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  1. If anyone is considering a router lift, consider their lift-----great quality and performance----they knocked it out of the park with this one.
  2. Looks like jointing-----planning would accomplish your objective. Over the years I have built a number of sleds ---unfortunately none of which worked for me.
  3. Gene---also available, locking castors that lock both motion and swivel---I have used several such castors.
  4. Best wishes to you and your really best friend--kind of a match made in heaven I am sure. I have a few years experience on you---- we just crossed into our year 64---all good-- God bless.
  5. Beautiful flag cases--- I have made them over the years---many for families of friends and relatives. I must be sure to keep one for my own going away party. Who knows???
  6. My experience has taught me that there is NO fix to warped plywood---tried much-never succeeded.
  7. I came to a realization that one of my charity contribution project objectives is losing its effect. Over the years I have built many items for fundraising for various organizations. Used to generate good money----seems not so any more. Church and other charity auctions don't generate the same enthusiasm as in past years----at least in my area. I did some research and found that I should simply write a check----I am not criticizing, only reacting to reality in my situation. I will however keep on keeping on in the shop, building items for those who appreciate quality and form. I am old enough to understand that things change and adapting to that change is good for the soul. That's what is on my workbench.
  8. I have used "Slipit" on my cast iron for years-----prevents rust real well----also acts as wax to reduce friction when sawing or jointing----works for me.
  9. Welcome, John, we enjoyed a similar event at our home Christmas Eve.----granddaughter Air Force Captain nurse stationed in San Antonio plus grandson Army lieutenant training in military intelligence---pulled no rank as they devoured ribeye. At their grandparents age very rare occasion which we hope to be able to duplicate in another year.
  10. I find Klingspor an excellent source.
  11. I have used a Sears radial saw for over 50 years----use mine for 90 degrees only. For no harm procedure the following are my personal rules-----always a sharp blade---slow steady stiff arm pull on saw---no attempt to rip---full 100% attention to what you are doing. Has worked for me.
  12. Stick----I have the same Eastwing 12 oz hammer, purchased in the same year---also one of the first tools I bought----just back from Korea.
  13. About running the blade backwards to cut aluminum or other light materials--------Long ago I split for saw blades designed for those tasks-------I don't cut volumes of each but with each use there is a good feeling of satisfaction of a task well done----and very safely at that. Probably expensive at the time but satisfaction and safety have unlimited value
  14. My compliments on your upgrades. When you can see your way clear, spring for a beismeyer fence. Has cost associated but presents a whole new world of accuracy and convenience.Wish you much future fun.
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