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  1. steamshovel

    golden plum tree

    This is the only survivor of an old plum orchard. The house was built in 1935. I'm assuming the tree was planted about then. I remodeled the house in 1999 and the tree was still going strong. I have a lot of people stop and stare when driving. Every now & then I get an offer. One of these days when my wood pile gets low. I have never gotten any wood off the tree but I graze on the plums like my beef.
  2. steamshovel

    golden plum tree

    I have a golden plum in the pasture behind my house. It produces little yellow plums about the size of cherries. My cattle herd of 3 eats them faster than they can fall. I have to admit they are good. This tree has more twist, turns and wood growing in every direction. It has to have a lot of burls and figures. I have had my eye on this for many years. I think this would make good pen blanks and other small items. I hope this tree is on its last leg so it won’t be the one cutting me up. Preston
  3. steamshovel

    almost a finger

    Thanks for reminding me. I went out to the shop and made a jig. Preston
  4. steamshovel

    almost a finger

    A couple of days ago. I was ripping 1” strips on my table saw. I use my right hand & the push stick and my left hand pointing finger. I put my finger on the wood between the blade and the fence about center of blade and rip. I started the cut and about half way I felt the end of my pointing finger getting hot. I looked and the end of my finger was on the blade but below the blades teeth. It was just rubbing against the flat surface. I moved my finger back a little and finished the cut and looked at my finger and there was a very tiny piece of skin and my finger was a little red. It was hot. Back to the drawing board, I know what I should have been doing. I don’t have a TV, phone or radio to distract, I just moved my finger to far and almost. Preston
  5. steamshovel

    carbide band saw blade

    Thanks John: Laguna has a good selection. Now what do I need a 1/2 " blade 3/tpi, 6/tpi/, 10/tpi or 14/tpi. Thats a proforce blade I will be cutting mostly hardwoods and want a clean cut to provide light sanding. Preston
  6. steamshovel

    carbide band saw blade

    Where can I buy a carbide band saw blade? One that doesn't lose its teeth? I am cutting hard woods for making pens. Preston
  7. steamshovel

    black walnut color

    How does black walnut change its color. some of the wood will be back walnut as we know it dark, and then some of it is as white as pine? Preston
  8. steamshovel

    Clean out day

    What do I need to do get rid of it all. Give it away, sell at auction. Go back in house and twiddle my thumbs. I'm old and hurt like #@%& , but I still get a twinkle to do something in the shop. What takes me a week on some things used to be an hour. I still haven't figured out how to take it all with me. I hope where ever it goes I hope it has a good home. I sure will miss it. Preston
  9. steamshovel

    Rattle Can Disposal

    Where I buy florescent lights is where I take them when they go bad. They are better at taking care of them than I. I saved a box that will hold 12 8' lights. I bought enough when things changed over it will be a long time before I run out. I try my best not to add anything to the environment except sawdust. Preston
  10. steamshovel


    I may have said this before so I'll say it again. If we could cross a hummingbird and a swallow and a USAF jet we would only need a one plane Air Force ! Preston
  11. steamshovel


    It seems like you have a lot of male hummingbirds, most if not all are female around my place. That is quite a video of hummingbirds you posted. I will show everyone here. Thanks very much for posting it. It will be viewed a lot at our house. Preston
  12. steamshovel


    I used to take everything for granted when I was young including hummingbirds. Now I think they are a very special living thing. I like birds of all kinds. Predators, Owls, swallows. I like bats too. Now that I am older I enjoy them very much more. I have many stories about birds of different kinds. I'm glad my pictures are being enjoyed. I said the hummingbirds are gone but in reality they are not, I go to my computer and go to pic & videos of them. Preston
  13. steamshovel


    Lucky you, I wish we had them longer. They draw interest from almost everyone. I always take my breaks under one of their nesting trees. Preston
  14. steamshovel


    Thanks for the interest. We mix 1/4 cup sugar to 1 cup of water with no dye, just plain water. They will smell and find it. All of our hummingbirds are gone as they have all gone south. Preston
  15. steamshovel

    Chain saw carving

    Ah heck I could do that. Its a piece of cake. Check back with me in 40 years and I'll let you know if I got the bark off. I can't believe how good they are. I wouldn't have any fingers or toes left if I tried that. It is some amazing works of art they turn out, wonder how much $. Thanks for showing Preston

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