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  1. Wil

    Woodworking Show Schedule 2019

    Fred, think you are correct. They would have 10 plus pages of coupons and loads of items for sale. Prices were typically good so I took the opportunity to stock up. If you have gone to these shows for a few years you may recall the vendor Woodline that is now no longer part of the shows either. I asked Jim Heavey a few years back and if I recall the owner of that company was having health issues as well. Wondering if these shows are fizzling out.
  2. Wil

    Woodworking Show Schedule 2019

    Learned this week that Peachtree is not going to be part of the show tour this year. I pulled the coupons and there were none for Ptree. Sent a note and they replied saying it was due to family health issues. Understandable, but disappointing nonetheless.
  3. Question to all. Has anyone closely compared the aluminum bar clamps sold thru Woodcraft to those sold at HF? I'm not a big HF fan, but I'll be darned if I can see any difference in these clamps. For a 36" one, HF is $11.99 while WC is $16.40. Appreciate any insight someone may have. Thanks so much and apologies if this has been covered already.
  4. Wil

    Window Mounted Fan For Spraying Lacquer

    1. Everything is OK until something happens to prove it actually wasn't. How true. Would really hate to have the conversation with my insurance agent, or even worse my wife, where I tell them "I did not think that could happen". That never makes for a good day.....
  5. Wil

    Window Mounted Fan For Spraying Lacquer

    Great comments. Think the moral of the story is to really think this through before putting this solution in place. You may not got the chance to reevaluate this.
  6. Wil

    Window Mounted Fan For Spraying Lacquer

    Yeah, hopefully the gas can is used for something other than gas if it's in the wood shop. I worked in a body shop in high school and the spray booth exhaust had to have the fan or blower removed from the duct. The fan itself could be in the duct but turned via a pulley setup so the motor was isolated. Maybe I'm wrong, but would highly encourage someone to do some homework before doing this.
  7. Wil

    Window Mounted Fan For Spraying Lacquer

    Not certain, but thought this was frowned upon due to the extremely flammable fumes passing thru an electric motor that could generate a spark to ignite the fumes.
  8. Wil


    Good afternoon all. Went to another home show over the weekend and the vendor with the elm table I mentioned in this post was there. I took a picture this time to share. Never posted a photo here before so hope it works. Apologies for the glare from the overhead lights.
  9. Wil

    Saw Blade

    Thanks all. May pick one up at the show next weekend and give it a spin.
  10. Wil

    Saw Blade

    Anyone have experience with the Ridge Carbide blades mentioned above? They are selling the ts2000 10" for $89 as part of the woodworking rosd show specials. This is a full kerf blade. The thin kerf is $10 more. Looks like they have an ultra version thats a 48 tooth blade.
  11. Wil

    Dust Collection on RE Saw

    Herb, this is great. I have the same saw and use for crosscuts only as well. What did you do under the saw? Im assuming just enclosed the metal support frame?
  12. Wil

    Cost of a square....

    Yeah, just the square. And I can certainly agree with Keith in that it's sometimes worth the extra expense to get a quality tool one can depend on, but I'm sure I can find this quality for far less than $160.
  13. Just got an email from Woodcraft pushing a "one time tool" that is now back by popular demand. The tool is a Woodpeckers square. Advertised cost of a 18" one is $160, $190 with case. My wife and family have deemed me as being cheap, but I prefer to say I'm financially responsible. I'm sure these are of great quality, but sure seems like a lot for a square. Is it just me? Signed, frugal in KC...
  14. Wil

    sex screws

    Not sure about sex screws, but do know if you ever go to Dicks Sporting Goods website to shop online be sure to use the full name.....
  15. Have started swapping out all the door knobs and door hinges in our home. Seems the preference is now oil rubbed bronze in place of the shinny gold we have today. All in prep for putting the place up for sale in a year or so. Hope to get some shop time if it warms up enough. Oh yeah, hear there is a football game on Sunday as well.

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