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  1. Haven't heard nor seen much of ya Dale, just checking in and seeing how ya doing, hope all is well with everything in life. :)

  2. Lew they certainly do! I think this carving is my favorite for this yr so far.
  3. When the weather gets nice in Pa, I try to do something a bit different instead of being cooped up inside. Here is some things I have either done or started on .1 hr so far.
  4. Thank you!! Havent been on much. But I will be soon. Was in the va hospital for a while. I'm ok just going through a lot. Time to post what I've done as of late. Its unreal. I did a championship and did really well so stay tuned!
  5. Hi John! I'm doing both hand and air. It depends on the mood. Mixing colors is hard to do especially if its three separate trout of different species. They are acrylic believe it or not. Then sealed by conventional spar in a spray can. The rest is brushed spar. Very tricky.
  6. Thank you lew! I am now set to carve in the national roadcarver fest in Addison pa on June 13-15. There will be 35 unbelievable carvers there. So now it's time to turn up the heat. I'm ready. This piece was just cool to do and see it transform. Cant wait to do more.
  7. Thank you! The rainbow is by far the easiest so far.
  8. Thank you lew! They are hard to do and especially when ya have to do all 3 species. It's been 8 months on them. Now to assemble a pad for them.
  9. Thank you Gene! Been working on them big time. Lots of hand paint on this bugger. Some airbrush too.
  10. Lew I'm in the middle of a masterpiece with the trout work. Can't wait to post it. Its gonna be epic. I just laid a base color on a brook trout and I'm stunned.
  11. New phone Haha. I can't operate it too well. That and all the pain I been in. I have been trying no matter the pain. I had an MRI 2 days ago. Just waiting on the results. Plus the house problems had metastasized to the point where repair can be as much as 60k
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