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  1. Courtland

    Walnut Rocker Front View

    Thanks @Dane Franco!!!!
  2. Courtland


  3. Courtland

    Walnut Rocker Side View

    Thanks Lew, still trying to get my next chair back on the bench and assembled, the parts are all ready just need to get motivated! Thanks again Lew.
  4. Courtland

    Walnut Rocker Side View

    Holy Cow Gene! Now that's a compliment! Although I think once you coveted the chair, it would be a one owner chair after that.
  5. Don't delete the entry Ron, take a picture of the project and post it here regardless what it looks like! Part of us learning from others is seeing what a disaster looks like because we all have em! I'd be very interested in seeing the turning either way.
  6. Gene, I own the F style Jorgys too, I literally used channel locks to turn the handles for troublesome clamping, problem with that is my handles are getting destroyed, never thought of drilling holes in the handles to insert a dowel or steel rod, thanks!
  7. Steve, what belts did you go with, standard engine belts or the fancy ones with links?
  8. Great job Steve, and thanks for the tutorial. You would not believe it, but in today's disposable world we live in, folks actually throw a saw away when it becomes dull.
  9. I guess you had not choice but by hand on that one right Steve! Those types of joints should be called Eagle tails, too big to be called Dove tails.
  10. Time for new belts, or is it just the way it is at this point?
  11. Let it have an honorable death John!
  12. The project is looking good Cliff!! Nice and clean and professional. A thought about your Bessey's, I just got done Googling and looking for any complaints about the Bessy's not being strong enough I was hard pressed to find any. My first instinct when I saw your clamping was that first off, those clamps are better fitted to panel and case glue ups, the handles are not made for max torque, because you cannot get max torque from spindle handles, the grip is just not there, those C Clamps you are using are waaaay better suited to provide the clamping power you would need for small bulky glue ups like you are doing in that image. The proper clamps need to be used for certain glue ups, just like we need the proper tools for certain aspects of woodworking, clamping is no different. Once those joints swelled from the glue, those K-Body's were not the right choice to grab and try to bring that joint to close. The C clamps were definitely the proper clamp for that job. Those Pony pipe clamps are really good too at closing troublesome joints, you can get a ton of torque with the lever style handles, unlike the smaller spindle handles of the Bessey's. Again, you used the proper clamp for the job. I see you really torqued down those Ponies by the looks of the pipe flexing, this is where the Ponies excell, I have a good stash of the Pipe Clamps myself and love them for large glue ups and for troubled joints. I have no doubt if you put a pipe clamp up on the handles of the Bessey's you would be able to close the trouble mortise and tenons in your earlier images. That is the biggest difference between the clamps you used, the handles, you can apply waaaaay more torque with lever handles such as you have on the C Clamps and the Pipe Clamps. Again, the proper clamp for the job is very important here. The Bessey's excel at large frame and panel glue-ups, that is the original intention for their use.
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