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  1. Gerald

    Working on a new bowl

    Good job. Looks like spaulted oak before finish but after looks like spaulted pecan.
  2. Gerald

    Offering plates

    This is the second prototype for our church offering plates. No the will not be spaulted like this, only dry oak I have. Hope to do this in green wood but may have to resort to kiln dry oak like Mike Peace did. Hope to be able to have the final form 1/2 to 1 inch deeper . This piece is a little less than 2 deep. this piece has a small amount of curl do church will not get it
  3. Gerald

    Woodworking projects

    Hat love those boxes and the table and chairs a work of excellence. Trim on most boxes is cocobola?
  4. Gerald


    Looking at this I think we have found a replacement for Sticks organized space. Artie you can just stick a smiley face on that little spot and we will not tell.
  5. Doing a little turning today and packing it up for Magnolia Woodturners meeting tomorrow with Mike Hunter of Hunter Tools presenting. Gonna be a great day.
  6. Gerald

    Easy Build Shooting Bench

    That is real nice . Thanks for the link
  7. Gerald

    Best drill bit

    Thanks for the ideas .Have to look harder at the ones Stick suggested
  8. Gerald

    The February demo, progress pics. Lots of pics.

    Great ideas here and like Lew and Dan I just try to fix the mistake instead of starting over.
  9. Gerald

    How to Inside Out Vase (Picture Heavy)

    Great tutorial. How about putting this in the blogs along with some of your other pictorial how toos ?
  10. Gerald

    Small corner table

    Cal looks like you got promoted to the top at home , maybe no dishes tonight. You can just wait til tomorrow
  11. Gerald

    Newest Flag

    Great one here. Now you have to tell us how you got the emblem on . Carve?
  12. Gerald

    1st Project of the year?

    How many drawers do you have filled with the freebees?
  13. I have been buying HF drill bits (general purpose) and lately even when sharpened in Drill Doctor are not that great. What is a good brand set to buy that will do wood and metal? Do not do a lot of metal but do not want to change bits in the middle of one hole.
  14. I used drugstore batteries because of my profession and in the last 6 years got to where when tested even ne was not up to level. I started getting Enaloop rechargeable 6 at a time till I built up enough to use in everything AA or AAA. Wish there was a D.

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