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  1. Looks like where I live in Idaho. I have COPD and can't even mow the grass on a rider.



    1. Ron Altier

      Ron Altier

      A family friend with COPD was traveling from CO to WA and the smoke was so bad that she had to get a motel with cleaner air. She was having so much trouble that she considered going to the ER. Thankfully the wind shifted and by morning she was OK

    2. steamshovel


      Thank goodness for clean air. I'm glad she is ok now. I finally got the grass mowed today and I was not in to bad of shape when I finished.

  2. steamshovel

    Finished Grandfather Clock

    Very nice grandfather clock. It will be the center of attraction for many years. Preston
  3. steamshovel

    Need New Gutters

    Now all I have to consider is half way through they will say this looks bad we will have to replace and boom now the cost bloomed to HOW MUCH? Preston
  4. steamshovel

    Need New Gutters

    I got a bid of $690.00 which includes 70 feet of new gutter, clean the rest of gutters, reposition. It has been hot here 110 yesterday so I am going to wait till it cools down so they can tolerate the temperature. Preston
  5. steamshovel

    Whole House Attic Fans

  6. steamshovel

    Ouch, Table Saw Hit

    I'm glad you are ok. Lucky sounds good also. I have had a few hits but now I am off to the side and so far so good. Preston
  7. steamshovel

    When You Are Having a Hard Day In the Shop

    Thanks for your service to our country and may your next day in the shop be better than the last one. Preston
  8. steamshovel

    When You Are Having a Hard Day In the Shop

    I never have a bad day in the shop, sometimes I turn on the wrong turn signal. If I want a real bad day I'll go in the house and turn on the TV and see how folks are having bad days all over the world and now I'm OK in the shop. Preston
  9. steamshovel

    Need New Gutters

    They make onsite and that is a rip. I guess I'll keep the old system and use my new Stihl leaf blower. I guess if my son-in-laws want to be on the will they can come by and help. Preston
  10. steamshovel

    Need New Gutters

    I just got a bid from one installer 243 feet gutter, 9 down spouts. Oh did I say to sit down $14,000.00. Finally they said $8,000.00 and I still said no. I have another bid Monday. The house was built in 1935 and used real 2x4"s. We went through the whole house. new floors, walls & ceiling, elect, plumbing and window & doors. It is a solid house to say the least. Thanks for the info. Preston
  11. steamshovel

    Need New Gutters

    Here are some Pictures
  12. steamshovel

    Need New Gutters

    Cal: I have one long run, 70'. I get quite a buildup and down comes the gutter. I think I will go with some shorter lengths. I may have several smaller stretches. Thanks for the good advice. Preston
  13. steamshovel

    Need New Gutters

    Its a fairly steep pitch, standard tar shingles. Before the rain would fill the gutter with leaves, pine cones and needles. One section got so heavy the whole thing came down. thanks for the comment. Preston
  14. steamshovel

    Need New Gutters

    Cal: That would be great to be free again from the yearly cleaning. Does the leaf guard work good in a heavy downpour or even a slight shower? I have heard some don't work good in a downpour. Preston
  15. steamshovel

    Need New Gutters

    Thanks Fred: I am getting bids from a few gutter installers. I will check out the Waterloov/gutter. I got rid of 8 trees close to the house so have eliminated a lot of leaves. 4 trees were pine . The pine cones can plug things up in a hurry. Thanks for your comments. Preston

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