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Ron Dudelston

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  1. Well, today is our 50th anniversary. We were scheduled to leave for Hawaii two days ago But that got rescheduled. Hard to believe 50 years have screamed by so quickly but here we are.
  2. Hey John, did you look closely at the jointer blades? Check them out before you fire it up.
  3. My switch is the original Art Deco toggle that was on it when it was built. Yep, wired for 240.
  4. I have a 1947 Uni and the switch in it is just a double pole switch. I bought a 48 model that I parted out and it also had a standard DP switch.
  5. I took survivor benefit in my pension. When I’m gone it carries on.
  6. I didn’t do that stuff in the 60’s and I’ll not do it any more.
  7. Pass it over to me....
  8. I’m not on the Amish carpentry bandwagon. I’ve seen too many shoddy jobs.
  9. I read an article awhile back that the two states experiencing the most corporate site moves are California and Illinois. Both states have high levels of government regulations, control and taxes. My home state of Indiana has seen a mass immigration of firms that have fled Illinois. A few years back, Illinois was so broke that gas stations were refusing state police credit cards because they weren’t good. Pretty sad.
  10. Great to have you with us Shaun and none here has all the answers. In fact, we’re all still learning. Post away!
  11. I feel your pain. Friday night I covered everything with buckets but took them off the plants too early. I did save two bell pepper plants though. All of the flowers are hunkered down in the garage.
  12. 26 here last night. Plants were covered and fine but I took the buckets off too soon. Deader than a door nail.
  13. Got a tough one for 5he weekend. Building 12 shelves for the local library.
  14. He’s recovering from a failed kidney stone removal.
  15. There’s a reason that a Worsham left Kalifornia.
  16. It’s been removed by YouTube
  17. Gene, WHO’s credibility isn’t real good right now so we’re safe.
  18. I quasi finished a bookcase Saturday. This one doesn’t have an owner so I’m holding off on the finish, for now. Building 8 oak shelves for the local library. The director didn’t like the glass ones. Matching the stain may be tricky.
  19. I did notice that most had on their very best pajama bottoms, though.
  20. Yes and no. I just replaced two of them with an aftermarket and they are steel. They only had two so I bought all they had. They don’t make an aftermarket larger lever, you know.....the one everyone breaks.
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