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  1. Hello everyone. I have started a campaign in order to earn enough money to purchase my own wood lathe. My membership where I currently turn is about to expire and I am not sure if I will be able to afford another membership. So please consider purchasing one or two of these shirts and by all means, please tell all of your friends. http://teespring.com/rodney-s-wood-lathe-campaign
  2. Hello Everyone, Wouldn't you know it! My luck never seems to change. When I am having a difficult time just paying my rent, I find this on Craig's List. I guess my luck will just never change. http://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/tls/4782399114.html Wood lathe - $165 (Casa Grande) Jet wood lathe. 18inch by 10inch. Great condition.
  3. rmiller

    Roughing the log

    Yeah too bad it is not mine Lew. I do not even have my own lathe.
  4. rmiller

    Pecan bowl

    I am using a water based finish called Woodturners Finish by General Finishes. I purchaseit at Woodcraft for $11.99 for 8oz or $22 for a pint. https://generalfinishes.com/retail-products/water-base-top-coats-sanding-sealers/wood-turners-finish#.VG8IfGeKV5c
  5. rmiller

    Roughing the log

    The log started out around 18" in diameter.
  6. rmiller

    Sanding stage

    This is actually not my lathe John. I can not afford a lathe of my own. I have only been turning for three months and I go to TechShop, an innovation center, so I can turn. I just recently purchased a set of Craftsman chisels on eBay for $31. So as for now, that is all I have of my own.
  7. rmiller

    Arizona Ash

    Hello everyone. I just turned the largest bowl I have done to date last night. This bowl is 13" in diameter and 4.5" deep. The wood is Arizona Ash from what I can tell by the bark.
  8. rmiller

    Pecan Bowl

    This is my most recent bowl I turned this little 4" Pecan bowl this afternoon.
  9. Hi Rodney! Welcome to the Patriot! Hope you post some of your turning projects and be sure to watch for our Wednesday's Wisdom For Woodturners!

  10. Welcome to The Patriot Woodworker! rmiller :) Thank you for joining us and we hope you enjoy your stay. Please make yourself at home and feel free to navigate our forum at will. Please post your topics, and share your work with fellow Patriot Woodworkers, we are glad you are here!

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