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  1. I like your color wheel . The one I bought relates more directly to dye and no burnt umber. DYE COLOR WHEEL
  2. Gerald

    Carved Bottom

    In doing ringmaster bowls it is sometime difficult to decorate the bottom on lathe and the many stripes of the glueup would make it a little blurry. On one of these I tried something different. I carved a flower and burned the background to make it stand out.Woods used are cherry,walnut, river birch and exotic I cannot remember.
  3. Gerald

    Hammer Handle

    Great looking handle. But do you have to make us drool by mentioning a metal lathe?
  4. Gerald

    Sanding On the Lathe

    Not to hijack the tip but to extend it. Sand with lathe on for the first 2-3 grits and then sand with lathe off. Last 2-3 grits sand with the grain.
  5. Gerald

    Carved Cane

    Great job on the story telling and carving. What wood is it?
  6. Not much of a weekend . Spent Saturday finishing up some turnings. Spent about 2 hours blowing out dust and vacuming the shop. Started turning and the first blank had a crack, the second I got a catch and blew it up and the last looked so good before I turned a hole in it . So we shall not talk of this Monday again. I may have to join Steven and hibernate on Mondays.
  7. Gerald

    Hand Tool Bounty

    @John Morris Here is an idea. For the stuff that is duplicate or you do not want use it in the raffle one item at a time instead of a lot. Make a great money raser for a great cause.
  8. Gerald

    Hand Tool Bounty

    Well looks like highway robbery w/o a gun....... Hope to see some expanded works from you now . How about a large carved statue?
  9. Gerald

    Face Plate

    Some work is too small or otherwise will not fit a chuck so a sacrificial faceplate is the answer. I save my cut off scrapes that are left in the chuck after cutoff for these faceplates . To clean the surface for attachment use a spindle gouge to cut the surface to a slight concave . This will give an outside surface for the glue contact. Put a small bead of thick CA (preferred but can use thin) on the faceplate and spray accelerator on the blank. Mount the blank and can then spray more accelerator. Wait and appropriate time for a bond and then the faceplate can be mounted in the chuck for turning. Once turning is complete the blank can be released with a chisel in the glue joint and a sharp rap. You will need a pad or plastic bucket to help catch the turning .
  10. Gerald

    Turners Tape

    For tape I use carpet tape and just use less. To get it off use heat gun or Goo b Gone. The best to use for faceplate is CA. Use the thick and make a fine bead . I put the glue on either faceplate or blank and spray accelerator on the other. Once contact made you can also spray a little accelerator. When complete use a chisel in the joint and one sharp rap does the job.Oh and you might want to have a plastic bucket ot a pad to catch the item.
  11. Working on turned Iphone amplifiers. Just getting the design down to best performance.
  12. Gerald

    Last Sea Urchin

    If you keep practicing you will get good at this. Nice
  13. Lew looking good again. That walnut piece looks great
  14. Back in January at TAW in Tennessee I talked to a man selling Chromacraft dye and he made a point I had not thought of in the past. I had always thought that it was the wood itself that causes color to look different from say maple to cherry. He told me that every wood has a color that has to be compensated to get a true color . Even maple has a natural color.....yellow. The solution to getting a true color is to bleach the wood.
  15. Gerald

    Having Friends 'In the Business'

    You know you could just sent one to each of us and we could test them for you . Then you would not have to wait so long. We would be glad to send you pictures of the result.

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