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  1. Living in “Long Mondaysville” with the current events in the world. Working longer hours with less days per week. Having Monday to Wednesday free, I dug out a new project. It’s been a long time (16 years) since I have done any carving. I dabbled a bit at Christmas but gave up. Here is my fun attempt for the week....a bookworm! Needless to say, a bit rusty and rough out of the gate! Also getting some legs under 2020 4H prep work with the girls. Cedar reclamation for a project underway! The worm hopefully gets some color today. A few pics of progress... On a separate note, stay safe and healthy out there! Things are a bit changed up for most everyone right now but with a little faith and patience, this too shall pass! I find some positives currently in life as things have slowed down a bit. Having all of my kids for dinner each night has been pleasant to say the least. I know it will not last! My college Senior has some understandable job searching concerns the current COVID thing but it’s small in the big scheme of things! Prayers for those that are unable to work at all right now. Tougher out there for some...Have a great albeit somewhat changed week all!
  2. Thank you and I must say that I have never seen a model 458 in my travels. Pretty neat though.
  3. I made the base from 1/8 wall square tube, some light channel iron, a little flat plate For the machine to rest on, and garage sale special rollerblade wheels. Not in view is a pipe lug that fits a lift handle with two slave wheels so I can steer like a rudder. I can set the lift end on a piece of scrap plywood to get to pretty level and they do not roll away. It can be a bit top heavy so I do have to be careful. Everything was scrap and repurpose so the welding rods were the biggest expense. I have several of these made to move the bigger stuff. As for govdeals, I have been there a time or two and almost won an air compressor on there last year. Love the site.
  4. Some of my stuff is slightly newer but I don’t mind if the price is good. I usually clean them up to use, so not really a purist collector. This one I drug home from the scrap yard. Had to tighten the belt and fix a fuse connector in the control box and it was off to the races.
  5. I don’t have one, but would like to find a sander on the order of the one in the picture for the shop. I haven’t lucked into one that I wanted to afford but haven’t tried too hard either. I like Delta tools because they tend to show up and be reasonably affordable if one is patient. The sander has simply eluded me.
  6. I do not like taking them apart either. It feels kinda wrong to me. This was my second 1160 that the guard came from. The first had a broken trunnion. The second spent decades in the rain under a bad roof and was a total train wreck. I have the base like you have pictured here and the guard. I think the trunnions are long gone but they were intact. I believe they were sold. If the guard is something you need, I would let it go as I like seeing the old stuff survive.
  7. You’ve got it bad! Lol. My overage is in my dads shed! Hehehe!
  8. I like these saws a lot and had one in my shop for awhile. Space was just getting pretty limited so I moved it on a few years back. I’ve gone back and forth on getting another one but never have jumped.
  9. Does this make you an enabler? Lol...I did one of these for my dad a few years back. He still has it. These are nice project tools. Do you deliver? 😜
  10. Sadly, the saw the the belt guard came from went to the big woodshop in the sky! It was pretty broken up so I kept and or sold many of the useable parts. I have a few things left but not much.
  11. I did use the original base in gray and shot the original plywood top with brown. This photo just kinda sucks! The work light really messed with it but it was the only one I took so ran with it.
  12. All done! Tuned and adjusted everything and made a few test cuts tonight. Seems to track very well, even with the old blade. I did add a couple washers to get everything coplaner and it’s happy! Thanks for all of the nice comments on this one. It’s been awhile since I tackled a power tool. Enjoyed this one a lot. Picture is kind of poor. I should have killed the light, I guess. Sorry for that!
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