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  1. Lew, it is very easy to make......I used nothing but scrap veneer I had laying around the shop for both jigs.
  2. Once you have the jig clamped to the fence, leave 1/4 that will give you 3/16 remaining so it will slide in easy to rails. Set the blade height at 1 5/8 and at a 15 degree angle. These measurements are for a 1 1/2 rail and stile.
  3. Shop made everyday jigs
  4. markc1107

    End Table

    John.....I love the idea....Is there any way to set up a few different folders (i.e. tutorial, plans, etc...) so I can download for the rest to use. I have so much to offer and want to share. That way instead of emailing everybody, all they have to do is go to the folder and get whatever they need.
  5. markc1107

    Cedar Chest 3

    Really nice workmanship....Awesome dovetail corners and beautiful cedar.
  6. For those who need new patterns, I have a collection of military patterns that I can scan and email to anyone that is interested. I also have thousands more that I can do the same. If you're interested email me at pineisfinecabinets@gmail.com
  7. Being a disabled veteran myself and a business owner, I found that doing something I love to do is helping me the most than all the meds I am on. So what I am willing to do for ALL disabled veterans and their families is give them the opportunity that I never got with a local or national business. Pine Is Fine Custom Cabinets and Furniture, is willing to help out those families that need the basic furniture (i.e. end table, coffee table, bookcase, etc...). These pieces will be custom made for those Soldiers that have ailments that standard furniture can not be used. We will not charge the family, it will be given to the family as a token of our thanks to you for serving the country. For further details, please contact me at pineisfinecabinets@gmail.com
  8. markc1107

    Craft Cart

    It is actually a BBQ cart. I made it into a craft cart for my wife to use in her studio.
  9. I am a new member here, my name is Mark Carosiello...I am disabled veteran...I own a custom cabinet and furniture shop in Huntsville, Missouri. I am willing to donate my time and expertise to those who need to advance their knowledge in woodworking. I also can teach a basic cabinet and basic furniture to those who want to learn a dying trade. I can hold Skype lessons that will be live from my shop. This will be FREE OF CHARGE. I am also willing to do customize millwork for those that have trouble finding just the right molding to complete that special project. The cost will be at a wholesale price. I also have a complete line of cabriole legs for those wanting to advance their shaping skills and create that special table. The legs are made from Douglas Fir Pine and will be raw and unfinished.
  10. Hi, Mark and Welcome! I don't build too many cabinets but glad you're here to ask about problems I might have!

    1. markc1107


      Lew if you have any questions, feel free to post or if it is something you need ASAP email me at pineisfinecabinets@gmail.com

  11. Welcome to The Patriot Woodworker! markc1107 :) Thank you for joining us and we hope you enjoy your stay. Please make yourself at home and feel free to navigate our forum at will. Please post your topics, and share your work with fellow Patriot Woodworkers, we are glad you are here!

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