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    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

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  1. oldwoodie

    Volunteers Website

    I have been using a website for almost 30 yrs. to place specific needs on it. I would explain the needs, housing, etc. The interested person/s, church, retired people who want to volunteer, etc. would contact me. This left the website out of the picture other than for me to post my needs/opportunities. So, on my proposed website, people would place their needs and other info. on the website, and people looking for opportunities to help would respond. The website engineers decided that since I was the only one in South Carolina using it, they would delete it from their website. I was very disappointed since I have had as many as 44 mission teams in one year to come to my local area, received a check from Louisiana for $50,000 to replace a roof on a church building, and I had 365 college and high school students one summer and 356 to come the next summer to help me replace roofs, build wheelchair ramps, replace windows, doors, floors, etc. This week I have 30 people from Tennessee rebuilding a fire damaged home of a 92 yr old man's 4 room mill village house. Without that website, I am left without a valuable resource to help the needy. That is the reason I am thinking about setting up one.
  2. oldwoodie

    Volunteers Website

    Er, I forgot: It would be for the North American Continent. That would include Canada.
  3. oldwoodie

    Volunteers Website

    Thanks, but it would be for nationwide needs and volunteers to respond to their needs.
  4. oldwoodie

    Rust On My Table Saw---Again

    Sounds to me like you are not removing all the rust to begin with. Make certain that you sand it really well, wax it real good, and buff it, and do it all immediately.
  5. oldwoodie

    Volunteers Website

    I was thinking that I could have a website that volunteers could find needs and could respond to them. Example: A 92 yr old man's house was damaged by a kitchen fire. I could accept requests for vols. to work on his house. A poor person could ask for vols. to build a wheelchair ramp, etc. Does anybody know of a way to build a website that this at a reasonable price? Any suggestions, any ideas of the cost? Thanks!
  6. oldwoodie

    Lathe Switch Failure

    What I drop the most these days are hints!
  7. oldwoodie

    New Sealing Method?

    Yeah, heat gun does it! It is fast and easier than melting wax and dipping it, cleaning up the mess, etc.
  8. oldwoodie

    New Sealing Method?

    A fellow cut down a chestnut tree, not knowing it was being watched and cared for by the University of Georgia. I was given some of the wood. By the time I got it, some of it had already developed cracks, so I wanted to seal it. I looked around and found a package of food canning wax, got out my blower heater, and melted it onto the ends. Took about 30 seconds, didn't need to melt a bunch of wax and dip the ends in it, and it seemed to do a good job. I had been putting a pan on a heater, melting it, and dipping it. Thought someone else might like the idea.
  9. Did Lowe's buy Craftsman or are they just going to stock them? Er, what does snag mean?
  10. oldwoodie

    Chinese Rant

    So, when you go to sell your tools or look for some to buy, where do you look? Why?
  11. oldwoodie

    Hit and Miss Yard Sale Day

    I have noticed that Sargent planes are climbing in price recently. I have one and find it to be as good as a Stanley to use.
  12. oldwoodie

    Hit and Miss Yard Sale Day

    Gave 10.00 for a #5 Stanley Bailey plane that needs some tender loving care. Was that way too much to give for it?
  13. oldwoodie

    the Toolbox of America -- Stanley

    I owned a foreign car parts warehouse some years ago. When the mfg. got a report that a particular item was being warranted, they would rectify the problem, and they would add another part #, especially if the part fit more than one year model.
  14. oldwoodie

    Chinese Rant

    I open wood planes on ebay and looks like the first 100 items are chinese made! What in the world is going on? Will china finally take all jobs away from us?! It is obvious that they must be selling the stuff or they would stop running their ads!
  15. oldwoodie

    the Toolbox of America -- Stanley

    I have noticed in recent months that HF has been adding higher priced items along with their cheaper stuff, they send out catalogs, and seem to be operating just like Sears Roebuck did for so many years. For instance: Craftsman vs. cheaper brand tools. I do buy a few things from HF, but not much. It seems that they are trying to reach out to customers that want better quality products, so maybe they are listening to customers and trying to supply goods that work.

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