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  1. Lew, this project got ugly fast. There’s a small enclosed front porch area that the guy hangs out in. He wants a custom exterior 36” bifold door. Think oak closet door that opens in (right to left),folds in half but has a pair of bolts to keep it flat when it is closed. He also wants a beveled glass 40” long insulated pane in the left side. I think I’m going to decline the job. Too many headaches. Oh yeah, the existing frame isn’t square.
  2. I’m going to do a first this week. Over the past few years I have built 3 cradles for a guy that owns a large farming operation. He contacted me last week and wants me to build an oak entry door. I have no idea what he has in mind but Igor might be a challenging project.
  3. Doing a show Saturday. I’ve knocked my show schedule down to two. This one is juried with 70 vendors. Always a fun show.
  4. I’m solely a Mirka Gold user but tha might change quickly.
  5. Smithy, message me his name, DOB and any pertinent info. I’ll go out on Fold3 and see if they have anything
  6. You can do it Gene. I gave it up 42 years ago and it wasn’t easy. Doable but not easy.
  7. Final post from me on this topic. I received this picture from the veteran’s widow last night. Makes it all worthwhile.
  8. Thanks. I’m not keen on maple but hey, different strokes for different folks.
  9. Completed. I’m not 100% satisfied with the fit of the lower rear panels though.
  10. Actually, I’m going to drill the primers out and lock them down with a brass screw.
  11. Well, started building the case today. This is a dry fit without the cartridges. Cartridges measure .456
  12. Going to try to stay cool here in the sweat belt of the U.S. Applying the second coat of G.F. arm R Seal on a bookcase.
  13. I don’t have the cartridges or I would. I spoke with the VFW that did the honor guard an he said that they use M30s.
  14. Y’all probably know that I’ve built a ton of flag cases over the years but every once in a while I get a special request. Well, I got one yesterday so I have a question. I’m going to build a case for a lady in Iowa for her husband’s burial flag. She wants me to incorporate a space in the base to display the 12 casings from the salute. Here’s the problem. I really don’t know what size to drill the holes for a decent fit. She sent a picture of the bottom of the casings and they are LC10 casings which are usually .556 rounds. They are 2 1/2” long which also bring an interesting dynamic into the mix. Anyone have any suggestion?
  15. I think I see a shop clean up day Saturday. Shipping delays …. Don’t get me started. I’m paying around $30 a pop to ship flag cases USPS 2 day Priority. They are taking a week.
  16. Take a look at these pictures. I have a client that wants a bookcase built to match his desk but I’m scratching my head at the species type. The smooth straight grain looks like walnut or mahogany but it’s really light for walnut and not red enough for mahogany. What do you folks think? How do I match it. One picture is the end and the other is a writing pullout in the afternoon sun.
  17. There are several possibilities. Rollers and belt among them. If I were a betting man I’d say the belt is worn and there’s not enough tension to pull it. About 30 years ago I had a dryer that got cranky and wouldn’t turn. There was a bronze bearing in the back that I had to replace but I think all the newer dryers run strictly on rollers.
  18. Looks like you struck it rich!
  19. I’m with Gene. I’ve had a bandsaw cut and they aren’t real fun.
  20. Jim, because I’m cheap I read the American Legion mag. However, I do keep up with Real Clear Defense online.
  21. Gene, you need to buy a lottery ticket. You’re a lucky guy.
  22. Saturday Update: I never made it to the shop. I spent the entire morning walking in a heavily wooded park searching for a leaking sewer main. Seems that a hiker found it, recorded it and thought that Facebook was a better place to post it rather than calling city officials. For the record, I hate Facebook.
  23. Default theme. Pine background on an iPad
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