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  1. Danl

    Hand Tools

    I'm sure it will be very functional and it looks attractive for a spice rack. Thanks for sharing. Danl
  2. Great project which many will enjoy! thanks Danl
  3. The kitchen side chairs had to take a back burner. My granddaughter has her 1st birthday this month. My present to her is Rita – the rocking Dinosaur. The inspiration for this rocking animal was from a book authored by Jeff Miller, entitle “Children’s Furniture Projects”. I did take much latitude to designing and construction. I scanned Jeff’s drawing into a JPG formatted file and then imported into Sketchup. Using Sketchup, I drew over the imported image, created a 3D model, and resized the model to suit my needs. Flat patterns were then printed in 1:1 scale. The paper patterns were glued to clear shelving paper using 3M spray adhesive onto ¼” MDF to develop 10 individual templates. Using the templates the dinosaur body was cut-out from ½”, 3/8”, and ¼” Baltic birch plywood. The main body has 5 pieces. Total part count is 52 pieces. The rocking runners were made from eleven, per side, 0.120’”hard maple pieces. The maple was bent formed using a MDF form and UNIBOND 1 adhesive. I like to trim the runners using a tall fence on the table saw. A safe way to doom the end of the ¾” dowel used for the handle, is to use a router table set-up. Some assembly required. The different subassemblies were glued and screwed together. Shown here are the 3 different inner main body pieces. Notice that the middle pieces are hollow. Similar for the flank subassembly. Because the main construction material was plywood, I glued in hardwood dowels in each attachment point and trimmed to fit. I introduce to you, RITA! Happy, birthday girl
  4. Quit creative, indeed! Danl
  5. Danl


    My wife and I were watching “Home Free” via Hulu last evening. The HGTV show was hosted by Mike Holmes and Tim Tebow. The appliances given to the home winners were branded “Haier”. I never heard of this brand. So, I googled it. What an eye opener (for me). Haier is a Chinese manufacturer. More than 80% of Chinese export of consumer durables comes from Haier. In June 2016, Haier purchased GE Appliance division based in Louisville, KY. I purchased a new GE free standing stove in 2017 and thought I had purchased a stove which was from a USA company. The tag says it was assembled in USA. I guess I should not assume. It appears that many appliances and HVAC equipment are owned or mfg by an Asian company. The GE stove replaced a Samsung stove which did not work from the get-go. We still have a Samsung refrigerator which was purchased with the Samsung stove. The refrigerator has had numerous service calls; the ice dispenser does not work, the ice cube maker only freezes over and must be defrosted every month, and the exterior dispensary light is on 24/7. The service man says he does not know where to start to fix the issues, but not to worry, he can not get any spare parts anyway. At the time I purchased the Samsung appliances, I thought I would be wise, and I purchased a Bosch dishwasher. Bosch is a Germany company. I have had good luck with the dishwasher. Luck?? I do not like to use the work luck, because that leaves the action to chance, but in the selection of appliances, perhaps luck is appropriate. Danl
  6. You are correct, using strap clamps can be difficult. I elevated my work piece off of my workbench so that I could use F-clamps. The f-clamps held the wood band and the strap in place prior to tightening the strap. It always helps to have a 2nd set of hands for this operation. Danl
  7. Bent lamination is doable. You will need straight grain. I made a lazy susan for a kitchen cabinet a few years back. I think the rad was 15 in. Danl
  8. I'm not sure if I understand why you need a long shank bit. Suggestion: drill the hole before the scroll/BS work. The splintered material will be removed with the scroll/BS. Danl
  9. IF you are looking to extend the depth of the cut, perhaps you can purchase an extender. Danl
  10. Danl

    Lookie here

    You did good. Some time back I had a similar score buying a Stanley 71-1/2 router plane. Danl
  11. Now that you have such a sweet BS you will find many more uses and use your TS less. The BS is quieter, safer, and generates less dust. Danl
  12. What you are suggestion is a good viable solution. 1) cut excess using straight edge and circular saw. You will need to clamp excess materiel so that it does not fall off as you are cutting so that the end does not tear off. 2) Lay straight edge approx. 1/32" from cut edge and use you router with a pattern flush trim bit. 3) If table is over 2", flip table over and use your router with a pilot trim bit. Some sanding may be require because you used two bits, but you will have a good edge. I profiled 1 1/4" on the table and 3 3/4" on the bar stool back using this method. Danl
  13. Worked like a champ. I used two set-ups. Thank you for the advice. Danl
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