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  1. Looks good, great idea to use glass cutoff too!
  2. Looks good Gerald, I have the wagner but have never really gotten comfortable with it. steve
  3. Cliff First, I'm glad you weren't hurt! I have to ask what diameter is it? The reason is, accepted rule of thumb is rpm X diameter should be 6-9,000 rim speed depending on wood, defects, inclusions etc. Of course, a catch always has the potential for disaster as well. At 1350rpm you bowl would have had to be 6.5" diameter or less to stay in the "safe" zone, looks much larger than that. Steve
  4. Nicely done, that's a pretty piece of wood!
  5. Nice platter Gerald and beautiful grain. Steve
  6. Gene, that is a variation on what is probably my favorite zentangle pattern, "phicops in a circle". Without doubt, it is the pattern I've used most often on my bowls. I also created a DXF of it so I could burn it with a laser but always do it by hand as I just enjoy drawing it. The fill in the segments is interesting but to my eye it loses much of the 3D effect created by shading. It's typical of zentangle patterns in it's simplicity, three little arcs comprise the whole pattern. Steve
  7. Kevin. Let me stress, that one is not mine and I'm not sure exactly what tips Ron used. When I do my bowls I use mostly a skew tip and a spoon shader. I posted a video on my youtube channel of doing a basket weave bowl and he used it as a guide to do his. It is somewhat time consuming but much easier than a person would think. It's not a drawing so much as a repeating pattern. I devised the pattern using zentangle art principles. If you look closely, for most of the bowl there are only two different lines that repeat over and over, a vertical line and a wavy line, of course putting the lines in the right place is important.
  8. Thanks Kevin. It's actually a pretty easy thing to make and there is a video of making one on my youtube channel. It happens I did video on making one if you're interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRHXmuVY_5s Steve
  9. We had a life altering event in the spring. Without going into a lot of detail I haven't really turned anything since early in May, or even been in the shop for that matter. it also seriously affected my free time so I haven't spent a lot of time on the forums or FB groups. Things are starting to get a little more normal around here and I'm hoping to get back in the shop after the first of the year. i have some ideas for new projects and a couple new videos but just haven't had time to pursue them.
  10. He Gerald, it is a powermatic but I was lucky enough to find a used 4224 at a price I could afford a few years back. It is an awesome lathe though.
  11. Beautiful work Dan! You've got that inside out technique figured out for sure.
  12. Really nice! Snowpeople are almost magic I think. Steve
  13. Thanks Jim and I agree, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
  14. It always amazes me when you gear up for the holidays. Nice work and a neat project too! Steve
  15. Outstanding and congratulations Gerald! Others are realizing what members here have known for a long time! Steve
  16. Neat stuff. I've tried these a couple times with a home made set up. Always meant to do more of them but just haven't. I like the rounded edge on these. Steve
  17. Nice work Dan. Look exactly like the spreadsheet. Steve
  18. Lew, I have done a couple demos on that lathe so while I have used it my experience with it is limited. It impressed me as a nice piece of machinery. The club I belong to has 7 of the older 1642EVS lathes and they get heavy use. Over all, they have held up well. One of our club members works at a local wood working store and they have started carrying the laguna line of lathes. He currently turns on a PM 3520 but says the laguna lathes are worth a serious look.
  19. Beautiful grain in that bowl! Very nice. Steve
  20. Nicely done! Nice shape on that. Steve
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