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    20 years ago or so, there used to be a Shopsmith User's Group with a forum.  I was very active in it and we even had a few "Shopsmith Weekends in Dayton."    I got busier with work and there were a couple of (obnoxious) guys who had to comment on everything multiple times, but really did not contribute anything to the conversation (i.e., annoying static) so I faded out.   One of the other main guys in the group went to work for SS as a field salesman.  He was always a top performer, but as SS shrank, he got let go.   Last time I stopped at their place in Dayton, the retail store was closed and most of the building was being used by another company.  As more companies, foreign and domestic started producing mid-range tooling, they just lost a lot  of market share.
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