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  1. Marv Rall

    Tub Replaced By Shower

    Just finished a tub to shower project. I used a premade shower base coupled with wall panels----not the cheapest but this process really saves time and ends up bullet proof---no leaks-ever. turns out the plumbing is nearly as labor intensive as the rest of the project. Works really well for us old folks.
  2. Marv Rall

    Needs and Wants

    I am also a happy woodworker. What I do now is to build projects that are interesting and which create value when donated to various charities, to valued family members and good and dear friends. I do not sell anything and therefore get no complaints or sideway glances questioning perceived value or lack thereof. One of the significant rewards for said activity are many examples of heartfelt thankyous------also great inner satisfaction as I utilize the fine tools I have acquired over the last 55+ years-----works for me.
  3. Marv Rall

    Display Case Question

    My suggestion---- I have had good results by using a rabbit joint, cut deep enough to leave a thin remaining strip-- glue and pin nail the joint. Take a very light 45 degree router pass on the corner and the joint becomes nearly invisible---strong, easy, even if it is not very sophisticated. This joint works really well also when making boxes or drawers out of 1/4 or 3/8 material.
  4. Marv Rall

    It's Hard To Help Some Folks.

    I have one for which I applied for the 100$ deal----used the guard parts I received to upgrade the original. I use this for only 90 degree cuts------learned to fine tune 90 degrees by adjusting the fence. Use this saw almost every day and would hate to have to part with it-----works for me.
  5. Marv Rall

    My Ol Rockwell Delta Drill Press

    I too am a fan of old Delta drill presses. Mine is from the very early 40's---- has one of the first of the line serial numbers. 15 years ago I converted the motor to a treadmill motor and DC converter. This has given me the option of infinite speed control that works without flaw. I use this for all shop work with exception of drilling steel 3/8ths or thicker. Did I say I really like this machine? Works for me
  6. One brand I respect and use when possible is Makita----seems it remains the only one that has not been sold and resold.
  7. Marv Rall

    What To Do With My Tools ?

    I have been developing my shop for 55 years+. I am not about to sell anything, other than upgrading to better quality. I am 85 in 2 months with many of the afore mentioned aches,pains, and limitations. My shop is how I maintain my mental health and why I always have a reason to get up in the morning. I just finished building 10 wood duck houses to be placed on a conservation acreage we maintain. Above all it benefits some of God's creatures-----feels good too. Just this week I purchased a Kreg router raiser------what a joy to use. Kreg hit a home run with this unit. My next project will be a repeat of a book-bible rack. Previously built 24 units but their nearly all gone---all given as gifts or for charity auctions. I sell nothing any more----thanks for listening.
  8. Well, I am in the process of making a silk purse out of a sows ear. Actually am in the process of building 10 wood duck houses out of junk recycled cedar. Much clamping and gluing. In fact it turns out that about 80% of my time is taken up by this exercise. Doing this as a favor my son and friend. Using Titebond 3. This will be a true test of that glue as these nest boxes are out year round. I really, really value my warm dry shop--- just finished with 12" of snow and a two day significant blizzard here in southwest MN. Works for me.
  9. Marv Rall

    Old Cordless Tools

    My experience is with Makita lithium-----all good---- started with this brand after sad experience with other brand. I have a full stable of cordless Makita and the batteries purchased in 2008 are still going strong. I find the circular saw and impact driver are my favorites---- these units have been used hard. Works for me.
  10. Marv Rall

    Plywood Drawer Joint

    I have long since avoided fancy drawer joints for utility drawers---such as for shop benches etc. I cut a deep rabit in the drawer front, leaving 1/8th or little less lip. I find that attaching the side member to this rabit with glue and pin nails creates a fail safe joint. In addition by using a 45 degree bit the joint tends to disappear. Has worked without a failure over many years. This also works well when making boxes with 3/8 material. Works for me---for more than 50 years.
  11. Delta has taken a big hit in recent times------but they still market their high end table saw. I am familiar with machine and would opt for it-- if I was in the buying mode-----it is really a sweet tool---many fine features----works for me.
  12. Marv Rall

    PIP River Table

    Try "Best bartop epoxy.com" Used theirs--Works as advertised.
  13. Marv Rall

    Woodworker II saw blade

    If you are interested in what I consider the best of the best sharpener craftsman try Warrens Sharpening ----- Sioux Falls, SD--- my go to guy for many years.
  14. Marv Rall

    Glue for smooth side of hardboard?

    One additional comment------ specify only hardened, dark brown Masonite---- the light brown stuff is of little use in my experience.
  15. Marv Rall

    Glue for smooth side of hardboard?

    Over the years I have used contact cement to attach Masonite to other substrates. All of my workbenches have 1/4" Masonite surfaces which have survived much abuse and are still okay---- My first of these was built in 1965---probably before many on this forum were born. Works for me.

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