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    A vacation is what you take when you are tired of taking what you have been taking.

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  1. It Was Al B

    Missing Member

    He was working on a Model A ford truck I believe. Larry did confirm that it was a slip of the finger. Married 65 years.
  2. Not if I can get there first...
  3. It Was Al B

    Birthday Wishes

    Just noticed that steamshovel is celebrating a birthday today. Happy 77th Preston. Was the fire department notified about all those candles burning at once ?
  4. It Was Al B

    Missing Member

    Wondering if the years might have been a typo. Larry is 2 months younger than I am and I'm 86. It would have had to be a childhood marriage.
  5. Sometimes you wish the doctors felt the same pain as the patient. Maybe that would speed up the whole process. Wishing the best for your wife. Hope you'll be able to fill those pockets again soon.
  6. It Was Al B

    Missing Member

    John Morris sent me his e/mail address. I messaged him earlier today. Thank's John ! Just got an e/mail from Larry. He said he is doing fine. He and his wife celebrated their 75th anniversary last Wednesday. Congrats are in order.
  7. Not on coumadin, but my baby aspirin has been upped to a full aspirin a day. Seems to have the same basic side effects, but I guess it does it's intended work.
  8. It Was Al B

    Missing Member

    Still haven't heard anything from Larry. No response to the PM. Does anyone have an e/ mail adress or phone number to contact him ?
  9. It Was Al B

    Tariffs Are Kicking In.

    I remember when the tariff (I think it was 20%) kicked in for the Canadian cedar last summer. My local lumberyard stopped carrying its inventory because of the decline in sales. It's still available at Kohl's. It looks like tool sales will be taking a plunge.
  10. It Was Al B


    Guess I can go along with that.
  11. It Was Al B

    Do I Need This?

    Have one in my den under the secretary desk. Used to get a lot of use, but not much lately. I'm sure that if I let it go, I'll need it.
  12. I guess that once you're addicted Dave there's no quitting. Everything arrived today. I've installed the router in the router table. Haven't had a chance to give it a try.
  13. It Was Al B

    John Moody's Mother

    Sorry to hear this John. My condolences to you and the family.
  14. No shipping charges. I did have about $11 in taxes. That's still only $239. Should be arriving tomorrow.
  15. Just priced the Bosch with the fixed base and plunge base and added the under table base at Amazon. Total price with all 3 bases figures out to be $238.00. For $13 more you get all three bases. OH Boy, should I or shouldn't I ? Well I bit the bullet and ordered the Bosch 1617 with all three bases. I went with the refurbished router, so with all three bases it cost $228.00

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