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  1. I am happy that it is Friday. Well spend part of the weekend going from 2 storage units to 1. Then, hopefully, some range time.
  2. I think it is a tool that you put something between the jaws and then squeeze the handles. Your mileage may vary on what you want versus the results you get.
  3. I have painted my wall cabinets, router cabinet, router table cabinet and my outfeed table/assembly table/TS Storage cabinet
  4. It used to tell me what the next unread topic was (Tabs on the Weather, Pet Humor, or whatever). When all of the topics were read, it was blank TONIGHT, when I am out of unread topics, it is blank. It still does not name the next unread topic.
  5. I have noticed that instead of telling which unread post is next in the Free for All section, the notification just says next unread topic. And, when I am done with "unread topics", I get a "there is not more unread topic, please contact us message".
  6. Nose piercer for bull rings. The first guy pierces the nose, the second guy gets to remove the tool and insert the ring, while the 1st guy is being tended to by EMT's
  7. Clay? Because someone had a lot of money and needed one?
  8. Looks like a combination center punch and hand twist drill. Stick is probably on the right track
  9. Went on that mill tour several years ago with my dad. It was a very cool tour and while in college, I have seen more than my share of mills
  10. Sounds like a great menu! I wish a lived several furlongs closer.
  11. This is what got me this morning - Almost everyday, MSN has a "This Day in History". D-Day was not mentioned! The of the battle of Midway was, but not D-Day. This had a separate article, but nothing on This Date in History.
  12. I would go with #1 on both
  13. Rodeo and chores over the weekend. Wife flew out this AM for training at corporate so I have a week of WOW (With Out Wife). Not sure what I will do or get done yet, hopefully some time in the shop, but we will have to see what happens. What I planned at work for this week went to crap by 6:45 AM, so I am back to improvising and adapting so I can overcome.
  14. Interesting week for me. Monday was a holiday, so no work. Worked Tuesday, Wednesday I meet my sister and dad in Roseburg for his memory doctor appointment (he is still progressing, but can stay in his home with some help), worked Thursday and took Friday off. Went to the rodeo with my wife Thursday and Friday nights, last night is tonight - Vetreans night (always a nice night). I have mainly done catchup chores yesterday and today. Maybe get in the shop tomorrow. Wife flies out on Monday at 5 am for training in central CA, flies back on Friday.
  15. Welcome aboard! Awesome looking work
  16. A quieter day at work - we finished the ODOT project other than a few punch list items subcontractors have to do. Today is the anniversary of when we lost my Mom to lung cancer back in 2001, so a little somber for me today. As for the weekend, a little shop time, a little yard work time, a little drive about in the woods with guns.
  17. I have used the pink foam board insulation with excellent results and none of the issues Stick mentioned.
  18. Got back from a trip to see my wife's mom and her guy friend. Also, she picked up her new rig. As for me, trying to wrap up ODOT this week, a bid this week and startup of another project. Probably no shop time during the week, but will get some this weekend, I hope.
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