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  1. Your age is showing.
  2. Headed to Southern Mississippi (just north of NOLA) tomorrow morning for a week's mission project. We had one nice day this week, 70 and sunny, today was 40 degrees and 50 mph winds. Got to see two of my grand-daughters in their play this evening. They did a great job.
  3. Dogwood is the only wood I can recognize by its bark.
  4. "All you have to do is..." are words that used to make my co-workers run and duck.
  5. Didn't read all the responses, but the way I'd do this is to drill the hole first, then put the holes on lathe centers.
  6. Chris Schwarz highly recommends these.
  7. You can usually match color, but you can't always count on matching grain patterns. For reference, I made a 1 sq ft piece of plywood with the same color stain. I'll run trials on that before committing to the project. The first coat of finish is going to alter the color, so I'll do that first. But I plan to use a raw umber glaze. Raw umber has a greenish tone that neutralizes red. At least that will be my first trial.
  8. In between moving the furniture bank shop and building storage shelving, building and moving the theater set, I've been building wall storage for one of my daughters. Too many things so I'm hoping when I return from MS / NOLA in a week, the temperature will be warm enough I can haul up to the garage and do some spraying. They turned out way redder than my sample board so I have some fine tuning to do with color.
  9. I tried reading Krenov and I never heard the wood, either. But then, I don't wear my hearing aids in the shop.
  10. If you can find a copy, get Wille Sundqvist's "Swedish Woodcarving." It's a wonderful book and I think now back in print. He must have over a dozen ways to hold a knife to carve. I saw a 1920s video this week on Scandinavian carving (spoons, shoes, etc.) and the guy doing spoons sure was using most, if not all of them.
  11. Not nearly enough help. Since the theater is much smaller than the one we've been using (that is under renovation), it's a much smaller cast and limited to K-8 actors. So we didn't get the usual parent help. High schoolers were enlisted as "student staff" There were basically three of us - the regular set construction leader, a senior in high school as student leader, and me. There were a few other parents that showed up irregularly. We have one woman who does all the decorative painting and a few others that do general painting. Overall, I'd say we had an average of six workers each Saturday for the last 10 weeks (less a snow day or two). There's a whole other crew that does costuming. And the directorial, music, accounting, and production staff.
  12. This is "tech week" where we squeeze in getting a set assembled from transportable parts, put in place, finish painting, fixing glitches, and on-site work, all between rehearsals in the evening. Here's a before from Saturday morning and tonight before rehearsal starts. So proud of my granddaughters, one has a leading role and the other a secondary role (not part of an ensemble).
  13. I buy a number of things from this place https://www.usplastic.com/default.aspx I can't find them at the moment, but I have several bottles that I keep acetone, lacquer thinner, alcohol, and naphtha in. No problems with any of them. They are dark brown like the bottles you get hydrogen peroxide in. I don't think they were much more than $1 each. They may have a "vapor barrier" lining to keep stuff from evaporating through the plastic. You might even just try re-using a h2o2 bottle. The lid is also important as the seal/gasket must be solvent proof. The problem with a glass bottle (that would work perfectly) is if you drop it and it breaks.

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