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  1. Bundoman

    Bought on the rebound

    I bought one last year that looked much like this for $25.00. Cleaned it up a bit and removed the “auxiliary sole” and sold it back into woodworking service. Don’t see how they make great coat hangers but it is darn easy to repurpose them in this way, I guess.
  2. Bundoman

    Getting warmer!!

    There is actually a second smaller one on the property that my son wanted for his garage. We cut and framed the door opening. He is parking in that one now but we still have to put in the door.
  3. Bundoman

    Getting warmer!!

    Thank you. Most of my tools rescued and restored. The Big bandsaw was the last power tool to follow me home. It was going to be scrapped from the local high school because it needed brake work and new guides. As for hand tools, I need to get Them organized. They are in the carpenter boxes awaiting sort and sharpen.
  4. Bundoman

    Getting warmer!!

    Thank you! I believe that saw is an Atkins if memory serves me correctly. It is one of several things that has come home because it seemed like a great idea at the time, not because of my ambitions to use them. It is in good condition and the “junk store” lady sold it to me for cheap so I brought it home. I just hung it last week and kinda like it there.
  5. Bundoman


    Lookin good!!
  6. Bundoman

    Getting warmer!!

    The grain bin is 34 foot diameter and I am heating about 3/4 of it so in the neighborhood of 700 sq feet main floor that is heated with 900 overall. It also has a walk-up storage overhead that I may further expand in time. That is a couple hundred sq feet right now where the wife puts the Christmas decorations etc. and where some my spare stuff hides.
  7. The majority of my continuous free shop time seems to happen each year in December around the holidays when it generally is COLD in Illinois. I have been tinkering for years with little or no heat this time of year while squirreling away a little cash with hopes of changing that one day. Well, This was the year. I had a propane line dug to the shop this fall and I have been working to Sheet the walls with OSB on the weekends. I blew in the wall insulation this week plus blew in the attic area as well. The heaters were used purchases for 7 bucks and 20 bucks so pretty low budget but work quite nicely. A small furnace might be better. Maybe in time but this will do for now. Not a perfect solution but head and shoulders, an improvement over a salamander and no insulation from years past. Oh...did I mention quieter too! Only 1 degree outside today and I was in my sweatshirt to work. I still have a few wall cavities to fill so feeling pretty good about things overall. I will not heat it all of the time as I am sure it is not that efficient to do so but I can get warm enough to glue when need be. The grain bin shop definitely got better this week! Still a mess of course but that has improved this week as well with new quick rough saw till today, some additional shelving, 5 additional lights, and the purge of many unused items. I will probably be selling spare tools shortly as well to help with clutter. It’s been a good week or two here. Sharing a few pictures and my excitement.
  8. Bundoman

    From My Shop to Yours

    A belated Merry Christmas to you all!
  9. Bundoman

    Rust Hunt on a Monday?

    Looks to me like it is time to drill some holes! Nice work!
  10. Bundoman

    One More Push Drill...

    Nice work! I have several that could use that kind of TLC. They follow me home when they have a good selection of bits and a low price. I havent worked on these much though!
  11. Bought this at the local resale for 3 bucks. It had ugly rubbery green paint with nicely brown painted rosewood handles. I stripped all of that and did a complete disassemble, clean, and grease of all parts. The crank handle had a crack that I welded and re-ground. My final paint scheme of Oliver tractor green and black may not be a correct original but I like the way it turned out. I have a little green residue to clean from the gear teeth to call this one done. Does anyone happen to have a similar parts drill that would have a protective cover for the level glass? It is unfortunately AWOL!
  12. Eight bucks at the local resale store! One has a junk plate which is sad is it was such a full plated speciman! D8 thumbhole, number 12 and I believe a number 16 in the group that will be very workable. The other two are TBD. I wasnt in the saw market but the deal was pretty good and they are pretty straight and clean. More winter work for me.
  13. Bundoman

    Old backsaws garage sale style!

    Out this fall for the Spoon River Drive and happened upon a garage sale where I found these! One is an early W. Tyzack and sons and Turner brass back Nonpareil with split nuts. One split nut was changed out for a later medallion and round head saw bolt but I have some spare split nuts so should be able to put it right. It is the heaviest backsaw I have ever seen and It has an etch for the English company “H B & H Petter” for which I have only found limited historical information online. The other one is a Woodrough and McParlin with 2 etches, one being the Woodrough etch and the other an Abingdon ??? Etch that is not completely legible. The handles on both of these saws are Beech and are still in need of a little work as can be seen in the pictures but are very salvageable. The plates are in excellent condition overall and I intend to bring them back into service. This is my first brass backed saw and I have been looking for one for awhile. I just think that they are pretty. What can I say? The pair set me back a whole 10 spot. I have inclded a before with some other fall tool finds and some afters as well. The plates only needed a light rub with 400 wet dry and some simple green foolowed by a quick waxing. The brass was taken to the buffer. Handles will get a scrub and BLO. The W&M saw should really have a missing piece repaired first.
  14. Bundoman


    Thinking that Craftsman drill is Millers Falls built. I have one just like it in the shop. Nice little eggbeaters!

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