick tray sides are splayed 20 degrees with box joints. The splayed box joints are inspired from a project in a 2009 Woodsmith magazine. The woods are walnut and cherry. The finish is (1) coat BLO and (2) coats clear shellac. Thanks for looking. Danl
  9. The following pencil was recommended by Woodmagazine in a back issue. Danl
  10. In my county, handrail height is to be no more than 38" and no less than 34" from tread nosing or finish surface. I installed a rail last year for a home which did not pass the occupancy requirement. The housing inspector wanted me to install the railing at 36". Danl
  11. I once had a crack in my car's windshield washer container. I cut out a patch from a plastic milk container and fussed it to the washer container with a hair dryer. The fix worked like a champ. Danl
  12. I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased the pencil shown below. I did not like the results. The line produced was wide, required a lot of pressure to apply, and was hard to see. Then I went to Michael's and purchased the pen shown. You have to move the pen at a slower rate when what you do with a lead pencil, but it gives a visible 0.5 mil line. to remove the line does take move effort than what the white dressmaker pencil requires. I think the Gelly Roll pen will be what I will be using. Thanks for your input. Danl
  13. Do you have a special pencil which you use to put layout lines on dark wood like walnut? Danl
  14. HF sells (2) different purple 20 oz guns. I prefer the one which comes with the regulator. The guns' spec sheet reflect different CFMs (I was just on the HF wed site and it reflects just the opposite of what I was remembering). I to have a basement shop and I do all of my spraying in the garage. It is to hot and the humidity is to high now to do any spraying. There is some over spray, so do not forget to put down tarps on your floor. Danl
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