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It Was Al B

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    A vacation is what you take when you are tired of taking what you have been taking.

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  1. It Was Al B

    TP Dispenser

    In todays' world, I'd bet the flat top would be more useful for cell phones that hardly ever leave peoples hands
  2. It Was Al B

    Anyone who thinks the terrorists haven't won

    YEP ! got mine last August. Had to make 2 trips because one of my ID's didn't qualify.
  3. It Was Al B

    Noob New Shop Setup

    Welcome aboard Batman and a sincere thank you for your service. I agree with John Morris with the tool purchasing. Buy what you know you will need, then purchase them as it becomes obvious you need them.
  4. It Was Al B

    Good Clean Fun

  5. It Was Al B

    Visit to Al B

    First, I have to thank Artie. I never even got a chance to offer him a cup of coffee. I had sent him a PM asking for advice in making a purchase of an emergency power generator. Artie not only answered the PM but then offered to stop by to provide more help. Not a short drive, about 40 miles, so that's about 2 hours of driving round trip. When Artie left, I had learned a lot about what is needed and the various ways to get hooked up without spending more than necessary. I've never been much of a conversationalist. Artie made it easy. Just ask a question and the information flowed my way. We then took a short tour of my unheated shop and in our time there I believe we learned a little about each other. It was great meeting you Artie.You are indeed the gentleman.
  6. It Was Al B

    43 Year Anniversary - Edmund Fitzgerald

    This reminds me of the USS Thresher. I was at work on April 10,1963 at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard when I heard that a submarine had been lost, but had no word on the name of the ship. It wasn't long before it was confirmed that the ship was the Thresher. I had spend many hours working on that ship and knew many of its crew members and shipyard workers who were aboard.This just didn't seem possible. The Navy still hasn't released much of the information about the sinking. From materials that I've read, the Thresher was at a depth below its test depth of 1300 ft. An electrical failure caused the nuclear reactor to shut down and the ship had negative bouyancy so kept sinking. Tests later conducted on the USS Tinosa, the Ship that I had the honor of striking the symblic first arc, showed that when the ship tried to emergency blow the ballast tanks the air lines froze solid and they couldn't blow the tanks. She continued to sink and at a depth of around 2400 ft the hull imploded. The ship rests at the bottom at a depth of over 8000 ft. With the testing on the Tinosa, I believe the freezing problem has been solved
  7. It Was Al B

    A different kind of workbench

    Birds don't get to be teenagers. The're used to working for what they get.
  8. It Was Al B


    Beautiful instruments Skip. Never learned how to play one. My uncle played a great guitar and banjo. Glad you decided to stick around.
  9. It Was Al B


    Welcome aboard Skip !
  10. It Was Al B

    Birthday Greetings to...

    I didn't bring any cake Mike, but still wishing you a happy birthday.
  11. It Was Al B

    Lowes Announces Store Closures

    I have a Lowes and a HD store less than 2 miles from home. They are almost diagonally across the street from each other. No Menard's stores in this area. Both stores do well, though I think HD does do more business. There is still a family operated hardware store that is about 5 miles from here and it also seems to be doing well. The only issue there is the store occupies 3 floors and there is no elevator.
  12. It Was Al B

    Wife's surgery

    That's wonderful Gene
  13. It Was Al B

    Lowes Announces Store Closures

    Thanks Dave. I had posted a note about this in the Free for all forum but I didn't have the listing of stores or why the closings are happening.
  14. It Was Al B

    Tub Replaced By Shower

    Just thought I'd let you know, I've been looking into having a tub conversion into a shower. I'm no longer able to handle the job, and if I did, it would take me forever. My first estimate for the conversion was $9,300 for an acrylic instalation. A big price for a project that might actually de-value the property. Still looking for a better price, like maybe half that estimate.
  15. It Was Al B


    I heard in the news today that Lowe"s is closing some stores. Hope their not going the route of Sears.

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