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  1. Thanks @Grandpadave52 . I've been wondering how this is done.
  2. It Was Al B

    utility door replacement

    hingesMy utility building doors need to be replaced and I'm looking for recommendations for what wood to use. The original doors were made of 1/2" ply with pine boards for trim. I'm experiencing some rotting in the ply at the bottom of the doors. Should I use 1/2" pressure treated ply or something else. Also having some issues with the pine trim where the door hinges attach. some of the hinges constantly work loose where they attach to the doors. OK on the building side of the hinges. I'm planning to use 1 1/4" screws to attach the trim to the ply. Here's a photo of the existing doors.
  3. It Was Al B

    Acceleration Explained

    Really expensive to move 1/4 mile from point A to point B
  4. WOW !!!!!. I just discovered that I won the Laguna $500 gift certificate. Thanks to all who contributed to this great cause. I never expected to win and have no idea right now, how I'll use it. Congrats to p_toad, Artie and DuckSoup on their wins.
  5. It Was Al B

    Wooden Hinge

    Thanks Herm for the tutorial. You made it look easy. I did find brass hinges for my box, but I'll know how to make wooden hinges in the future.
  6. It Was Al B

    minwax stains

    Fred, I did go to Sherman Williams. Quart sizes were the smallest they had. I still have about a half quart of Cabot Varnish and decided I will use that for my finish.
  7. It Was Al B

    Finally got some time in the shop, today

    A foot to 18". Not legal keepers.
  8. It Was Al B

    Finally got some time in the shop, today

    A foot to 18". Not legal keepers.
  9. It Was Al B

    Fires and explosions

    I agree Artie. Something like 8000 meters have to be inspected. Seems like Columbia Gas still isn't sure exactly what happened and their not answering the questions being asked. My wife has never allowed gas to be hooked up to our home because she has always been afraid of possible gas explosions.
  10. It Was Al B

    Fires and explosions

    Columbia Gas is providing no answers as to what happened, and the Governor is very angry with their lack of response. He has put Eversource Gas in place to get the safety issues taken care of. Residents are still not allowed to enter their homes . Apparently many gas meters have now been locked "OFF" until they can be replaced. Over 100,000 people affected.
  11. It Was Al B

    Finally got some time in the shop, today

    Careful Artie, if your wife hears that these were your happiest years, you might be in hot water .
  12. It Was Al B

    Woodsmith - Metric Plans

    I suppose familiarity eventually helps. If I had to estimate 10 yards, I'd come close, if I had to estimate 10 meters, I'd be lost. That said, I do think that working in multiples of ten makes more sense than multiples of 12.
  13. It Was Al B

    Finally got some time in the shop, today

    That short term memory just seems to get lost somewhere.
  14. It Was Al B

    Fires and explosions

    There have been 70 confirmed fires and explosions.
  15. It Was Al B

    Fires and explosions

    I know hurricane Florence is starting to show its destructive forces, but right now we have our own problems in Massachusetts. Apparently the main gas lines over pressurized and it has resulted in over 50 homes either exploding or catching fire. So many fires burning at once that it was impossible to get to all of them and many homes have been totally destroyed. The city of Lawrence and the towns of Andover and North Andover have had all electric power turned off to help prevent further fires or explosions. This is all happening about 20 miles from here. Fire departments from throughout the area have responded to the fires as well as the state police. The FBI has also gotten involved. No reports yet on any possible casualties. News reports say that even opening a window can cause a spark to ignite the gas. People are warned not to use candles for lighting. The odor of gas is still strong in the area. Access to the area has been blocked off on major highways and traffic is backed up for miles. The town of North Andover has ordered everyone in town to evacuate their homes. All this in the middle of a lock out of over 1200 gas workers by National Grid. Praying that there were no fatalities.

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