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    You must be wrong. China is paying for the tariffs
  2. Sorry,too late ! I just put a coat of finish on it. I will post a photo of the finished box. It's one of Lois Keener Ventura's designs.
  3. Winter is the hardest time for me to get into the shop, mainly because it has no central heating. I do have a small wood stove that can be used if I have to. Lately I've had some time to do a bit of organizing and I've gathered a few scraps of wood to make a bandsaw box. It's ready for some finishing now.
  4. Al B

    Job Innerview

    Wishing you the best of luck Artie. The time saved driving in itself is worth the change in jobs.
  5. Watched the Oklahoma /Texas game today. Thought the Texas quarterback made a lot of poor decisions in his passing game . Now watching USC/Notre Dame game.
  6. The really smart addition is is the pencil holder. How many times have we spent looking for the pencil we just used ?
  7. We all have budgets and needs to consider. As a hobbiest and handyman, my 10" Jet contractors saw with biesmeyer fence has served me well for several years.
  8. I just store the fence on the BS table. If using the BS without using the fence, I just turn. to place the fence on the TS.
  9. Guess I learned something today. The term memes is new to me.
  10. i have no idea what you're talking about. Guess my computer illiteracy is showing.
  11. You're no outcast John. Call it yankee ingenuity ! You found another use for a chuck key that otherwise would serve no purpose for days at a time. Now it is used daily. Why spend money for another bolt?
  12. John, I believe we all whole-heartedly agree with what Artie said. You've gotten a number of woodworkers together for a cause that benefits the families of veterans in need of assistance, and at the same time gotten people together who have a common interest in woodworking. The conversations here are always friendly. Yes, we do stray off topic at times, but it is never done with any mal-intent. I doubt it will totally end, but being aware it creates more work for you and all the other hosts, I think there will be more effort to minimize responses to off topic remarks which is really what causes the extended wandering from the topic. I know that at times the original topic is totally lost after of an off topic post. Sometimes our sense of humor gets in the way, but an occasional laugh is good for all of us without over doing it. Thanks for all that you've done here.
  13. OK Gene I'll try harder to stay sober. See, I'm doing it again. So easy to get off track.
  14. I'm guilty. At times I've known the subject was off topic but continued with the off topic posts. To minimize off topic posts, we can simply not reply to the off topic content.
  15. That must have been me.
  16. Hey, that looks to nice to be covered with carpet !
  17. Welcome aboard Larry. First, thank you for your service ! Spent 4 years in the Air Force myself, Jan 52 to Dec 55. The Air Force saw fit to keep me in Kansas for most of this time. A great group of guys here who can work with anything from basic hand tools to the latest in power equipment with amazing results. Then, there are those of us who are learning from the pros. You won't see any bickering or criticism here. It's all about helping each other, enjoying each others woodwork and general conversation.
  18. The next few weeks will be hard for the family, and you know your daughter will very quickly be feeling homesick. Congratulations to you all. In the weeks to come, your little girl will quickly develop into a strong independent woman.
  19. Al B

    bandsaw blade

    Kevin , You may not have noticed the date of the last post on this topic, July 2017. A bit more information on what you use and how to sharpen the blades using the dremel would be appreciated.
  20. Sorry to hear this Jack. Take care of yourself.
  21. I definitely trust my mechanic. He doesn't have to solicit business, because he has more than he can handle.
  22. Al B

    A big day today for

    According to Artie, that's 63 trips around the sun, You must be getting tired. Happy birthday !
  23. Massachusetts requires inspections yearly. Tires. suspension, lights, horn, exhaust, air emission, glass, rust and who knows what else. That's $35.00 a year on top of the 6.25% sales tax when you but the vehicle.
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