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  1. My dad was frustrated enough by the questions that he refused to submit it. Too invasive! And I agree with you, it leaves ya feeling not quite right!
  2. New alternator for the sons truck after retrieving it from the roadside, putting up deck furniture for winter, FAFSA work for the oldest, generally not much shop fun this weekend. Maybe a little cleanup up from some prior projects. Oh! And trick or treating with the youngest because of postponement due to snow. At least I will not be too bored! Enjoy the weekend, folks!
  3. I don’t have an Ohio, but I do have the Stanley! Guess I have liked this size plane more than once. Oh well! The Ohio is cool too!
  4. I use wax on most of my cutting tools and like it a lot. It works well on my saw planes, planes, chisels and such.
  5. Gave the backsaw a little love this pm. No etches found so just cleaned the plate and spine, blued the spine, cleaned the bolts, light sanded the handle and waxed and oiled the whole works. Still needs a good filing but have to dig out the magnifier if I’m going to have any success. Soon to be a user in my shop.
  6. Brother and sister anvils. Second one done today! The smaller one is Keen a Kutter stamped.
  7. I understand! Differences make us greater! As timing would have it, I just stepped in from the shop to grab a bite and saw this. Cleaning up the small anvil today in hopes ofputting together a trade for the big one and thinking it is getting the same BLO treatment. The finish on the first is showing zero tack. I can wipe the shop dust clean with the swipe of a shop towel. I was experimenting and I went a similar but slightly different way than the video on the anvil I did. I applied a coat of BLO to the anvil at ambient temperature with a disposable brush and then warmed it in a bit with my heat gun. The warm air nicely thinned the BLO and pushed it into the really rough areas of the anvil. The heavy areas would sweat out and be runny and I rubbed those in with a blue shop towel. After warming, I buffed the entire surface to get the excess oil and set it in the sunny shop door to dry. It dried quickly because of the warming and took a nice sheen. I must say it was easy and quick and it has no stick! 😀
  8. Feeling pretty honored to have sparked such spirited discussion! And on a Saturday, no less! Debate, discuss, and learn from each other! That is why I pop in here now and again. 😜
  9. Cool! I tried it with some blog posts and while put put the link in the post, it didn’t seem to activate them. iI will have to try again . Thank for the help.
  10. Thanks John for sharing. Haven’t figured out how to share these links.
  11. I had long held the same thought but have read so many articles to contradict my belief. An internet search of boiled Linseed Oil for metal protection led me to do this. There are a number of blogs and posts out there, supporting BLO as a viable option. It is a different and newer look for an item which is not everyone’s taste to be sure, including mine. And, there are potential downsides if done incorrectly, the biggest of which can be a sticky surface if excess is not wiped off while wet. The upside I read is that the finish is tough and durable. This anvil is planned to return to smithing so giving this a try. It is too soon for me to have formed a final opinion of whether I like the end result or not as a long term option, but I am pleased with the initial results. The finish has been on 3 months now and seemed agreeable to high heat and humidity this summer. Time will tell on this little experiment. And the termites are angry! Lol
  12. I should add that I read about the BLO treatment thing on the internet so it has to be true, right? It did seem to work well enough, though.
  13. I wondered the same thing but from what I have read, it sounds like it was done as part of maintenance in some shops. All of the ones I have seen also are well covered in barnacles and/or beaten within an inch of life.
  14. Not quite woodworking and only kinda a hand tool but thought I would share before and after son a nice Vulcan anvil I was asked to clean for a friend. It tips the scales at 209 pounds and really is a dandy with a nice ring! Makes my 87 pounder look a bit malnourished! I was going to Etank this one but decided on wire wheeling instead. This one is coated with linseed oil warmed in with my heat gun to protect the patina and keep future rust at bay. I have read that this practice was used in the old days for anvils and I am pleased with the results. She and I are discussing a swap as my smaller one would be more manageable for her to move so this may find permanent residence in my shop but that is TBD.
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