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  1. I’ve been working on a bald eagle cane for a veteran through the San Joaquin valley fine woodworking club but with what’s going on I have no idea when we will get together again. I will talk to the group and see if it’s ok to give it to you guys. All I would ask is for shipping cost. If we go through with this I’d like some information about the vet so I can personalize it. Jaime as soon as I figure out how to send a picture I will. It’s pretty much done except fo cutting it to size and any thing I do to personalize it
  2. John not yet, I just had neck surgery on Monday and I am recovering from that. My wife is sitting Over there reading off houses available in Oregon. We're still looking I hope this is my last surgery and I can settle my case and move on.
  3. Love those old tools, I'm getting more into hand tools. I've have a set of new chisels and a couple of Lie Nielson back saws and a few old staley bedrock planes that I still need to tune up. My next project will be a small jewelry box made totally by hand for my wife. Anyway I'm rambling, I love your new to you chisela. jaime
  4. I used a sorby texturing tool, it's the mini one, all I have is midi lathe. It's the first time I used it and it took a little getting used too. I saw a demonstrated by a sorby rep at Woodcraft in Ventura and that helped. jaime
  5. My brother and his wife loved the bench so everyone was happy. I unfortunately don't have the restraint I should have when it comes to tools. I buy too many.
  6. Well, I have a garage with so many tools I can't work on anything, lol.
  7. This is a storage bench I made from a tree that one of my brothers cut down at his home. It took me three years to build it, mostly because I'm disabled and have had 11 surgeries in that time with one more on my neck coming up. I had to make the drawer out of white oak because I ran out of wood from the tree. I glued a bunch of scrap oak I had sitting around, I made sure the grain on the front of the drawer matched. I used hand cut dovetails for the drawer. Router cut dovetails for the seat box. I used through tenons on the side and arms of the bench. I also used pegs for the slats to make sur
  8. This is a cookie jar I turned from a chunk of pine I purchased in Big Bear. We took a family vacation and I bought a few chunks of pine and I'm turning bowls and boxes for evry family that was there.
  9. Go ahead and post the pics, I erased them and haven't taken new ones. Jaime
  10. I have a 6in Delta bench top joiner with a stand that I'm willing to give to a Vet in the Los Angeles area. All I ask is that you served in the military at some point and that you pick it up. It works great, I have new blades that I never installed, it was just time to upgrade. You can reach me through this posting and thank you for your service. Jaime
  11. Nice reviews, nice ribons coming of those tools. I'm a little intimidated when it's my turn, I don't think I'll be able to express myself as well and no camera for videos, but I'll do my best. I'm looking forward to my turn, again good work. Jaime
  12. Nice ribbons flying off that tool, I new to turning and I don't have the skills you do. Nice work.
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