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  1. And...now the waiting game. Virtual fair is new for 2020 as you are all well aware. So...the portion of the website to observe results is not yet complete. I tell these young ladies that patience is a virtue but the old man is checking in regularly...All in good time! I guess I am just confessing a little about my deficiencies today! Indications are Friday or after for results...Suspense is a character builder, right? 😜😜😬
  2. Thanks for the kind comments all. Showing from a distance is a big change for sure!
  3. We struggled to get going early on this season because of the uncertainty that the show would happen. Unfortunately, many have not. For your grandsons, and with animals especially, there is so much time and effort invested and it is tough news to have to back away. I hope your fair can survive this all. I really do believe in the value of this program. The biggest change for our fair and my girls was that we had to change project plans pretty significantly to make an entry deadline which moved up two weeks to accommodate processing of all entries through virtual medium. My older daughter was disappointed by this as she has only 1 more year to compete and her original project plan was much more ambitious for 2020. She opted to change projects in order to make the show. Like so many things in 2020, change is inevitable a guess.
  4. Judging is tomorrow for two of my daughters woodworking 4H projects. This has been a very different experience than past years with all judging being virtual but the shop/daddy daughter time remained fairly similar. The interaction with the judges is a big part of the fair year typically and had to be replaced with a written form explaining their projects. Thought I would share their finished projects tonight with you all. Each of them have a woodworking entry with my 12 year old having made a game board with recycled Red Cedar, and the 17 year old, a keepsake box which will be a housewarming gift for her oldest sister after the fair. The older one decided to give carving a shot in the Visual Arts Wood category as well. The angel will judge Friday. They worked very hard and as usual, challenged me to help them try new things. I wish them the best of luck and am proud of their hard work.
  5. I totally agree. Haven’t had a chance to talk more with him about it because of planting season but may suggest this to him as an option.
  6. I think it had keyholes to hang on screws but not entirely sure. That may be the path he will follow. The original had lovers for air which may be a bit tricky to duplicate but sure it can be done.
  7. I know they are heavy but I was not involved with the moving. I suspect at least a couple of mules. As for the door, I totally agree that making one out of wood is a good and viable option. The owner, however, has a desire to take this one back to “original as possible” condition. There is the challenge!
  8. Looking good on this one!
  9. Bundoman

    Knotty vase

    Like the color and figure of the wood on this piece a lot. Nice piece!
  10. All, I will start this post by saying that if I am breaking a rule with this one, please accept my apologies and feel free to take it down. I wasn't sure if this is outside the typical. I have a friend that picked this lathe up recently and is in the process of restoring it for his shop. (No it’s not me this time!). He is missing the door that you don’t see in the picture and is looking for one. Anybody have any ideas or leads on where one may be had. I believe he is familiar with theOWWM site so this is may be a long shot. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Nice Work! Much more useful than my decorative one!
  12. There are differing centers within golfballs, and to that end, you are correct. Some manufacturers use a small hard rubber core that is wrapped in layer after layer of rubber banding, which is then covered with the outside shell of the ball. The other type that I have found is what you see here. There may be others but these are the ones that I am familiar with. As an aside, when we were kids, we used to find a lot of old golf balls in the corn fields near the local golf course and would split them with dads coping saw to reveal the rubber bands. Bouncing this wrapped core would often allow the unravelling of said rubber bands in the air in something of an explosive fashion, especially if you slit them a bit before bouncing. It was fun and recreational at 10ish years old. (Did i mention that I grew up in a very small town). The 2 balls in the picture are a Calloway and a Titleist. I have also found solid cores in Maxfli and others over the years. I split them very carefully by eye and ear with a coping saw. Regardless of center type, you can hear Immediately when you cut through the outer shell by the change in pitch of the cutting sound. I work my way around the ball by sighting center and slowly working to meet my line on the other side. I then work the cut line with a flat blade screwdriver to pop the shell from one side. It become the base later. This is not my original idea and I am pretty sure i have seen carving books dedicated to the finer points of carving golfballs. The center core cuts a bit like hard soap and can chip pretty easily. Not bad medium for a beginner wanting to try something with a knife and chisel. I put her in a glove, gave her a few starter safety points, and just let her cut away. I did the same. We had a good time. This little project comes from me trying this years ago before kids. It also echoes loudly of the kid deep inside. I only wish my carving skills were more worthy. Thanks all for the kind words.
  13. I have been enjoying this time in the shop with them too. Did this little whittling project with my youngest this week as well. This was just an hour of fun time for her. She seemed to love it.
  14. They are in the neighborhood of 6 feet long. The spoon came from one of the short shelves which was about 20 x20 . You dont see them like this too often anymore.
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