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  1. It Was Al B

    Rust On My Table Saw---Again

    Waxing can be a lot of work. I've started using Slip-it. It produces a slick surface and helps prevent rust. With the slip -it, I just wipe it on, then wipe off any excess.
  2. It Was Al B

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Heavy rain yesterday. Beautiful day today .
  3. It Was Al B

    Happy Birthday David

    Late for the party again ! Happy birthday David . A day in the shop sounds like a very good day.
  4. It Was Al B

    the Pitfall of Retirement

    Gosh, I actually enjoyed my job. Didn't retire until I was 72. Never had a nightmare in my sleep. Had a few living nightmares.
  5. It Was Al B

    More Old Tools

    Really an odd place to find a draw knife among all these mechanical and machinist tools.
  6. It Was Al B

    Swivel Bar Stools - Production

    I'm sure your wife is very happy. Beautifully done.
  7. It Was Al B

    the Pitfall of Retirement

    Other than for my meds, the day of the week means nothing. The weather determines my plans for the day. I don't even wear a watch.
  8. It Was Al B

    Choosing the Right Blade for the Job

    For cutting band saw boxes I use a 3/16"- 10 TPI or 4 TPI for cutting tight curves The 4 TPI does cut faster, but the 10 TPI produces a smoother cut, requiring less sanding. For the straight cuts, a 1/2" 10 TPI works well.
  9. It Was Al B

    Another Anniversary

    As of 2:00 PM today, my wife and I are celebrating 61 years of marriage. There have been times when it was a rocky road, but it's been worth the ride. At our age, partying amounts to a day of relaxation and dinner out. My wife loves fresh lobster. I prefer a good steak.
  10. It Was Al B

    Lowe's Snags Craftsman Tools

    We have an independent Sears nearby but they are having a closing sale right now. Since I live next to the New Hampshire border, and NH has no sales tax, lots of stores have located just across the Massachusetts border. HD, Lowes, about a mile away, Woodcraft store 20 miles, Super Walmart about 2 miles, Harbor Freight not so near, at about 30 miles. Seems that most of the licence plates in the parking lots have MA plates, avoiding the 6 1/2% MA sales tax.
  11. It Was Al B


    I read the whole thing twice.
  12. It Was Al B

    Box for My Uncle Finished

    Great looking box Lissa. I've never used tung oil for a finish myself. Maybe I should give it a try in on my next bandsaw box. Your uncle will be very happy with this gift.
  13. It Was Al B

    Mower Deck Spindles

    And I thought I had an issue ! Dave,Years ago I had the problem with the engine dieing after running for some time . That was on an older Craftsman mower. The repairman replaced the gas cap and it solved the problem. Aparently the vent becomes more restricted in hotter more humid conditions. Might be worth a try for a possible cheap solution.
  14. I had used a wax finish on one of my bandsaw boxes. Used a carnauba wax. My daughter still has the box. Over time it does loose its' luster but when applying another coat of wax, the new wax helps clean the old, and provides a new luster to the finish. I do prefer a hard finish that provides protection from moisture and possible damage. I believe that once you've applied the wax, you can't refinish with a different finish.

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