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  1. Nice picture BUT the flag is hanging backwards. Stars hang on the right as it faces out Flag Etiquette. Working on finishing my Fire Stix and doing executive tops from a post Lew did in Wednesdays turning post. And came up with a idea to clean another corner in the shop.
  2. I'm betting Cuban Mahogany on the doors. Very heavy , dark and dense
  3. Gunny you are really getting into this stuff. Very nice idea and a great completion
  4. Great job . With finish the mismatch on he front goes away.
  5. Had a neighbor with a SS back 40 years ago and thought "that would be nice to have in my small shop" . That is until I saw the price and then all that set up stuff. Now with the 24x36 I will just run around to different machines while John is changing BS to TS. All this info has my head spinning gonna have to stop readin this SS stuff.
  6. Finished up lathe work on Fire Stix today , now to finish, brand, Insert rods and tie on leather loops. I glues up wood for an executive top Saturday and removed from clamps today. Hope to turn that tomorrow. This pic is the original design . Will show the new ones when finish is on.
  7. Everything you want to know about Stanley planes #1 thru #8C, Almost all you will ever need to know about these planes with history and various changes made to later models.
  8. All items here are turned . Gift items , bowls , ornaments, toys, hollow forms, unique turned wooden gifts. We turn items from wood having sentimental value for a permanent memory. When that tree is ready to come down call us for estimates.
  9. Hey my wife gave up on asking me when. By the way there are those times she says something and that little light goes on in my head. When I bring it in from the shop she says she was just talking. Can't get ahead for getting behind.
  10. John make the knobs and attach the old screws to machine in a ziplock baggie. I never buy knobs anymore always make them , but I do have a drawer full too.
  11. Craftsman Brand was honored once on tape measure but they did not give a Craftsman back only a Champion which had no guarantee,
  12. That is a great use of scrapes and makes the candle holder safer too.
  13. All that in consideration I switched from Craftsman battery powered drill to Porter Cable about 20 years ago and yes there was a difference. The key here is different specs and Sears shot themselves in the foot by lowering the specs till they lowered themselves out of business.
  14. This is a project I want to try but just don't have the time right now. Yoiu done good. On the sanding If I start at 180 , I go thru 240 with lathe turning (this is for spindles) , stop the lathe and sand with the grain 240 thru 400 and sometimes 600. To really see the scratches left I use Abralon 500 and 1000 and if there are scratches they will pop.
  15. She had the lettering done
  16. Here is a note on the setscrew I learned the hard way. Teknatool setscrews have a leather pad so they will not damage threads and spindles. I lost that not knowing what it was for. So to fix the problem I ordered setscrews with brass tips but also made with plastic tips.
  17. The one Jim showed looks a little puny. Also not all extension adapters are created equal in runout. I have a cheap one I used on a Longworth chuck which really showed the runout on a 12 inch piece. I adjusted it with a piece of tape. The best explaination I have ever seen was by Billy Boehme. Basically if the threads are not very tight , ie no slack when tightening then the adapter will have runout. And not all machining are equal on this count. That is the best I can summarize it but is the gist.
  18. I thought you were in the can't move ward. Glad it is moving again. Isn't it great to finish a project?
  19. I will add my admiration for the flag cases. Finished the box yesterday and delivered today . Helped a turning club member fix a broken tenon on a beautiful curly maple platter today. Our club meeting tomorrow canceled due to near record flood conditions so will be in the shop continuing work on a prototype executive top.
  20. Dan is right on the purple heart I would not even try it. I have had good results with oak and pecan but the open grain leaves a difficult surface to finish. Maple should be a good one and I have had good results with cherry,
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