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  1. 2005 F-150 loud pop under dash, speedo lights, taillights, went out. Any ideas?
  2. I have some tubes of black marine epoxy, so I ground away the hole where screw goes through in the flat metal pieces. Then, I put the marine epoxe on the metal pieces, and found a couple of small places that did not have the epoxy on it, and I dribbled a small amount of super glue. That gave it both a quick grab and also a long-lasting glue as well.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good morning!
  4. Super glue will give way in the future. I was thinking maybe an epoxy glue might be more permanent. What do you think?
  5. Did not know customer wanted magnetic latches, so I built door in such a way that the only way I see is to bolt metal piece that makes contact with magnet. Problem is that the head of the screw is holding the door away from the carcase of the small cabinet. Is there a glue I can use to hold that metal piece in place instead of using a screw? If so, what kind do I need to use? I know I can super glue it, but the glue, over a period of time, will not hold. Thank!
  6. Is there any real reason I should not just mount the glass on the surface of the wood, as long as I make sure there are retainers? 12-18-19: This is what I decided to try: Cut four strips with a rebate, mount them around the o.d. of the glass. It probably will do all I need it to do. i don't want to buy a router bit. Thanks for replies.
  7. Building a 14"x40" wall showcase for antique knives. I had just enough wormy chestnut to make the door frame. Is there any good reason I should not make and screw some small brackets to hold the glass instead of machining a slot for the glass? The frame does overlap on the inside, so it should not be a problem, but I have never tried to do it that way. Thanks for your input!
  8. I was making some spinning tops by putting a short piece of dowel rod in a drill and using a belt sander t o make the end into a sharp point. It was when I went to slide it into my round/flat piece that I realized that the dowels were a little bit loose. I remembered someone, years ago, suggesting that you should use a pair of pliers to make a small indention where the glue was to go. It has always worked for me. Some of the tops were too tight, so the pliers trick worked well to hold the glue when pressing the dowel into place. Hope this will help someone else.
  9. I use a mustard bottle. It is really easy to flip the dried glue away if needed. It is great if you flip the lid closed!
  10. I bought an Industrial Radial Arm Saw. Do I pull it toward me to cut wood or do I push it? It seems that if I pull it, it could ride up on top of the board. I don't want to be a casualty because of ignorance! If the blade is turning clockwise when looking at it from the left side, it seems I should push it into the wood. Help!
  11. I was given a large entertainment center, and I am going to add a couple of shelves and put it in my study to shelve books. It also has one smaller cabinet for both sides which will be great to show off some of my antiques and deer antler pens I turned.
  12. oldwoodie

    New tool

    let most of the pressure be with you!
  13. Honestly, all I see in a wood plane is that it is a holder for a blade. Why should I spend all that extra money for a blade holder? I am very satisfied with Stanley, Bailey, Craftsman, and several more different brands I use. I have found that they all do a good job for me. If I spent a bunch of money on an expensive brand, I would want to brag on them too.
  14. Why not open that lathe up and see if it has a nylon sleeve needing replaced? I've made several repairs on mine with little to no problem.
  15. I used three, although I do not believe it would have made any difference. Why take a chance!
  16. I am in process of replacing complete set of outside steps. The tread are 48" long and will have seven. Do I need a center support. I have two already sawed out, and I don't think I need a center one. They are 2"x12" and are about 7' long. If I need to, I could nail vertical supports in place instead of third support. d
  17. I used to be a foreign car mechanic, so I have a wide variety of tools. However. I have found that using one of my three my drill presses to feed a thread tap assures me of it being straight. Probably not news to anyone, but thought I would offer it anyway! By the way, I have four cabinet saws, eight routers, four bandsaws, two wood lathes, and I usually keep them set up for different operations. Just bragging, I guess!
  18. I never use biscuits, and I haven't had a failure in so long that I cannot remember the last one.
  19. I subscribed to Wood Magazine for about 30 years. When they dropped the forum, I dropped them. I have also fired AT&T, Direct TV, and would like to fire the U.S. Post Office because of all the trash they deliver to my house! LOL
  20. oldwoodie

    Buck Plane

    I am waiting on my new Buck brand wood plane to arrive. I couldn't pass it up for $20.00! I have one already, but thought I could display this one since it still has the box, and I need to build a larger showcase anyway. Got a few more than 20 assorted: Baileys, Stanley Baileys, Fulton, Craftsman, a Defiance model egg beater with all the bits, a Stanley label scraper, some Stanley #80 and #81's. Everything is cleaned up and sharpened, and ready to use. Oh yeah, about 10 low angle Stanleys and Craftsmans too! Question: Is Buck still in business?
  21. I built a wheelchair ramp for a lady, and her husband has been collecting pocket knives for over 40 yrs. He wants to show his appreciation, so he showed me his collections and insisted that a take a handfull. I refused, and he proceeds to go through some not on display, and hands me some knives and insisted that I accept them. One was a new Craftsman pocket knife in mint new condition. It is my understanding that not only has sold that brand name, but have also stopped making them available. Its value should climb in the future. Er, I hope!
  22. I have Baileys, Fulton, Craftsman, Sargent, Stanley, and Stanley Bailey. I have found that one works as well as the other since they are nothing but a blade holder! The fact that they all work just fine, tells me that Lie Nielson, and the other modern ones that cost a lot of money tells me that a lot of folks, in my opinion, are spending a lot of unnecessary dollars!
  23. Haven't figured out how to send a pic, and the last two times I put this question out, someone deleted it. I cannot find anyone who knows anything about this oddity of a small cast iron wood plane. It has an enclosure for wood shavings, and the top is hinged at the rear. right at the rear is the slot and a cutter blade. The enclosure catches the shavings, and you have to raise the lid to empty them. It has no name or any other identifying marks. It is about 5" long, and the antique store I found it at had a string and tag identifying it as an "antique wood lathe." So, the owner of the store did not know what it was. Two people have tried to find one on the internet with no success. Thought some of you might know a little about it. Just because I don't have a picture of it doesn't mean you have a right to delete it for the third time!
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