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  1. Bundoman

    Lookie here

    Stellar deal and “gloat worthy!” If you can’t take the guilt, I will double your money! Lol! 🤣
  2. We didn’t cover patterns and colors. I will plan to trace some patterns going forward and appreciate the tips. I did spray some Deft on the inside of the first ones...fast and simple. For shapes and designs, I have just been free-handing the shapes of my stuff thus far and turning to learn so kind of “one-off” and random on the shapes. For the snow people, I took pictures for future reference but was looking for random. I can see the definite benefit of repeatability for sure if I start making bunches of these. I am just really enjoying my lathe now that I am giving it more than a partial effort. My co-workers have been big fans of snow people and liked the ornament too.
  3. I greatly appreciate your help and suggestions on these! It helped a lot with getting started and with getting the openings right without a lot of mistakes. I am already guilty on trying multiple shapes. I turned four more starts last night and made the reversal glue-ups on them. I will probably move them forward tonight. I made a series of the rough blanks and the heat was on...etc. As for the gluing, I warmed the epoxy up a bit with the wife’s hairdryer to make it.”ooze” and to pretty much blow it into the cracks which worked pretty well. The product is slow set (6ish hour) epoxy that she uses for glazing tumblers that she makes so it gave me some working time. It was not ideal to be sure! CA really is the better choice and I have fixed plane knobs with it on occasion. My big problem was that I only had the gel junk at the house the other night. I may or may not have been kind of impatient and didnt want to wait another night on trying this so hatched the epoxy plan. I am sometimes “patience deficient” like a 5 year old when experimenting with new things in the shop! Admitting there is a problem is the first step to recovery though, right? 😜. Anyway, thanks again for the help and inspiration. I will certainly be giving the CA glue a try on these going forward as I will surely hit a snag with this wood!
  4. The stress cracks in the one piece of wood were a bit problematic but I am going to call this first attempt a success! After all, It didn’t fly completely apart! Learning! Feel free to offer opinions...
  5. Took that shot and so far so good! Cyprus wood turned, sanded, lacquered, split, and re-glued. Just have to finish turning the outside without destroying it! It has one piece of wood with a crack that could be problematic. I have tried to stabilize ir with epoxy so maybe will finish it up or wreck it tomorrow night! Time will tell...
  6. Nice grab! I bought the “towel hanger” cousin to this one a year or so back. It was screwed to a barn board. It set me back 28 bucks and all of the parts were present but stuck. Took a little work to get everything free and sent that one to a new home.
  7. Thank you for the tips. I really like this concept. If I take a shot, I will update my progress.
  8. Afraid so...but beats the alternative I suppose! 🤪
  9. Shop cleaning, brakes for the “family barge”, new VS belt and service for the Powermatic Lathe, and working to assemble the dust collector pieces and parts into a workable unit...long overdue! May do a little tool service to a few other things as well over the next few days.
  10. Just wishing all you “wood warriors” a Merry Christmas and a joyous Holiday season! Have a great day!
  11. I solve that by having some show up in the washer and dryer! It alleviates some doubt! 🤪
  12. These are very pretty. Great wood choice, too! I have been watching some videos on inside out turning but have not tried it. These inspire me to give it a shot soon. Nice work!
  13. I keep at least a couple rough machines around all the time as well...not by choice...but...more like...well...I just do! Why try to justify it!😜
  14. If only! I shovelled three 55 gallon drums of chips yesterday! Pieces of tree just get bigger when you “fluff” them! 😜
  15. Really like the staggered glue up and wood selection for this. Nice work!
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