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  1. It was the tabs in the tip of the arms that hold the blade and the slit in the table that finally gave it away. Im sure someone would pay $ for it.
  2. Started the back legs for my small bench. About -5 temp outside.
  3. Well Considering i just got home from work, its still friday for me. I sent some maple through the planer the other day and brought it down to the bacement to warm up a bit, its for a small work bench where i can keep warm.
  4. Some of you know that me and my family bought my grandparents farm house, ive been busy trying to balance free time and get crud done time and its been tough for me to stay on task. Any way, colder weather is on its way here in Wi so i decided to stat putting together a small shop down in the basement. Well for years I've seen this homemade contraption and could never figure out what it was till about 15 minutes ago.
  5. Thank you John. Coutland, im not very teck savy, and all i have is my cell phone to use the net. While posting pics, the first pic will upload but will not let me add another, though it will let me select a photo, it just will not upload a second pic. Im probably doing sonething wrong.
  6. Its not letting me post multiple pics
  7. Here is a better look at the foley 61 automatic saw filer
  8. Oh yes, internationas are tough as nails and so much fun, I just wish i had more. John, the travelall would be my next ih.
  9. I am missing a peace to the puzzle, well two. I have a Foley 61 saw sharpener and know little about how to use it. its back in that corner some where. Im wondering if anyone has one of these jems...and the two jigs that one would need to set up a hand saw too the machine. The jig that i know that i am missing, sets the depth of the saw to where it needs to be. Im unsure of what the other is for and what it looks like. Have a wonderfull day, im on nights so im going to bed.
  10. Well john, here would be the reason. that would be my grandparents first new vehicle. I bought it from him about 12 years ago...and now shes back to her home. Life is good.
  11. The outside edges of the top are maple. But yes, that was exactly why i didnt want to run bolts through.
  12. So far ive planed the bords and did a lot of moving things around. Ill be bolting together, thank you.
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