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  1. Ron

    warped cedar

    yes John was right TOP was flat,this used to be my Moms,well here is what it looks like now,also got chest sanded down,should I leave it alone or put something on it ?
  2. Ron

    warped cedar

    thanks for all the Advice,I know I can do this,but since SEARS has gone away,trying to find new blades for my Band saw is a PAIN,have ordered blades and all are too long,thinking of looking at a different type,unless Yall have a differnt plan for me lol
  3. Ron

    warped cedar

    Thanks guys will do that,so next time will have refurbished top
  4. Ron

    warped cedar

    Sorry forgot about pics,so here they are each pic is from each side,but I notice there is a thin vaneer under top maybe if I cut it out ,I can just move wood strips around
  5. Hey everyone,got a good question?how do fix warped cedar,I have an old cedar chest my parents left me and the top got wet an warped the wood top,now it looks like a pirates chest LOL,need ideas on how to un warp it
  6. Ron


    well got my Lathe an now have my turning tools,wife went an got the ones from HB,tried turning some,gonna need lots of Practice,for got pics,but got some of my new stuff,made use of an old tv stand made from ash,but its strudy,ready to MAKE SAW DUST LOL
  7. opps looks like it is backwards lol
  8. Ok here is the New Shop setup,the first 9 are the new shop,and yes all my tools are on wheels except Scroll saw,next four are the old shop where I started,the last 3 are the section that combines it all,the last pic is the Outside view
  9. Howdy my Fellow Wood Worker,been awhile since I have been on,lot to do with Wife haveing cancer but so far she is doin Great,ok on too new shop set up,got a completly new shop,bigger than last one,got tools set up,just got my Early Christmas,Wife got me a Lathe from Rockler,the Ecsesior one (cant spell),but now need to pick up turning tools,need to know best places to get some,watched video on Harbour Freight ones,dont know about those ,so could use some help,so I can start turning
  10. here is my shop,the barn looking part was how I started,then came the 10x20 section then the middle to connect it,LAST was the pop out section,but still need to add more,just goining to take out the section where the window is an make it a tool room
  11. Ron

    I am BACK

    Here is a picture of the shop.
  12. Ron

    I am BACK

    thanks guys ,glad to back,an to LarryS have found them HIDDEN ones,had to buy a new electric planer,I use it first befor I use my big one,here is another Table I am doin now
  13. Howdy yall,been awhile since I have been alot has happened,Lost my Father this June,but had a great Military service for him,,I have been doin some work in the shop,added a new edition to it but still need more room lol,have been making a few things,will post them,am trying the Pallet road right now,hoping yall will like them
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