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  1. I am happy that it is Friday. Well spend part of the weekend going from 2 storage units to 1. Then, hopefully, some range time.
  2. I think it is a tool that you put something between the jaws and then squeeze the handles. Your mileage may vary on what you want versus the results you get.
  3. I have painted my wall cabinets, router cabinet, router table cabinet and my outfeed table/assembly table/TS Storage cabinet
  4. Nose piercer for bull rings. The first guy pierces the nose, the second guy gets to remove the tool and insert the ring, while the 1st guy is being tended to by EMT's
  5. Clay? Because someone had a lot of money and needed one?
  6. Looks like a combination center punch and hand twist drill. Stick is probably on the right track
  7. Went on that mill tour several years ago with my dad. It was a very cool tour and while in college, I have seen more than my share of mills
  8. This is what got me this morning - Almost everyday, MSN has a "This Day in History". D-Day was not mentioned! The of the battle of Midway was, but not D-Day. This had a separate article, but nothing on This Date in History.
  9. I would go with #1 on both
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