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  1. Glad to have you aboard Steve. You do pretty nice work for a fledgling. I may have to re-classify myself as a pre -apprentice. 8 penny nails are used to build pieces of art, not related to woodwork.
  2. If you're just hoping to get rid of them, post it on craigslist for free. Better than just throwing them out. I've done this in the past.
  3. Congrats John on the 28 years.You're still newlyweds in my book. We will be celebrating 62 in July. What a fantastic gift your wife gave you. Guess she still loves you !
  4. I think any of the names mentioned would apply.
  5. I might sacrifice a part of a finger for $450,000, but never my whole hand. And, it would have to be on my right hand,since I'm left handed. 4450,000
  6. How'd I miss this? Hope you had a great day Artie. You've worked hard to get the BP where you want it. Hope the nurse practitioner gives you the best news possible.. 59 may sound bad, but when you consider I turned 60 over 27 years ago, you've got a long time to plan ahead for. I'll enjoy a piece of apple pie and ice cream just for you.
  7. I can remember the years when Sears was just about everyone's go to store for tools and other household items. Over the years,service declined, warranties were not honored, poor inventories in the stores began. Now, the Sears reputation has been destroyed and customers have left. Sears will likely never recover from the mess they've created. At least the store will provide the summer job for your daughter that she wanted.
  8. I think they may have 900 million reasons for doing so.
  9. The main issue with the SawStop is the inventor. He first tried to require all manufacturers of table saws to install his system in their saws at a price that would have put them out of business. When he was unsuccessful with that and other manufacturers were able to develop improved versions which didn't damage the saw, he successfully managed to block the importing of other manufacturers saws with the improved systems from being sold in the USA. Successfully stopping all competition
  10. Call it what you will, it's a beautiful thing.
  11. John Wayne and Tiny Tim in the same discussion. Both ends of the spectrum.
  12. I just can't visualize things that far ahead. It's a beautiful ornament.
  13. Not so much a loss of desire Lew as it is the loss of energy. At 87 I often wish I could do things I did in the past, but I know I can't. The mind says yes, but the body says no. That said, I know I've enjoyed a long tenure here. My son left us after only 59 years.
  14. Sorry to hear of your mom's problems John. Seems I recently put my family thru a stressful period and I understand what you're experiencing. Like your mom, watching the news has been an important part of my day. Now for some reason, it doesn't have that importance anymore. There are things to do to occupy my time that are much more enjoyable. Time with family, and really looking forward to getting back in the shop. Hope your mom has a quick recovery and really enjoys her knitting.

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