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  1. If you want... I have Ralph's contact information and he said to give it to whoever asked for it (privately).. He does miss the people from there... did you know he has a new pace maker and is back in pretty good health... he finally listen to us about relaxing.. he's even going fishing now and working less... is there A PM system here???
  2. you should have... it was something... this band of refugees are some 1st rate people that really know their stuff...
  3. Hello guys... you too Gene... Dan made me do it and I believe it was a good decision to listen to him... did Leo make it??? 33.5° and heavy snow warnings are up... (it's about time)
  4. Thank you for the welcome Ron and John...
  5. for some stupid reason or another I couldn't log in over there... but I guess that's all moot now... good to see ya again Kelly... (and I love the spell chck here)
  6. thanks Dan... glad to see so many familiars...
  7. thanks... got 'er done... now where does my tag line go that hasn't changed in millenniums..
  8. Well guys (EX-Wood types).. I made it... I Think... (can I keep Gopher forever)???
  9. Well guys.. I made it... so where will will ya all be going off ta now... (so how do I get my pretty face plugged in)..
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