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  1. Almost finished with chipping the hemlocks, maybe one more day. Started cutting some of the bigger logs to firewood length.
  2. What is the general opinion of The Sikkens Cetol cedar translucent stain. I had finished my deck using Ready Seal last summer and it kind of disappeared in one winter. Thinking of going with the Sikkens.
  3. It Was Al B

    Hole Saws

    The best hole saws that I've used are the Lenox brand. They can be aggressive with the cuts but if you use a slow speed and don't apply too much pressure it might work for you. They are a bit pricey for a one purpose tool.
  4. It Was Al B

    Ready Seal Stain

    I posted a photo of my cedar deck last summer. It had been finished with "Ready Seal" stain. I can tell you now that it has not held up at all. After one winter the color has disappeared on much of the deck. Looks like bare wood, though water does still bead up on the surface. Definitely not happy with the disappearing color.
  5. It Was Al B

    When People In California Find Out We Are Moving To Kentucky.

    With all the volcanic and earthquake activity around the world, I think that it's a good idea, leaving California before the next major quake there. Way overdue.
  6. It Was Al B

    Brand Names Are Often Overpriced

    It's nice to have high end tools, but many of the lower brand tools work well. If the cheaper tool breaks, you can usually buy another and still not invest as much cash as you would in the one high end. I have a HF 10' General SCMS that has been problem free for over 3 years. My Ryobi cordless drill and impact drivers have performed as well as my former DeWalt drivers. Still using the original batteries after years of use, but I recently purchased a couple of heavier duty batteries at a price below the cost of 1 DeWalt battery for insurance, and to back up the cordless Ryobi weed whacker
  7. It Was Al B

    Box, Bowl, Etc. Trade

    Not sure my work would qualify ? I've seen some of you guy's work. Is there a materials cost limit on projects, and what is the deadline to present your project ? Just asking.
  8. It Was Al B

    Happy Birthday Herb!

    Suppose someone got the math wrong ? Happy half century Herb. Guess you have another century coming. Wishing you the best.
  9. It Was Al B

    Lowe's Snags Craftsman Tools

    I guess you really have to check to see who the manufacturer is with the Craftsman brand. My last Craftsman purchase was my 14" BS that was made by Rikon. Probably the equivalent of Rikons low end BS, but at a price that was under $400.00 it has performed surprisingly well for me. I did have to purchase the fence separately . The Rikon fence workes perfectly on it.
  10. It Was Al B

    Homemade Hybrids

    I've had the benefit of watching a fly tying pro while he was at work. It's quite an art.
  11. It Was Al B

    WW Magazines

    I stopped subscribing to WOOD magazine when they ended their forums. They still send the magazine but I spend very little time going thru it.
  12. It Was Al B

    a Big Buck-Eye Birthday Salute To.

    Happy Birthday Steve.
  13. It Was Al B

    Used My Chipper/Shredder

    Had a really busy day today. First, I went to the nursery to get a plant for my wife for mothers day. She was really happy with it. Then I decided to do a little work on the hemlocks. My neighbor, a lot younger asked if I wanted help. I wasn't about to say no. He went and got his chain saw, and we took down all ten trees, 15 -20 ft tall, up to 8" diameter. We trimmed the branches off, and cut the trees into about 4' lengths. Ran the chipper for about an hour before finally giving up. I think I'll have enough chipping to do for several days, but the chipper really worked well. We get lot's of campers around here during the summer months so I'm hoping if I take a few of the logs at a time out to the street, people will help themselves. I'm exhausted ! This project would have taken me weeks without his help.
  14. It Was Al B

    Gas Range With No Vent.

    Fred, the Broan I was referring to was the one that John had pictured. Probably not a choice unless the home is only one story. It vents thru the roof.
  15. It Was Al B

    Birthday Salutations To.

    Sorry I missed it Fred. Hope you had a great day and wishing you a wonderful year.

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