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  1. Just the light. Cherry with Chestnut stains dye
  2. Gerald

    Maple Bowls

    A few grains of sand will limit the sliding . Or you can put screws in corners if not making square bowl.
  3. Guess when I get back in the shop now will have to do some drawer cleanup
  4. Did not have photos on iPad but these are mine using that same kit.
  5. Gerald

    Birch Bowls

    With that ball joint you can turn the camera 360 and movements in up and down between 90 and 100 degrees. Also once things get better the Logitec webcams allow even greater movement in the up and down without moving the arm.
  6. Just wondered why a departure from the traditional tap & die box with the taps laying down?
  7. Very INTERESTING. Am I correct that the hinge does not show? I have seen this type thing that pulls down to reveal the box but I think that type has to be screwed to the wall. Which brings up the question of how to mount this as I would not want the frame to fall when I grab the firearm?
  8. Gerald

    Birch Bowls

    Your work is still improving. Now for some camera mount ideas. You can mount camera from a flex mount or wooden jointed mount with a miniball mount like this :Mini Ball camera mount or something more costly however this one will work. Place a mount in ceiling over the headstock for the top shot and one at tailstock for that shot. These could also be mounted to wall. Now if you want to spend more a magic arm is an option and there are many configurations of these as well as flex arm mounts . Both of these mounts allow changes in angle of shot and may be closer to what you will want. Magic Arm mount 11 inch
  9. Great post Lew and @HandyDan I will probably have to try that bowl. Have to check the other videos. I cannot believe you are letting her finish the horse!!!!
  10. No craft shows this year so I have plenty made for Christmas. Does not mean I stop turning as I have too much wood.
  11. This is why my drawers are labeled ,. Wellll most Olof them. Makes finding Teheran right drawer much easier, but now I have to spend all that time reading labels
  12. Lew I tried Wonder Weave and was not impressed as compared to Mirka Gold
  13. Andrew when you buy cheap sandpaper like HF carries and that is what this looks like you will find it causing deeper scratch pattern and take longer to arrive at final finish. I see you are using a 5 inch disc so only about 20-30 percent of the disc will be engaged in the workpiece at one time , maybe even less. Look at getting a system to use 2 inch pads for using smaller paper more efficient than the 5 inch on small bowls and with it you can sand inside bottom of bowl. Look at Turning Wood for mandrels and Mirka Gold paper. Price about 4 for10. You can use these in a drill. Just that this has been my experience with cheap sandpaper and the cost saving is not worth losing the quality.
  14. Lew this laptop is new this year a Dell G3 gaming with GEforce GX1650 card so I have no idea why it did that. @FlGatorwood sorry to hear your problems but praise God for the outcome . Yes we turners love pecan too
  15. Maybe it is used to punch in a pattern for carving an interlocking joint,
  16. Been a looong weekend so far. Did turning demo at the museum Friday. Friday evening did some final tests for a Zoom demo today and Zoom would not work. Ade a quick call to my video guru and then started applying the fix. It was to create a new user on the computer and install all the shortcuts to make the program work plus files we would be showing. Well that got finished up about 10 last night. At 8 this morning started final setup and handled the video for the club meeting. Then after all that my son wanted to look at some property for a house. When we had been home a couple hours Mom decided she wanted to see also so off we go again. Oh Boy am I pooped.
  17. Progress, progress, progress. A tip on camera stand , we are all using mic stands for cameras (not SLRs) and it takes less space , easy to move and with goose neck easy to orient (or use a Magic arm ). I think it is time to step it up another notch and work on embellishing the bottom. Use a piece of rubber or mouse pad on the chuck and place the hollowed bowl on it . Then bring up the tailstock using a turned piece over the live center so as not to mar the bowl. Now you can cut lines or use a Decorating Elf (make your own) to embellish the bottom. You know the first thing that happens when picks up your bowl...........they look at the bottom. Give them something to look at.
  18. Gunny you are becoming a protégé to Steve Newman looks like. keep up the good work and if I see a metal lathe I will send it your way.
  19. Cal check this out and see if this is the info you want: How to read a DD214
  20. Thursday we cut up two walnut trees and that set up my weekend for : go go go. Friday notice a pain in my neck so ok pulled something on that saw job. Friday had to test setup for turning club demo next Saturday. And picked up my Mosin Nagant. Saturday the wife decides we need anew mattress. So we went shopping. Then spent two hours getting cosmoline off the rifle. So this weekend is named pooped.
  21. @John Morris Studley had a reason for the case, had to take tools to work on the pianos. Now I have a friend who used to be as retentive (anally) as this guy but he has slacked off the last couple years and sometime I see dust on his truck and in the shop. So that lead me to think this guy does not do any work past what is in the shop. He spends all his time cleaning. Has anyone ever seen a used shop with no dust o tool on shelves and pegboard?
  22. try to power sand with the lathe off. The bowl will spin some because of the drill rotation.
  23. Ok Andrew here I go again. Your shapes are looking good. Outside is a nice curve and well finished. Now lets look at the inside I do not see any tearout and that is a real step up. Inside sanding you have to do something besides just sanding with paper and the lathe spinning. This type sanding leave scratches, circular scratches. You need either a rotary sander (power sander ) or a inertial sander (something like this The Turner Turbo Wonder Inertia Sander) . What happens with rotary sanding is it leaves swirl marks and as you get to finer paper these swirls blend and disappear to the human eye.
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