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  1. Perhaps, because it is 100 ft long is the reason it was rated 15 amps. Danl
  2. There is room for additional circuits, but my son doesn't have to worry about it. Apparently, he was not the highest bidder. This is the 2nd house which he was the 2nd highest bidder. The market is nuts. The homes in his price range are selling in one day. Many of the homes have major landscape/water issues which can not be fixed (but the homes are selling anyway) or they are in an area which he does not want to live in. I have told him to walk away from the "water issue" homes. You can fight water, but you can not win. Danl
  3. The house is a small house with gas furnace, hot water heater, clothes dryer, and cook stove. The electrical panel was installed in 2013. The house was built in 1977. My son was considering changing the cook stove and clothes dryer to electric. The only current 220/240V is the A/C. He is not thinking of having a serious work shop. He does not own a hammer or saw of any kind. It was his dad (me) that thought he may need 200 amp. He is a more serious gamer. Thank you all for the replies and advise. Danl
  4. My son is looking at purchasing a home which only has 100 amp main service. The electrical service is under ground. What does it take to convert to 200 amp service? Is this an easier or harder effort because the line to the house is underground? Looking forward to reading your replies. thanks Danl Ps. If he purchases this house, there will most likely many more questions which will need to be answered. The house is a fixer upper.
  5. I was thinking the same. I contacted Sherwin-Williams Industrial Products division local store and they advised me to get "Extreme Bond Primer'. I went to a SW local retail store and purchased Urethane modified Acrylic. We will use this primer on the end panels and the cabinet frames. I told my son that he needed to get out of the house after he applies it. Thank you all for your help. Danl
  6. thanks for all of the input. Spraying is how I was planning to do it. The weather is getting colder, so I better hurry (I spray in the garage). There is not enough reveal for an additional skin. I now know cleaning is a must. Not sure what to do with the end panels. Danl
  7. I'm sure if they let the dog in the kitchen the black mark will go away in a hurry. haha Danl
  8. Jeremiah Johnson is one of my favorites. I have had the DVD for many yrs, I dig it out and watch it appr. once a yr. I like the scene where Jeremiah does not put enough dirt on his bed coals. Danl
  9. I wish you lived closer, I would buy one. I only have (6) tool boxes. Danl
  10. My son has asked me to refinish his kitchen cabinets. I am planning to use Sherwin Williams Sher-wood Kem Aqua plus white for the doors and drawer fronts. This is the product I used for the small additional cabinet I made for him earlier this year. It is a water base material. If I skuff the door/drawer fronts with P220, is this enough prep for the SW product to adhere to the oak wood? They will be cleaned with Murphy's soap prior to sanding. The end panels are not wood, but a plastic laminate. Can I use the SW product? If not, what is needed? Will the end panels need sku
  11. For that reason is why I have a "pine cutting" blade for my TS. Danl
  12. No need to worry about scratching the paint when putting a sheet of 3/4" ply in the back. Danl
  13. The green one has a $15.5k asking price. The blue one has a $38.9 asking price. Only has a 283 CI eng and no A/C. With that kind of $, I would like to have a 327 or 350, or 396.
  14. If I had the $, time, shop, and know how... I would get a new lumber hauler. I found a 1951 Chevrolet 3100 pickup; looks complete and good condition. Has new fuel tank and brakes. If I get tired of shifting, going slow, and wondering why it does not start, I could find a small block Chevy crate engine and ride around in style. Just dreaming. Danl
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