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  1. Danl

    Bar Top

    GREAT execution. I like what you have done. Danl
  2. Danl


    My wife and I purchased groceries yesterday for the 1st time in three weeks. In the past, she was going three times a day. I only wanted beer and muffins. The bill was $547.55. The wife said that she isn't going back for a month. The store only had a few patrons and the toilet paper and paper towel shelves were empty. Our county exec announced this AM that the county parks will be closing for 3 weeks. Folks are not adhering to the social distance guidelines. I also heard that Mexico has said that Corona beer is not essential. I hope all of this is not a new normal. Danl
  3. When I purchase pine material from the box stores, I usually purchase 8 and 10" widths and then cut the middle out. Danl
  4. Very nicely done. I also have a torsion box assembly table. Like yours, when it is flat you can reference off of it. If I were to build another one, I would some how, have cut-outs to allow for clamps to clamp down in the middle of the table. Be safe. Danl
  5. I made the following items from a few of the cut-offs I had available after the completion of the trestle table. Danl I call this object “Wood art”. My wife has if displayed on her kitchen countertop. It is approx. 1 ½ x 10 x 10 in size. Made from cherry and hard maple. My youngest son has a birthday this month, so I made a bottle caddy for him. The handle, dividers and dowels are cherry. The sides and bottom are made from hard maple.
  6. It sure is a beautiful restoration job. What is our technique to keep the new paint off of the old badging? Do you remove the old badge and reattach with new rivets or just a good masking job? Danl
  7. Danl

    a frame

    Jesse, you and your wife are quit artistic. The frame does compliment the glass art work. Will anything special be inserted into the middle circle feature? Danl
  8. Fred I put the following together in 2002 when I made a large qty of cutting boards for my family. If you want/need a worddoc, I can PM you. Danl
  9. Danl

    New carve

    Thank you for news, Jesse. Glad in hear of good progress. Danl
  10. Looks good Jesse. Have you figured out how many more of your carvings and jig-saw puzzle pictures you can make before you run out of wall space in your home? Keep them coming. thanks Danl
  11. Fred, on a test piece you may want to try (1) coat of BLO before the garnet shellac. The BLO visually pops the grain. Have fun. Danl
  12. Danl

    Hand Tools

    I'm sure it will be very functional and it looks attractive for a spice rack. Thanks for sharing. Danl
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