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  1. It Was Al B

    hip replacement

    I think Nurse Rachet must have been a private nurse assigned especially to Craig. I miss Craig's humor. Should be able to check in soon after
  2. It Was Al B

    hip replacement

    Thanks to all for the well wishes. The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM. I have to be there by 6:00 AM. Not quite used to the early rise hours after 15 year of retirement.
  3. It Was Al B

    Flux Core Welder Purchase

    I was taught to pull the puddle when welding steel and push the puddle when welding aluminum. That said, I've found pushing the puddle when welding steel also works OK, especially when making a fillet type weld, as was shown in the demo. If you try to pull the puddle when welding aluminum, that creates a problem.
  4. Beer can and or bottle opener
  5. It Was Al B

    Flux Core Welder Purchase

    As a retired professional welder, I have to admit that Flux core mig welding is something I've never tried. The main issues I've heard, are the amount of splatter and trapping slag in the welds. In my 4 years as an apprentice welder, and about 40 as a professional welder, never did anyone suggest flux core welding as a suitable alternative for a quality weld. You can try it Dave but I'm not going to recommend putting the money into it. I know I wouldn't.
  6. It Was Al B

    Tabs on the Weather...

    1 degree this morning. As of noon time it had warmed all the was to 3.
  7. It Was Al B

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Patriots and Chief's game just ended in overtime with Patriots winning 37-31. Both teams can be proud of their performances. A great spectators game. Temperature here is down to 6 degrees. sleet has finally stopped.
  8. It Was Al B

    What Batteries Do you use?

    Mostly use the energized rabbit brand, but whatever is available when I need one in a hurry.
  9. It Was Al B

    Tabs on the Weather...

    After 6" of snow it turned to sleet and freezing rain at about 11 AM. This stuff is still coming down as of 2:30 this afternoon. I have no interest in getting out on the roads. Actually, it looks like nobody else is getting out there either. Temperature is 17 degrees and falling. A good day to just watch football.
  10. It Was Al B

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Forecast for 10-15 inches of snow, followed by sub zero temperatures. Looks like winter is arriving.
  11. It Was Al B

    Funny I don't remember the kids ride

    Can't say that I ever had a death wish
  12. At a local restaurant that we visit regularly , one of the waitresses there told us a story this week about her dad. He is 94. He was 19 when he fought in the Battle of the Bulge. If any of you have seen the movie "Monument Men" he is one of those who went to get the gallery of hidden arts that Hitler stole. It was important to get there and remove the art before the Russians got there because Russia would have claimed the works for themselves. He was among the men who carried the art out and got away just before the Russians arrived. She said that she never heard the story until a couple weeks ago when she read about her dad in the newspaper. When she asked him why he never told this to the family, he said "I didn't think it was important". He never told the family of his interview with the movie producers for the making of the film and she had never seen the movie. Needless to say, she is very proud of him. Dad is 94 and her mom is 92.
  13. Has anyone heard of the Sheppach brand of power tools? Noticed a 14 " BS advertised locally on Craigs list. Asking $400.00 or BO. just curious .
  14. Hi Artie , glad to see you finished the raised panel door. It really looks good. Just thought I might make a point about the splines. I didn't want it to sound like criticism on the forums so a PM seemed to be the best alternative. You did say that you were aware of something you weren't happy with. maybe this was it.  When you cut the slots for the spines, it looks like you made the cuts in the center of the boards, without compensating for the coves you cut on the top edge. This brought the splines close to the surface of the top edges. I did the same thing in my learning curve, but my results turned out with me cutting into the splines. On the door I made, I cut a taper on the outside top edge on the board. The taper actually cut into the splines, resulting in my need to make new stiles and rails. Just something to be aware of later on. The door really looks good.

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