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    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

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  1. oldwoodie

    Odd wood plane

    Haven't figured out how to send a pic, and the last two times I put this question out, someone deleted it. I cannot find anyone who knows anything about this oddity of a small cast iron wood plane. It has an enclosure for wood shavings, and the top is hinged at the rear. right at the rear is the slot and a cutter blade. The enclosure catches the shavings, and you have to raise the lid to empty them. It has no name or any other identifying marks. It is about 5" long, and the antique store I found it at had a string and tag identifying it as an "antique wood lathe." So, the owner of the store did not know what it was. Two people have tried to find one on the internet with no success. Thought some of you might know a little about it. Just because I don't have a picture of it doesn't mean you have a right to delete it for the third time!
  2. My daughter brought her little handheld battery booster to me, and it has an inline fuse that is blown. I pretty well know what happened, but she hasn't admitted it: I believe she must have hooked it up backward and blew it. If anybody knows what amp fuse it would take, I could solder one in line, but don't know what amperage I should try to find. It seems that cold cranking amps can vary from 350 to 650. So, anyone got a suggestion other than to toss it and get another one?
  3. oldwoodie

    Antique Parks Bandsaw Restoration Project

    Dang! If you would do that to your own thumb, what would you do to someone else's!
  4. oldwoodie

    Another refurb from Wapak

    You can use those slick hacksaw blades for small knives! Looks good when you put a deer antler on for handle!
  5. oldwoodie

    Lie Nielsen No. 51 Shooting Plane

    So, are there a lot of difference in wood planes? I thought they are just holders for a blade. So, what's the great difference in how a Stanley or Fulton or Craftsman, or maybe a Buck Brothers with a sharp blade and set just right going to shave wood? I have no LN or LV, so I cannot compare them to all the different ones I do have. SO, ARE
  6. oldwoodie

    New CA glue that we need.

    So, where do you get the blue light? I don't think my dentist will loan me his!
  7. oldwoodie

    Too many drills?

    Do you have a Stanley Defiance drill? You probably already know the story: The King of England laughed and said that Mr. Stanley would starve and ask to return to England, so Stanley made a line of tools with the Defiance label in defiance of the King! I do have one with all the bits, and they are not the spiral type either, so it must be fairly old.
  8. oldwoodie

    Electrolysis rust removal

    I've used it on several different tools, and it worked great! I also have a sandblast cabinet, and it has done well also.
  9. oldwoodie


    Hot? It was 58 degrees in north eastern Georgia mountains this morning! Heh heh heh!
  10. I quit working for nothing. Now I have all the free time I want. and they can find some other sucker. My machinery, time, and overhead is gonna be on the bill too!
  11. oldwoodie

    Ouch, Table Saw Hit

    I guess I have been extremely fortunate since I have been using an old Walker Turner Cabinet saw for almost 30 years without a splitter, and have had no kickbacks.
  12. oldwoodie

    Adirondack Rocker Plan

    I built a few some years ago, but I just looked at some pics, and built them to suit myself.
  13. oldwoodie

    Got a Cart From Grizzly

    Don't know how much you paid for it, but if it was very much, you probably could have built a real cart for less money! Talking about Harbor Fright, it looks like they are following in the footsteps of Sears: They sold Craftsman as their best brand, and then, they started bringing in a cheaper line they named Sears. Course HF is backwards from how Sears did it. They came out with el cheapos, and now they are offering supposedly better quality tools for a lot higher prices. In all of this, where will we ever win?
  14. oldwoodie

    Working Leather?

    I cut some old leather gloves to fit my chisels, but I have never needed to cover my turning gouges.
  15. oldwoodie

    Volunteers Website

    Thanks, but I am just a Southern Baptist missionary that was assigned the task of helping anyone that has needs. I have retired from the North American Mission Board, but I cannot retire until the devil does! Well, this is what I decided: I will contact the professor that helped me a few years ago. He called Amanda, a student of his, and told her that she had to do a ten week internship as a summer missionary or she was going to fail his class. She ended up working for me that next year by supervising the other ones. I will see if he has someone about to fail because, like Amanda, they have waited until the last minute to do their internship. I am sure that he will find someone for me. I will let you guys know how this works out.

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