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Dale Felice

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  1. Dale Felice

    It's only wood... PI

    Lew I'm in the middle of a masterpiece with the trout work. Can't wait to post it. Its gonna be epic. I just laid a base color on a brook trout and I'm stunned.
  2. Dale Felice

    Rustic farm signage/pig

    From the album: Signs and images

    Made this by hand and two part chalk paint. Then routed out the pig and hand carved letters by dremel. Took about an hour.
  3. Dale Felice

    Rustic farm signage/pig

    Thank you Cal.
  4. Dale Felice

    Rustic farm signage/pig

    New phone Haha. I can't operate it too well. That and all the pain I been in. I have been trying no matter the pain. I had an MRI 2 days ago. Just waiting on the results. Plus the house problems had metastasized to the point where repair can be as much as 60k
  5. Dale Felice

    Oakleaf wood spirit

    Thank you lew. Just a fun little project to kill time.
  6. From the album: Chainsaw Carving

    This little guy was done by several different saws. I then took the time and by dremel, got it burnished with burrs and stones to obtain a smooth look. Torches and stained the pine piece to give an old look. Only about a foot high.
  7. Dale Felice

    Trout Trio

    From the album: Chainsaw Carving

    Starting of 3 species of trout for a friend. Much work to go. Rough in by chainsaw, then worked down to smooth finish. Home depot lumber believe it or not. 2x6 material glued up, then sawn down. The three trout will be one of each, Brook, brown, and rainbow. It will have an eagle looking down from a perch.
  8. Dale Felice

    Signs and images

    Scrollsaw projects that are random from signage to portraits and other misc Designs I put together by laptop and generated into a pattern.
  9. Dale Felice

    Chainsaw Carving

    When the weather gets nice in Pa, I try to do something a bit different instead of being cooped up inside. Here is some things I have either done or started on .1 hr so far.
  10. Dale Felice

    Trout Trio2

    From the album: Chainsaw Carving

    Picture showing position of the brook trout. The dorsal fin gives it away as to what type of trout. Color will be soon by using the airbrush.
  11. Dale Felice

    Lightning on the plains 3

    From the album: Signs and images

    The finished product. This was for me a bit ugh. Too computer generated for my liking but it turned out good.it was very fragile to cut. It took about a month believe it or not. I broke all kinds of blades on it.I used 360º blades a lot.The medium is birch with a stained lauan backer colored walnut. Now its time for a frame! Approx is 16"wx12"l..... Cheers!
  12. Dale Felice

    Lightning on the plains 3

    Real tight work for sure.
  13. Dale Felice

    Warrior in flag 4

    From the album: military scroll projects

    The whole warrior done. Now for the backdrop.
  14. Dale Felice

    Warrior in flag 4

    Thanks John! I haven't been on much due to ptsd issues. Our home we moved into is mold head to toe. All kinds of damages. Owner didn't disclose it all. We are suffering and are trying for help. The va pushed me to 100% after an 8 yr fight. I've been so frustrated I haven't even done any wood work as of late. We didn't have $ for the inspection before so that may be a nail in the coffin. Lawyers won't look at it due to cost either. I have every organization contacted but not hearing anything yet. It's a big mess.
  15. Dale Felice

    Wood Carving Forum

    In many carving groups I'm in, we have carvers that chainsaw carve. However many carve by dremel, arbor tech, die grinders, angle grinders and so on. Yes it's good to expand. All aspects requiring some sort of blade and or attachment is considered carving. I actually use chisels to carve eyes and detail if the customer requests detail. A combination of equipment in most forums is ok to do. I'd see no problem with it. The only thing I'm completely against is a cnc for chainsaw carving work. Cnc is ok for other work, but too many guys are doing" production " work and to many of us carvers, it kills the art form. No 2 pieces of art should be exact, but unfortunately the fun is being taken out as well as some degree of talent. A carving forum would be cool.
  16. Dale Felice

    Carved log bench2

    Thank you John! It was a beast.
  17. Dale Felice

    Carved log bench

    This is for a pre order the customer wanted. She wanted a log bench to match her log furniture. It's been soaking wet here So, I bought 2x6 material and glued up the logs. All chainsaw and hand hewn. Even hand carved knots. Live edge was chainsaw work as well. I hope that she is happy to have It!
  18. Dale Felice

    Carved log bench

    Thank you lew. Yeah if you glue them real tight, you get good results. As a saw carver this is a must to do. We usually carve our own bark as well. Looks very realistic and matter of fact they make tool that mounts on the saw and does it now. It is called a Harry cane tool.
  19. Dale Felice

    Wings wide open2

    From the album: Chainsaw Carving

    Finally, done! This is going to a wounded warrior I met in Norvelt, PA. He said he wanted an eagle for in front of his flag pole.... well he got a decent one. A special thanks to a world carver named Chad Dancyk who supported me by helping me get the eye work done much better. He instructed me to try chisels on the eyes instead of power carving. Much better!!! What do you think?
  20. Dale Felice

    Wings wide open2

    He texted me and just said that lol! He is happy with the progress. Just have to seal it and ship it out.
  21. Dale Felice

    Rustic deer slab

    From the album: Hunting, Fishing, Wildlife

    A brand new pattern that came out just this month. This piece is in maple and torched edges sets the tone. This will be up for sale at my father in laws in Irwin Pa. Approximately 8"x11" . Was an evening at the saw. Lots of details in the trees. Thanks for looking.
  22. Dale Felice

    Chainsaw Carving

    Lew, just seen this. Thank you. It was a beast to do being the first eagle with wings attached. Now that I understand it much better, it's becoming second hand. Most carving is now. Once you have an image set, you can begin to "draw" by saw and take baby steps towards a finish result. Lots of learning to go.
  23. Dale Felice

    Wings wide open 3

    From the album: Chainsaw Carving

    Better shot of eye details.
  24. Dale Felice

    Hunting, Fishing, Wildlife

    Collector plates, wildlife scenes and outdoors type projects. From my neck of the woods.

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