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  1. Gerald

    Three more Ornaments

    I thought I liked the first one best till I got to the last one. Great job on all them.
  2. Gerald

    Gerald's Christmas Cheer!

    Thanks everyone . It is just what we do ......turning wood
  3. Gerald

    Gerald's Christmas Cheer!

    You are welcome. I thought the ladies might want a chance to decorate so one of each for customizing.
  4. Gerald

    New CA glue that we need.

    I use Starbond in pints. With that you get extra tips and bottles. The fridge for the pint and said to last 4-5 years does not stretch that far for me. On the shelf lasts a year. I leave the thin open til time to refill and if tip clogs just change it. Mostly 2 ounce bottle lasts 3-4 months
  5. Gerald


    Looking good there Artie, but you know its no fair cleaning up before taking pics
  6. Gerald

    Tenon Cutters and Reamer

    I have enough trouble sitting in one , I know I could not make one......now a stool maybe and I have wanted to make a Windsor stool since I saw one in Wood
  7. Gerald

    What next?

    Looks good here in Mississippi too. I wonder what an ornament in the tiger striped wood only would look like. Oh by the way do you need my address
  8. Gerald

    Lie Nielsen No. 51 Shooting Plane

    Got the plane first and then added the handle. Sure is nice for end grain too
  9. Gerald

    Lie Nielsen No. 51 Shooting Plane

    Here you go Steve.
  10. Gerald

    Lie Nielsen No. 51 Shooting Plane

    @John Morris I usually go to my #3 for quick stock removal since mostly I a making a wide board narrow. My low angle LV is also a fav.
  11. Gerald


    Here is a article showing grinds and types of gouges. TOOL GRINDS
  12. Gerald

    Easy Wood Tools Christmas Tree Decorations

    Package going out Friday.
  13. Gerald

    Gouge sharpening

    Interesting idea, however only useful for spindle roughing gouge or a bottom feeder. And that would be a lot of setup for gouge not used that much.
  14. Gerald

    golden plum tree

    Now the question is how many years have you been harvesting off this tree?
  15. Gerald

    Lie Nielsen No. 51 Shooting Plane

    We John I just decided to collect the original Stanley and have at least one of each even number from 3 to 8. And then there all those others like plough planes , pattern planes. one transition plane (one is more than enough) and some more stuff I put in the plane category.
  16. Gerald

    Lie Nielsen No. 51 Shooting Plane

    Thanks for the video. I could only afford one of theirs and one LV. Both Christmas presents.
  17. Gerald

    Gorgeous maple

    Just WOW
  18. Gerald

    Pine cone pen

    Two of our club members do it some and it is stabilized in a pressure pot
  19. It is amazing how difficult it is to find the correct bulb if you do not have the number.
  20. Dan those are only 1700 lumen and therefore about a third less bright that the ones I bought. That also affects the price. @Dadio Your bulb is 3900 lumen and almost twice the brightness of mine . Seems the price goes up rapidly with lumen increases
  21. THIS is the place I get mine , but I see 8 foot can be expensive. Cheaper to buy a cheap 4 foot fixture at walmart and take the ballast out and use LED lights in it. I usually pay between 11 and 13 dollars for the no ballast lights in 2400 lumen and 4000K color temperature. Have most of the shop rearrange done. Now to finish the new drawer unit for lathe tools and get some turning done.
  22. Gerald

    New chuck

    Sounds like a great deal with all those jaws alone worth over 100. But I prefer SN2 and can get those for 119.
  23. Gerald

    Retirement Community Woodworking Shop

    Nice idea but did not see any hearing protection or dust collection
  24. Gerald


    I think it looks great like it is. Make it in maple with the same colors. Maybe just me but looks like a pregnant woman upside down.
  25. Gerald

    Proud new papa

    Steve my experience may be the opposite of yours. I did not sharpen enough and still have all those cheap Harbor Freight and mini Benjamins. I was able to get some good tools not long after I started turning and did not do much turning to start so maybe that is the reason they lasted. Only recently have I started to sharpen often the way I should.

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