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  1. Spent my first 21 years on a ND farm in the worst of dusty conditions [pulling a combine--no cab] next 16 months in Korea servicing brakes on Army trucks--blowing asbestos laden dust from brake assemblies ---next teaching Industrial Arts for nine years with absolutely no dust control the rest of my years to this point in my own shop. Now I do all I can to eliminate the dust situation--main dust collector---ROA sanders hooked to vacuum---- etc. My point to all this is take precautions but not to panic-----I believe the most important thing I have done in this is to use only water based finishes---the most significant negative impact ever experienced was when spraying oil based polyurethane in a poorly ventilated space. By the way I just had my 88th birthday and am still going strong
  2. Gene---I too have worked eliminating weeds from gravel driveway---I use Roundup, stronger than recommended, plus i found that if I added some weedy brush killer--small amount--sure kill resulted-did this for many years--worked for me--


    1. Gene Howe

      Gene Howe

      Hi Marv,

      We're using a pre emergent (RM43) in hopes we can prevent re growth next spring. A smart man woulda laid down some sort of plastic before the gravel. I'm not that smart.:(

  3. Mistakenly replied on personal profile----use shellac ----I have found that it will even eliminate cat urine od
  4. Good work on the new handles----I however have arrived at a point where I will never again use such a device----has something to do with age 87.
  5. John---I am a long way from my old Army days but it really warms my heart to see your young gong-ho soldier with the outstanding patriotic spirit---I dont know her but tell her I love her just the same. God bless
  6. Cal--- that tool box post brought back old memories. I got out of the army in July of 1956. I had 3 months of mustering out pay coming--100$ per month for three months. Had no money at the time. When I had the 300$ in hand I went to the Sears store in Aberdeen, SD and bought a complete set of Craftsman hand tools---Still have the complete set today---did do some warranty exchanges over time. Made a living with set and It has been the basis for my very complete shop at this time. Did take 64 years however.
  7. I broke down many years ago when Festool was promoting in the Us----Actually had a price break. This one of the best tools I have ever purchased. Top handle model---all the great features every one likes. Fun to use----Works for me.
  8. As relates to Magnets----In my shop some of my aluminum blast gates are installed vertical or nearly so and located in hard to reach places-----enter large 1" magnets---place one on the gate--it is held in place by the steel stop---loosen the stop screw and all one needs to do is open or close the stop, no screw adjustment required to hold the stop in position. Works well for me.
  9. John---my commendation to your soldier---makes a parent very proud. I must mention my military grand children--granddaughter- Captain Air Force nurse--grandson-Army intelligence officer---grandson---Marine who served in both Afghanistan and Iraq during the worst of times. I love each dearly. My son just completed an event in which wounded veterans were treated to a pheasant hunt in our Pheasant Forever chapter habitat. At the meet and greet I was reminded of my age--- I was the only Korean War vet. The calender marches on.
  10. Gunny--- just for kicks, check out JIS [Japanese Industrial Standard] I replaced all my regular Phillips screwdrivers with a small set of jis. These simply do not cam out screw heads as easily as regular ones seem to do. Especially work well for small foreign metric applications. Works for me.
  11. My choice would be the Freud LU 84---has worked in the combination mode very satisfactorily for many years.
  12. Relative to camed out screws. picked up a valuable hint about phillips screws-----Japanese Industrial Standard---jis----different tip design---purchased a set------tried out very satisfactorily. I ended up removing all my regular phillips out of reach--- wish I would have learned of this long ago.
  13. Been using one for 40 plus years-----learned long ago to set at 90 degrees----than fine tune the 90 by adjusting the fence----haven't had to readjust in many years. I confess that I use my SCMS for other than 90 degree cuts-----radial saw crosscuts to 17" ---works for me.
  14. I will second Larry Buskirks suggestion ----Many years ago I purchased a treadmill motor and controller from salvage business in Lincoln, Nebraska-----I mounted this unit on my old Delta drill press and have enjoyed variable speed capability ever since.
  15. If anyone is considering a router lift, consider their lift-----great quality and performance----they knocked it out of the park with this one.
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