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  1. I received an other pic which shows the bottom side of the seat. Thanks for all of the advise. I will forward these and see how he wants to proceed. Danl
  2. I believe the dark spot is the tip of an anchor bolt. I asked my friend for more info and a pic of the bottom of the seat. My friend's son broke the chair and he is upset for his actions. So, some kind of repair will have to be attempted. Danl
  3. I received a message from a friend asking for advise on how to repair this broken child chair. It appears from the pic that the chair stretchers do not have tenons. Looking for suggestions to make the joint stronger than just doing the obvious of gluing the broken piece back on. In the 2nd pic the broken leg is being held in place. Thanks Danl
  4. The clamps were used so I could adjust the distance between the legs during the mock-up phase. The table top could only be 36" x 54" per customer specs. and had to be able to seat 6. It was difficult to see the leg spacing on paper (sketch-up). Danl
  5. I’m attempting to fab a trestle kitchen table. I built a prototype from poplar & plywood. Production table will have a cherry base and maple top. Danl
  6. I believe I fixed my problem. I had the blade sharpened for $9.00. The blade may of been damaged, but I did not see the damage. Danl Original crosscuts Crosscuts after having the blade regrind. Danl
  7. Cal, are you planning to gut the kitchen, before the cabinets are fab'd? Danl
  8. If you have an 8" ceiling, split your new drywall sheet into 2' x 8' lengths. Install one 2" x 8' along the bottom, them install a full 4' x 8' sheet on top of that one, then install the other 2' x 8' half sheet at the ceiling level. This is a little more work, but now you have no visible splice lines. All of the splices are located behind the base and upper cabinets. I installed my cabinets by screwing a level ledger board beneath the bottom of the upper cabinets. I installed the uppers before the lowers. Danl
  9. Use soft closing door, drawers Have 110/115 volt Led lighting, both in ceiling and under mount with dimmers Use pre-finished (UV) ply for the boxes Consider building separate toe-kick Consider having drawers instead of doors for base cabinets If your design uses rail & stile frame construction, have the lower rail 2” wide to better hide under mount lighting. I built a 27” deep cabinet above the refrigerator instead of 24” std. Looks more appropriate with deep refrig and allows the counter top to butt the enclosure panel better. Install pull out drawer. Build 39” or 42” high cabinets. Use molding to tie the cabinets together. Know your kitchen people flow and have adequate room to open oven door, dishwasher door, and cabinet doors. Consider having 39” wide sink base cabinet Consider having base cabinet for trash & recyclables Build upper cabinet end panel wider than cabinet and trim to fit after upper cab is installed. Danl
  10. Here is what Bob Lang has to say about this subject. Danl
  11. I built this one from Wood. It is a toque box construction. you can make it an size. I like it. Danl
  12. A good read. thanks Danl
  13. Danl


    I betcha Jesse has already made of these. Danl
  14. Another awesome piece. thanks for sharing. Danl
  15. Danl

    Water stain removal

    Thank you everyone. I will pass along your insight. thanks again. Danl

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