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  1. I was at my hardwood distributor today buying knotted poplar (price went up from $1.50 to $1.75 bd/ftrecently) and I saw that he had Kentucky coffee tree wood ($2.90 bd/ft). I should of asked questions about this wood but I was distracted by the $1200.00 walnut slabs. Have any of you worked with this wood? Is it hard to mill? Danl
  2. Danl

    Spray gun

    I run a 33 gal Craftsman which has the following ratings: 8.6 CFM @ 40 psi 6.4 CFM @ 90 psi Max HP 6 150 psi Running HP 2 This compressor is one of the older ones. The newer compressors have a lower CFM rating. I would be hesitant using a smaller compressor. Danl
  3. Danl

    The Farmhouse Table

    Thanks Ron. Danl
  4. Danl

    The Farmhouse Table

    Ron, would you mind elaborating what techniques you used to flatten the table top? did you use spines, biscuits? did you glue up the entire assy or only two boards at a time? did you have to use a plan after glue up? did you use a drum sander after glue up, etc. thanks in advance. Danl
  5. Danl

    Need a Bosch Fixed Router Base?

    My wife thinks I own one. Danl
  6. Danl

    Arrived in Bowling Green KY and have New House!!

    Glad to hear you are in your new home (almost). Can't wait to see what you have in mind to establish your new shop. Danl
  7. Danl

    The Farmhouse Table

    Looking good from where I sit. Danl
  8. Danl

    Spray gun

    I have the HF purple gun and I am considering getting a new system. If you get the HF guns you will need a compressor which puts out a lot of CFM air. I was surfing the net looking at the Fuji Mini-mite 4 HVLP systems and I found the AeroJet RS1 HVLP Turbine Spray Gun. The Aerojet is much cheaper and is a similar system. Take a look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vv_k6gz8r4. Let us know what you purchase. Danl
  9. I borrowed my neighbor's 33 gal so many times, I decided that he needed a better way to drain his tank. I purchased this assembly from Home depot. Very easy to install, just remove the plug and install the new assembly. Quarter turn for open/closed. Danl
  10. Danl

    Fiberglass Rebar

    I was looking through my Menards weekly sales add and noticed that they have fiberglass rebar on sale. This is a new product for me. Have any of you seen this material used anywhere? The following description is from Menard’s website: Ditch the steel rebar for the next generation of concrete reinforcement! LiteBar is a glass fiber reinforcing bar that is built to be stronger, lighter, and rust free. LiteBar significantly reduces install time and cuts down on transportation expenses as it is 7 times lighter than steel rebar. LiteBar has a higher tensile strength and lower tensile modulus which means concrete is less prone to cracking. LiteBar does not rust which means no more corrosion cracks. LiteBar also springs back and stays centered when stepped on or driven on. Ask for LiteBar by LiteForm! They claim 7/16” fiberglass bar can be used instead of ½” steel bar for horizontal applications. Danl
  11. This past week I had the opportunity to visit Grizzly Industrial in Springfield MO. My wife and I were on our way to Branson, MO to see the shows and I just had to stop. I have been there before, but it still was a treat to see and touch. Danl
  12. Danl

    What's On Your Work Bench?

    Design consideration: Perhaps titling the arm rest down 3 degrees in the back. Danl
  13. Danl

    Ridge vent

    Be leery of the shell game when you ask for a quote. The contractors will quote a roof replacement and a ridge vent. In addition, they will indicate that it will be $X for each sheet of plywood they have to replace. They will tell you that they so not know how many sheet they will have to replace until they have remove the old shingles. They already know that they will have to replace the sheets which have the cut-out for the old turtle vents. Danl
  14. A few times I have had this dilemma. I sanded the finish off with 100-150 grit, applied 100% glue coverage, and adequate weight for clamping. Danl
  15. Danl

    Corn hole anyone?

    They are forecasting nice weather this weekend for my area, so it should be a fun time. The bags were purchased on line from Sam's Cornhole Bags LLC. They are from Harrisonburg, VA. So, it is not local for me (no the other side of the big muddy). Danl

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