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  1. kmealy

    minwax stains

    SW bought Minwax a few years ago. They recently also bought Valspar (one of the other top 10 finish manufacturers) recently. Lowe's carried a lot of Valspar stuff and also carried SW stuff in the last few years. IIRC, Varathane was taking over the Home Depot Minwax shelf space. Varathane is a division of RPM (one of the other big ten) . Most of the brands you are familiar with (with exception of General Finishes) are subsidiaries of these big guys. https://www.pcimag.com/articles/103648-global-top-10-and-pci-25-top-paint-and-coatings-companies
  2. kmealy

    OK, I can't spell....

    I would like to point out two things: - This is in Dayton - It's "its major cities" (apostrophe police has been notified), Sorry, Fred. (It's = contraction for it is, its = possessive belong to it) But I mess this one up when I'm not paying attention and fingers just take over muscle memory.
  3. Berea is an interesting town -- lots of artisans, including Kelly Mehler, Warren May, Will Bondurant, Charles Harvey, and a college that offers free tuition in a work-study program (with woodworking a significant part). If you go, look around town and have a meal at the College's Boone Tavern. It's right off I-75 about 2 hr south of Cincinnati. Nearby is a nice Shaker Village, also. https://www.lie-nielsen.com/hand-tool-events/USA/208
  4. kmealy

    A domino alternative

    There was an article many years ago in FineWoodworking about why glue joints fail. And I've repaired hundreds of them in chairs. IIRC, it comes down to two points: 1. There is minimal glue contact area, a circle having minimum circumference per cross section area. And most of that in one part of the joint be end- or short-grain surfaces. 2. There is a lot of cross-grain construction. The dowel will shrink and expand in its diameter seasonally. The part of the wood it's glued into will not shrink and expand in its end grain orientation. So it tends to pull the already weak glue joint apart. When I've re-glued chairs, usually by the time I get the corner blocks off, the dowel joints pull apart and often I can pull the dowel pins out with a pair of pliers.
  5. I was trying to find a color chart for General Finishes stains for a current project. Googled it and lo and behold, many, if not all, General Finishes products are available at Walmart. Now 1) I hate Walmart 2) Their in-store pickup used to really suck. But for those of you who are not near a Woodcraft or Rockler (the usual places to find them),this may be a good way. It seems that all of them have free shipping or free ship to store. The customer service at Walmart's in store pick up desk used to be dreadful. But at my local store, now have a giant orange box at the front of the store. You enter your order number and an internal robot brings your order to a niche in the front. IF it's too big for the robot, there are a bunch of lockers to the side that apparently unlock for your order. As an aside, I was in a Kroger this week and about half the shoppers there were store employees doing a pick and pay online ordering. A couple months ago, I went to a different store and accidentally walked into the order pick up area for this and it was about 800 sq ft room of boxes sitting there ready for pickup. A friend of my wife does the orders for Meijer (another grocery/hardgoods discount store) that not only shops for you but brings your order to your door. Good to know that when I get old and decrepit, I can still eat and have clothes to wear.
  6. kmealy

    It's Gone. Good Riddance

    but, but, I thought Craftsman tools were the best! (cough, cough)
  7. kmealy

    Shopsmith 10ER

    go for it!
  8. Characteristics summary. Remember, pick the characteristics you want and live with the rest of what you get. Product Application Curing Odor Protection Repairability Oil Cloth Slow Some Low 1 Moderate Oil-varnish Cloth Slow Some Some 3 Moderate Varnish Cloth, brush Slow Some High 9 Low Wax Cloth Fast Low Low 0 Moderate Shellac Cloth, brush, Fast Some Moderate 6 High or Spray Lacquer Brush, spray Fast High Moderately high 8 High Waterborne Brush, spray Fast Low Moderately high 8 Moderate -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stain Cloth, brush, Fast to Moderate* n/a n/a or spray* slow* Glaze Cloth, brush Slow Low 0 n/a Toner Spray Fast* Some to high* 5-8 * moderate * depending upon medium
  9. When I moved into the new shop, I bought a few new LED lights, most from Costco. I get a letter in the mail today from Federal Trade Commission telling me that Lights of America exaggerated output and duty life of their LED Lamps. Included is a check for $69 as my share of the settlement! woo-hoo
  10. kmealy

    I have used these ratchet clamps

    On the 20 mile interstate drive home today I saw one sofa, one recliner, and 4'x5'x1' silver box of some sort on the shoulder. And they just mowed that whole stretch last week, so it's all new.
  11. Poly is just a type of varnish. On another forum last week, someone posted these gems there is no non-poly varnish. varnish is made of poly, mineral spirits and a type of oil, usually linseed I also said she could use a tung or hemp oil. mix it with mineral spirits and poly, and you have your own varnish! as for watching you tube videos, there are plenty of people doing things incorrectly. kind of like on here where people post erroneous comments. (ummm, see above) When I called her on it... Perhaps my statement was a little generalized. although,At its core, polyurethane is a petrochemical resin that contains isocyanates.so technically i'm not too far off.* Unfortunately, polyurethane is less flexible than varnish, so it may not be the best choice to use on wood pieces that move or flex. Which is what I mentioned in my comment. you don't have to worry about the poly cracking so there is no need to spend money on a varnish. [umm I thought you said there were no non-poly varnishes.] *not exactly -- Isocyanates are compounds containing the isocyanate group (-NCO). They react with compounds containing alcohol (hydroxyl) groups to produce polyurethane polymers, which are components of polyurethane foams, thermoplastic elastomers, spandex fibers, and polyurethane paints.
  12. kmealy

    Free Bosch Tools

    Open an account with Spamgourmet. You can define any new address you want, such as : IenteredtheBoschContest.20.kmealy@spamgourmet.com This unique address allows, in this case, 20 emails, then trashcans the rest unless you update the remaining count or set up an authorized sender's e-mail. Free.
  13. kmealy

    Corn hole anyone?

    My dad (a long time horseshoe enthusiast) used to have a set of these he took to picnics and camping -- "Washerboard" is what he called it.
  14. kmealy

    Corn hole anyone?

    I think us Cincinnatians claim title, too, especially the west-siders. (crossing Vine street or I-75 generally requires a passport). "The west side of Cincinnati, Ohio, specifically Harrison, Ohio has been one of the main areas of modern resurgence and renewed popularity of the game. It is popular at tailgate events throughout the Midwest and has recently become a nationwide favorite, with national championships covered on ESPN." - Wikipedia Bit of trivia: Harrison, Ohio is home to Campbell-Hausfeld, Midwest Dowel, and McFeely's Hardware.
  15. Shop auction online going on currently. Too far for me to travel, but looks like some good stuff. https://www.ebth.com/categories/4498-home-improvement-equipment-auctions
  16. kmealy

    I have used these ratchet clamps

    I got some Snap-on heavy duty ones from Costco IIRC - $20 for 4. pulled the pin on the short end and had the wife sew together the other end away from the clip. I can revert to a tie-down should I ever need it.
  17. kmealy

    Using steel wool

    I had some old steel wool that I took to Glen Huey's shop. The first thing he did was try to set it on fire. I am not sure if he was testing to see if it was oiled or what. I have been using Liberon 0000 exclusively in my work. I believe it is not oily. And it works great. And as a word of warning, avoid steel wool on water-based finishes (shards can rust, use Scotch-Brite instead) a (nd avoid on tannin rich woods like oaks - chemical reaction with iron and tannin makes black stains. Hence the use of vinegar and steel wool on oak to stain black.
  18. I'm looking for a t track with a stop and scale with cursor to add to a miter saw station. The Kreg looks good, but to put the three pieces together, it's running about $85 for the three parts that don't seem to be in a kit, but purchased separately. Anyone have a system they use and like?
  19. kmealy

    How to Calculate Gambling Winnings

    I had a class in game theory. That was enough to turn me off pure games of chance (things like poker involve strategy and reading your opponents in addition to odds). The the key is EV - expected value. For a $1 bet how much will you expect to win. So on a slot machine, for example, they might have a 95% payout. So for every dollar you bet,you can expect a 95 cent payout. Thus my rule on gambling: You might win in the short term, but in the long term, the house always wins. When you read that a casino as $120 million revenue,that means $120 was lost by the gamblers.
  20. kmealy

    Land Surveyor Retirement Witness Post

    what's the text mean? >>oops, Riverside County Surveying
  21. kmealy

    Hf One Handed Clamps

    These dogs, right?
  22. kmealy

    Plans for Folding Chair and Table

    The first of these is for the chair I brought to Fred's today.
  23. kmealy

    Still On Schedule

    Had a good time. Nice to meet the buds and thanks to Fred for the idea and hosting.
  24. kmealy

    Still On Schedule

    looking forward to it
  25. kmealy

    Calendar for New Pc

    Working on setting up my new PC (Windows 10). The one piece that I've not gotten yet is a calendar program. The one I currently use (Efficient Calendar) works well but since I bought it in 2012, it's not taking my old 32-digit registration code (sent inquiry to company). I see Win10 has a built-in calendar. Besides the normal personal stuff, I use it to keep pending work orders. A new work order contact information gets cut and pasted into "tasks," then we I reach them and set the appointment, copied into a date and time. I can set a reminder minutes, hours, days or weeks ahead of time. The information normally has name, address, phone and a one-line description of the job. I don't see any way to do this with Win10 calendar (the task part). I carry my laptop with me so web-based calendars won't work when I'm en route and need to look up their address or phone. And I have a flip-phone, so iPhone or Android apps won't apply. Anyone use a calendar program that they could suggest that will meet my minimal needs? Also dread the thought of copying over all the birthday, anniversary, and other personal appointment stuff that happens on a recurring basis.

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