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  1. A Forrest Woodworker II is my blade of choice. Danl
  2. My trimmer is a Troy Bilt. I'll have to give your suggests a try. Thanks for the help. Danl
  3. My last blade came from Highland Woodworking. Located in Atlanta GA. Their website does not show that they sell 92.5" blades. Perhaps if you contact them they may sell custom lengths. Danl
  4. The tank has two 1/8" inner dia holes with no nipples or connectors, just the holes. The holes are reinforced. The reinforcement is minimal and is a part of the tank. I only had to align the new 1/8" outer dia line with the hole and push it down inside the tank far enough so that I could fish it through the filler hole to allow me to install the filter. After the filter was installed, I pulled it back a little to allow the filter to be on the bottom of the tank. The leak is between the line and the tank hole. If the hole was smaller or the line Dia larger, I would have a better seal. The fuel leak is very small, but storing the trimmer in a vertical position allows the pressure of the fuel to push the fuel through. Perhaps I could find a larger outer dia hose but it would need to have the same inner dia to allow it to fit the ferroles at each end. Danl
  5. I recently replaced the fuel lines on my lawn trimmer because the old lines were deteriorated. I known I have the correct diameter fuel lines, but there is a leak between the line and the tank. I store my trimmer, in the garage, in the vertical position and the fuel has been dripping onto my patio umbrella. Any ideas on what I can do to get a good seal between the fuel line and the tank? The old and new lines just push through a hole in the top of the tank. Danl
  6. Congratulations!!! I can't wait to see pics of your new shop being put into operation. Danl
  7. Happy customers indeed. Nicely done grandpa. Danl
  8. Very nicely done. I'm sure the customer is delighted with her new island. Danl
  9. I can't answer your question(s), but look for a wooden toy truck plan and add the PO box door to the back side of the truck box. Danl
  10. Recently, we had folks in our neighborhood who wanted to sell their home in a hurry because they had already purchased a home in another state. They listed their home below market value and sold the home the 1st day. We drove by the house the day before it was officially listed and there was a couple standing on the front porch. When the lady on the porch saw us driving by at a slow speed we think we saw her licking the front door knob. Danl
  11. The cabinet was installed this afternoon. I have a happy customer. The check is in the mail. Ha, Ha. Thank you for your kind words. Danl
  12. It just needs to be delivered. Scheduled for this weekend. My oldest son asked me to build him an additional base kitchen cabinet. After talking with him and his wife, they decided that it had it be portable. The final cabinet size is 24” deep x 36” wide x 36” tall. The cabinet box is made from UV white birch ply and the drawer front, door frames, end-panel frames and face frame are made from poplar wood. The door and end-panel center panels are made with MDF. The three drawers are made from ½” Baltic birch ply and have dovetail joinery. The pull-out soft close trash drawer mechanism is from Rev-A-drawer. The drawers were sprayed with 1-1/2# cut shellac, the countertop was sprayed with Sherwin Williams Sher-wood Hi-Bild pre-cat lacquer, and the outer surfaces were painted with Sherwin Williams Sher-wood Kem Aqua plus white. Thanks for looking. Danl
  13. Can you imagine ... i had an acquaints who asked his neighbor to watch his house while his family was on a 3 week vacation. The neighbor never stepped foot in the house but a family of racoons made it their home during those 3 weeks. The house was literally destroyed. Danl
  14. Danl

    Sea Scene

    Jeese, I think this carving is one of my favorites. The color makes the shells very life like (I know that the shells are not alive). Thanks for sharing. Danl
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