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  1. An acquaintance luthier of mine has been using Cabinetmaker's glue from Lee Valley and another acquaintance of mine who is a skillful woodworker has switched to the Patrick Edward's old Brown glue you mentioned. He told me that he puts his glue bottle in a warm tub of water prior to using the glue to allow the glue to soften more. I have used the Cabinetmaker's glue and it does have a longer working time than Titebond III. John, thanks for your input. Danl
  2. John, the shaker rocker is truly beautiful. What glue do you use for your joints? Danl
  3. Cal, If you choose to use shellac or poly, consider applying the finish to the ply sheet before cutting to size. Danl
  4. Cal, When you go to your lumber yard ask for UV plywood. UV coating is basically a compound that is applied to wet wood and then instantly dried by ultraviolet light. ... UV plywood is pre-finished hardwood plywood panel featuring a clear, durable top coat, which will add toughness, resisting scrapes, chips and the effects of solvent wipe down to plywood. For kitchen cabinet interior parts, I use #2 cut shellac. For kitchen cabinet exterior parts I use a finish which has a KCMA certification. Danl
  5. Grizzly's history Another interesting video. Danl
  6. I'm not a turner and know nothing about it, but I found this video interesting. Danl
  7. Danl

    Real SPAM

    Mom would add it to mac-n-cheese, but, dad would not eat it. He said he ate his fill in Korea and never again. It falls in the same category as beef liver. I do not have to eat it, so I'm not going to. Danl
  8. Back in 2015 I fell off a ladder and crushed my ankle. It was 11 months before I could get back into my shop and start making sawdust again. I had left my shop a mess. Never again. I clean-up at the end of each day. Just some days I do a better job of cleaning. It bothered me. If I would never been able to get back into the shop I do not want to leave a big mess for my love ones. Danl
  9. John, I'm still praying for you and the family. God has a plan. Danl
  10. The Blues had a long dry spell and finally can take a drink. The Blues had a well l executed game last evening. Play "Gloria" one more time. Danl
  11. Are you wanting wood working tools, cabinetry tools, or carpentry tools? Danl
  12. Danl

    Walking Cane

    I like it, especially the small beads. If I were in need of one, I would put my order in. Thanks for sharing. Danl
  13. Gene, Did you build the lid separate from the bottom or did you separate the two after assembling the box? Danl
  14. I believe code in my area would require qty 4 for 2x tread material. If you are using composite matl for the treads you will have to consult the mfg. Some matl require spans to be 12" or less for stairs. Danl
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