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  1. here is my shop,the barn looking part was how I started,then came the 10x20 section then the middle to connect it,LAST was the pop out section,but still need to add more,just goining to take out the section where the window is an make it a tool room
  2. Ron

    I am BACK

    Here is a picture of the shop.
  3. Ron

    I am BACK

    thanks guys ,glad to back,an to LarryS have found them HIDDEN ones,had to buy a new electric planer,I use it first befor I use my big one,here is another Table I am doin now
  4. Howdy yall,been awhile since I have been alot has happened,Lost my Father this June,but had a great Military service for him,,I have been doin some work in the shop,added a new edition to it but still need more room lol,have been making a few things,will post them,am trying the Pallet road right now,hoping yall will like them
  5. here is my Newest project,made a coffetable for a friend,we are doin a trade,this for a new Mast style Flagpole ,it is yellow pine w/his own top,and a Ebony stain,I wasnt sure of the stain but now ,think it looks good
  6. Ron

    To Clearcoat Or Not

    am getting better,now wife wants a new dresser,says you build it for me lol,will post updates in it,plus doing a coffetable for a friend who is helping me out by Building a NEW addtion to the shop lol,it just keeps growing
  7. Ron

    To Clearcoat Or Not

    the first is just clear on the WV,left the white like it is,came out fine,Harley sign is w/out any clear,black is flat to show off the white an Orange
  8. Ron

    To Clearcoat Or Not

    thats what I have started using and it is working pretty good so far,some of my signs I am just not goin to use clear,they havea gloss to them already
  9. Ron

    To Clearcoat Or Not

    where do I find it at ?
  10. Ok Guys need help here,I have been doing alot of signs for football teams and well,when I apply my clearcoat to it the white turns Yellow,and I have tried MiniWax clear ans also Vespar clear and both Yellow the white,is there something I am doing WRONG or what,have tried differant types of White Paint and it still yellow,NEED HELP SINKING HERE lol
  11. Ron


    newest project,has a surprise
  12. Ron

    Hope Chest

    top is made w/the last of the Ash I got last year,
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