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  1. I built this one from Wood. It is a toque box construction. you can make it an size. I like it. Danl
  2. Danl

    TGIF: Polyurethane myths

    A good read. thanks Danl
  3. Danl


    I betcha Jesse has already made of these. Danl
  4. Danl

    A happy occasion

    Another awesome piece. thanks for sharing. Danl
  5. Danl

    Water stain removal

    Thank you everyone. I will pass along your insight. thanks again. Danl
  6. Danl

    Water stain removal

    I friend sent me these pics and asked for help. What does she need to do to remove the water stains from her table top? Danl
  7. Danl

    Belt sander table

    Perhaps this link will give you a few ideas. Danl
  8. I dropped off a few saw blades at my local saw company today and they gave me a tour of their facility. I asked my guide if he would measure my Forrest blade run-out. He wiped the blade with a micro-cloth before mounting it in their set-up tool and measured .00250 in. He removed the blade and reinstalled it. The 2nd time he measured 0.00325 in. Their measurements were made approximately 2” from center. My measurements were made approximate 4” from center. He told me that blades like this one usually measures 0.001-0.002 in. I was informed if I was to order a blade made by them, that the carbide tips would have a side grind run-out of 0.005 mm (0.0002 in). Danl
  9. Jesse, if it had a battery pack, you would have it ALL! Danl
  10. Roly, I believe you are correct. Today, I had the opportunity to rip 4/4 hard maple and I received good results. I still plan to have the blade sent out for sharping latter this week. Thanks all again for your support. Danl
  11. the blade isn't dropping. the matl which I was milling was 3" and max blade height is either 3-1/8" or 3-1/4". I had blade to max height. I was making a single pass. Danl
  12. Danl

    Shop light

    I purchased a new band saw in May 2018 and wanted a dedicated light. I went to a local thrift shop and found a desk light for $4.00 and a new 800 lumen bulb for $1.00. Using scrap plywood and qty (4) ½” rare earth magnets, I now have my light. It is the cat’s meow. Danl
  13. I want to thank everyone for trying to help me with my table saw issue. I'm going to chalk this one up to "user error" while using a miter gauge which did have so wiggle to it. I'm going to have the TS blade sharpened and give it another try. There is a sharpening company in my area which I have heard good things about. I will let you know. Thanks again, I do appreciate the help. Danl
  14. Only one side. My dial indicator set-up is shop made and ref from the left miter slot.

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