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  1. Me too!!! Its a sickness that I need to control but its just so fun!!
  2. Per request, the FFA 1975 Cub the daughter and I have been working on. Bought it knowing a head gasket would be in order. We did that, all fluids, and a radiator. Also, had to get the lights in order and add an SMV so it’s roadworthy. Hood is back on it now but no. Pictures of that. Sorry… For FFA week, the kids can drive their tractors to school and even though we do not farm, she really wanted to be a part of this. I must concede this happens in February so it might be chilly. It’s 12 miles from our house to her parking spot so I may trailer it in closer for her that day so she arrives in less than a Popsicle state. I think we might both be crazy! Lol If she remains interested, perhaps a paint freshening on the horizon.
  3. Hey all!!! It's been a good long time. The year 2023 will go into my personal history as a crazy one!! New Job in April after nearly 30 years at the old one and summer of stress as a health emergency nearly took my daughters life. Throw in daily life and whatnot and the summer was crazy! Didn't even get shop time really and had to bow out on 4H woodworking for the youngest. She and I have had a few minutes here and there to get an IH Cub running for Feb. tractor drive. I can share pics of that later. Just has not been much to share or time to share it the last few months. Everyone is mending and things are levelling out now. I knew it had been awhile when I could not remember my password here on Sunday. I Hope this note finds you all well and the everyone was able to experience a joyous Christmas season. Hoping 2024 is more average. More later...Gotta go do real work!! I hope to be prowling the site and catching up in the next few "snow-snorkeling" weeks. Missed this place...
  4. Definitely looks like a Celt to me. I walk fields in the spring and have found a number of cutting tools and points but I have not been lucky enough to find one of these. Not 100% sure what the intended use was but have read online that they were used as a small hand axe or hoe for digging.
  5. Bundoman


    Outstanding result! Really do like that!!
  6. Did mine Friday night. It does hurt more than it used to. About 4 acres for me as well.
  7. Thanks for the information. I think I’m gonna have to give these a try one day.
  8. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Prayers it will be quick and complete.
  9. Invited to dinner at oldest 2 daughters residence for Saturday and to hang pictures for them. Perhaps a little turning as I have a few more spring snowman requests to fill. Shop cleaning always can happen...And, if it is a usual weekend, a surprise adventure or two. Too muddy to walk for artifacts in my normal spring haunts. Enjoy the weekend.
  10. Can someone give ma a "tip" on where to obtain the tips for making tops? Wow! must be Friday...
  11. As a fellow lefty, I can sympathize. Just remember that if the left side of the brain really controls the right side of the body, then only left handed people are truly in their right minds! Nice job on the top. I have never attempted to make or operate one of these but always thought they were interesting. Now I am wondering...
  12. First off...Thanks to all for giving her such a warm welcome and encouraging words. This being the youngest of my kids and she is growing up fast, so I am doing what I can to enjoy our shop time together, and trust me, she has entirely taken "ownership" of her space. We are having a good time!!!
  13. Looks like a great save to me. Like it a lot!
  14. Well done “Pea!” and, welcome to the forums. This is my youngest offspring and she has decided that the time has come to be posting her own projects on here. This is the young lady that just got the Delta lathe I posted about last month. Now she can read and learn from you all.
  15. I got some faux fur from JoAnn Fabrics and also picked up a similar product from Hobby Lobby.
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