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Dale Felice

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  1. Dale Felice

    Perfect pair 2

    Thank you lew! Just seen this now haha. Each piece is done this way then it makes for a better project I believe.
  2. Dale Felice

    Rainbow trout 4

    Thank you Ron! Lots of hand work went into that. I have several roughed out by chainsaw and sanded. More to come.
  3. Dale Felice

    Chainsaw Carving

    When the weather gets nice in Pa, I try to do something a bit different instead of being cooped up inside. Here is some things I have either done or started on .1 hr so far.
  4. Dale Felice

    Perfect pair

    Lew... I will be posting pics of actually what I did with this. It went to a Vietnam veteran with the 4th ID symbol between. We both were in the same co 50 yrs apart. Turns out he was a friend and his kid went to school with me.
  5. Dale Felice

    Wings wide open

    He has been messaging me a ton lol!!!
  6. Dale Felice

    Natural bear bust

    Thank you! Wanted to show the look of neutrality in the wood rather than color.
  7. Dale Felice


    Thank you. Even though it was hot. It was a fun piece with zero boundaries.
  8. Dale Felice

    Feather with rocks

    Thanks law. Piece of scrap goes a long way!
  9. Dale Felice

    Farmhouse bench

    Thanks guys!
  10. Dale Felice

    My building projects

    Since we are at the new house in Cambria county Pa, it will be time to do some improvements. Hope to put up a good album. Enjoy!
  11. Dale Felice

    The splash

    Thank you Ron!
  12. Dale Felice

    The splash

    I finished it in 2 hrs. Just needs some tlc. I just kept cutting away and boom. This was what was in the log.
  13. Dale Felice

    Chicken coop 1

    Thank you John. That bugger is nice inside and lots of air so the coop don't smell at all. Even with all the humidity.
  14. Dale Felice

    Chicken coop 1

    They are my buddies. They sit on my lap and even stand on my shoulder like a parrot. Always wanting petted. I started them from peeps and now I can't wait to see them. They are very vocal with me too. You can tell who's girls they are.
  15. Dale Felice

    Rustic coffee table

    Thank you lew!

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