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  1. It’s a disaster as usual! Clean desk, messy mind, right? Have had an itch to get some white gas camping gear for awhile. Reliving some good memories and whatnot. August and September took me there, along with the propane lantern in this picture. Lanterns and stoves have been finding me at garage sales. I can’t lie...playing with fire has been a little fun and exciting. Judging the bench shot in the last photo, my mind must be squeaky clean right now! A couple recent project before and after photos included. Forgive me things aren’t so “woodworky” in the project department the last few
  2. Metal detecting looks like a lot of fun. Just like a Christmas every time you dig! 😂 thanks for sharing.
  3. Welcome to “the show!” Glad to have you!
  4. Great machine in the remaking there! Welcome aboard!
  5. Dead set hasn’t happened but is a consideration. I need to reduce things a bit but I find the hunting to be so fun and that makes it tough. I think I will be purging some duplicate planes and drills very soon. As I type this, I am staring at beer flat full of carving tools that I just brought home including nice grouping of Addis and a Buck gouges along with a couple small beginner sets. Got a call from my folks at the resale that they were coming in and I could have first look. Too good of a deal to pass and the Addis gouges fill some gaps in my primary set with great quality tools. Mo
  6. Crazy when I pick up a flat of carving tools and am more curious about the unknown “critter” in the corner of the box. I suspect this is something I simply know nothing about and So I am leaning on the wealth of knowledge here. I was thinking possible leather tool? Marked as INTERLOCKEN and Patent pending. The end is a blade that resembles the pattern of a jigsaw puzzle piece, has a sharpened edge, and appears it can be interchanged with others blades which are not in the box. The end of the handle shows evidence of having been struck with a mallet or hammer. Please Ignore the big white
  7. Didn’t realize I was so far back in the posts when I commented on this so apologize for that. But, I stand by my original comments and again must say...lookin good! I like the grain in the Silkwood.
  8. Looks good! You look to be well under way with spoons. I haven’t worked much green wood but the bit of green turning that I have done has been pleasant. Things just cut easier. Look forward to the end result.
  9. State Fair submissions are in. The Angel is in as is the game board.
  10. I love the look of the thumb hole saws and have cleaned up a few. That should Clean up to be a nice one. Handle looks great!
  11. A couple of weeks ago, my BIL appeared at a family thing and said to me, I picked something up for you. He hands me a nicely refinished wooden box. The one on the left in the first picture below is it. You can see what I found inside. I paid him and am happy! The box on the right is one I picked up last summer at a crafty “repurposey” store. It needs a new part for the box but is otherwise quite complete as well. Both are Irwin. Now the part about the hard truth...It seems that perhaps my flea market, garage sale, resale, auction and anywhere else“crawling”, as fun as it is,
  12. Pretty high on the shop aggravation scale for me when it’s a case of everything measured, parts set just right, clamps set, Make a move, and “kerchunk!” 😡🤬 While I’m here, probably should clear up whether “kerchunk” is a word or a sound? Bet others have been there. 😜😂😜
  13. Yes it was. Irwin has them now. Seems like the newer ones I have are more prone to rust than the old ones but that might just be me.
  14. Been meaning to ask if you have interest in the belt guard for the 1160 that I have here? Not perfect but seems complete. I think you mentioned being short on your saw of having one. Don’t know what shipping would run but you can have it if you want to cover that or could pick it up too? It’s lightly tweaked at the top but should straighten easily enough to make the fit better. I’m not going to use it and need to start getting control of the shop mess. Let me know. The White House paint and rust are free and I will cover shipping on those! Lol!
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