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  1. One of the things that helps me is I have 2 strong lights, one on the right and one on the left and they make the blade throw an intersecting shadow right were it is cutting and that help me keep to the line a lot. DW
  2. There are several ways to do that tricky inside corner. One method I have seen done is to drill a #65 or #70 hole at the apex of the angle ( the point ) this allows you more freedom to make the turn. Another method I have seen is to plan the cut in such a way that you come at it from both sides of the angle. Yet another way is to cut as normal and rotate the work when you reach the point. Another way would be if there is enough scrap area overcut one side and circle around and come back to the opposite side making what looks like one of those support ribbon shapes. This will give you a very sharp angle. I have done all of these at one time or another and they all work ... just not all the time for every situation. It varies. Hope this helps. DW
  3. I saw this saw ( no pun intended ) in actual use by the CEO several years back when they first came out. He was NOT wearing gloves and he stuck his hand right in to the spinning blade and before it did more than scratch his finger the blade was jammed and retracted. Wearing gloves while using a table saw or a lathe is not a good thing. I have been always taught that safety is the primary consideration and gloves and jewelry around rotating machinery is definitely not a safe thing to have on. Personally I like the idea that the blade gets stopped and yanked back before it does any serious damage. There would be more damage to my shorts than my hand should that happen.
  4. Very nicely done Ron. I have seen the pattern for the table in the past. I like the patio stand idea for it as well. Great job on it. Thanks for sharing this with us. DW
  5. So THAT is what a bench top looks like.... hmmmm
  6. This is someone with amazing talent and WAY too much time on their hands. I would never have the patience to paint all those beads. DW
  7. This is my latest bank.  A customer wanted a Cardinal Bank for her son and this is what I came up with. The bank is 7 inches long x 9 inches tall x 3 3/4 inches thick.  I glued up 5 layers of clear pine to get the required thickness and then sanded and shaped the bank to its final shape.  I then painted it with water based acrylic paints then sealed with shellac.     DW
  8. Very nice. That is bound to become a heirloom. Excellent work. I would make a small card or something like that with the story of how this was made from that tree and affix it to the inside. This way down the road when folks years from now see it they will know the story of the bench. DW
  9. I have done these kind of joints both way and prefer by hand. I am not the fastest doing them but they fit and look good and that is what counts in the end.... oh and i enjoy the challenge of doing it by hand. DW
  10. I If you plane the stock flat before you start there is no problem with the glue joints as the mating surfaces are the top and bottom surfaces of the stock you are making your bowl with.  So with a little prep you can get the top and bottom surfaces flat and with a bowl press like this one  you can get consistent good glue joints every time.  The press shown has a 12 inch from corner to corner spacing.  This particular one is about 6 years old and gets used about 3 - 5 times a week or more.  They are easy to construct.   With a good sanding there is no need to do any kind of leveling.  Sand them smooth to at least 220 grit.  I generally go to to 220 and stop and let the finish do the rest of the smoothing.   DW
  11. This is definitely not gluten free DW
  12. Wonder .... secret compartment? Looking forward to seeing it as it progresses. DW
  13. Well there are several options out there 1) the VA although not sure how long that would take now a days 2) Might wish to look at a private insurance police for Vision - I saw a couple with just a quick search that started at around $12 a month 3) go to the tricare website and look up ophthalmologists that are covered under your plan other than that I am not sure what would be your best bet. DW
  14. That is an awesome program. I love when new blood is brought into the fold of working with wood. There are so many different disciplines to explore. Teach them the proper and safe use of the tools and let them do their thing... excellent. DW
  15. The demo I saw a couple of years back the guys setup was doing 15kv and he explained that he had tried various solutions until he came up with the one he is using now.
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