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  1. Al B

    Desk with Tray

    Looks great ! The world map feature is nice.
  2. Al B


    Definitely the work of an artist and craftsman.
  3. Hope you never meet him He could be deadly.
  4. I'm in ! I'm always getting back more than I'm giving here.
  5. I have an old Craftsman 12" disc sander that my son gave me several years ago. It was left in the basement of the older home he bought. The cord appears to be in good condition but there is no shut off switch.You plug it in and it is running. I have used it a couple of times and it runs well but the idea of no shut off switch was very nerve racking.
  6. The trees are there John, you just haven't traveled far enough to see them. A few more trips around the sun to get there.
  7. Praying for vaccine sooner than later !
  8. Ron, congrats to you and your wife on your 50th anniversary. May you have many more! Hawaii won't go anywhere.
  9. Nothing in my life has ever been black and white. Always shades of grey, going from dark to light, depending on the times. As you get older there are times you just want to tune out to what's happening around you,but because of your sense of responsibility in life you find you can't. So, I think frustration is the result. My personal life began very dark and it was one decision after another, what to do next. When the Korean (Conflict) was going on I decided to join the Air Force. I was assigned to the training command as a hydraulics mechanic on the B 47 bombers. After four years, several attempts to get transferred to SAC and the end of the Korean war, never leaving the USA, I took my discharge. To this day I have never been proud of my time spent in the Air force, knowing many of my personal friends from home, one who enlisted with me, died while serving in Korea, while I sat mostly in Wichita, Kansas. I've watched our country go from a united people to a deeply divided people. A country that had never declared war on any nation till WW11 to a nation almost constantly at war since WW11. Today I worry for the future of my grandchildren and great grandchildren. I'm not getting old. At 88 I am old, Each day presents its challenges but I've learned to accept them, looking forward to a better day tomorrow. If you don't hold on to hope, there is nothing.
  10. That is one beautiful table John. Love the design and the cedar. The large casters make it very portable. You can be proud.
  11. My daughter asked if I could build her a planter box that was bigger than those she found in the stores. On Monday We went to Lowes and picked up a couple of PT 4X4's and some 5/4 red cedar boards and a bit of ground cover fabric. I thought a box with 30" X 60" inside dimensions should work for what she wants. Took this old pfart 2 days to build it, but here is what I ended up with. Daughter is happy and I survived a minor cut on my thumb while notching the 4 X4's.. Nothing like what John experienced but enough to remind me stay awake when using power tools. After all was said and done, this is what we ended up with. Assembly was done using screws and glue. The bottom boards were spaced 1/2" apart and 3/4" holes were drilled to provide for drainage. The planter is 30" high.
  12. Just had a minor accident using my TS this week. Removed a little skin from my thumb, a bit of bleeding but nothing serious, but a reminder for me to pay attention. Sorry to see what happened to you. I've always thought of the joiner as a safe tool, but your experience proves that power tools are dangerous, even for the most experienced woodworkers. Hope you heal soon with no issues.
  13. I'm a day late, but Hope you had a great birthday Irish.
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