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  1. Chips N Dust

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Sunny and 72, moderate wind blowing. Still heading to the mid 90's during the week
  2. Chips N Dust

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Overcast and 55 right now. Clearing and heading to the high 70's later today. Ramping up into the 90's next week.
  3. Chips N Dust


    Maybe a plastic owl nearby?
  4. Chips N Dust

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Low 50's this am, heading to 92 this afternoon. Not a cloud in the sky, a really nice early summer day. Cooling off into the 80 the rest of the week.
  5. Chips N Dust

    Sighting a Rifle Scope

    I have used the same one as Fred. It is not a laser but helps get you "on target" quicker. Around here, you bring in you scope, rifle and mounts and most sporting goods store will mount your scope and bore sight it for you, especially if you buy one or more of the components at their store.
  6. Chips N Dust

    Blue Eggs

    The recipe said to flavor to taste
  7. Chips N Dust

    Photos From Alaska

    Very cool!
  8. Chips N Dust

    Sighting a Rifle Scope

    That makes sense. I have never shot a pellet or bb gun in competition. My shooting of them were usually from 10 to 50 yards, sometimes more. Those longer ones were usually trick shots
  9. Chips N Dust

    Sighting a Rifle Scope

    Since I shoot a lot of centerfire rifles, .270 and larger, I do not worry about disturbing the rifle between shots or groups, since the recoil does enough of that. I use sand bags or towels (usually bags) to keep the rifle as steady as possible when sighting and squeezing the trigger. It is weird the instructions say to sight in at 33 yards when the scope is a 1/4" adjustment. I sight my rifle in at 25 yards (easy math to adjust the scope) and the zero point comes back around 225 to 250 yards for the centerfire rifles I use (the old Jack O'Conner method). Depending on the average range your boy will be shooting, you may want to sight in a little high if he will be shooting longer ranges. That also depends on the rifle's trajectory.
  10. Chips N Dust

    Tabs on the Weather...

    45 and partly cloudy. High today near 65. High to be 90 by Tuesday. Had some much needed rain yesterday
  11. Chips N Dust

    Sighting a Rifle Scope

    I make the adjustments without looking through the scope. The biggest thing to remember is what each click of adjustment means. If, 1 full click equals 1" at 100 yards, and you are sighting in at 50 yards, then 1/2 click equals 1". Can you post a picture of the s ope turrent so we can see what it says about its adjustments?
  12. Chips N Dust

    Checking In.

    Welcome back! Get well stop eating roadkill stew
  13. Chips N Dust

    Bridge Replacement

    We just harvested about 100 of them last week (winter crop).

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