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  1. Though I had spoken with Ralph on the phone, I never had the privilege to meet him in person. Ralph is an icon, larger than life for those in the woodworking community and leaves a void that cannot be filled. We mourn and grieve but Ralph is where there is no more sorry and no more pain. Well done Ralph! You have run the race and finished well.
  2. Fred, that table is gorgeous! Your design or from prints? I need to start a couple of flag cases today. 2021 has been a good year so far at my Etsy store. It’s April and I’ve sold 6 flag cases.
  3. Fred, take another road trip here. I might even take you snipe hunting. 😀
  4. My vote goes to poplar. Cheaper and very easy to work with.
  5. It’s a quilt frame. Seen many of them here in the Midwest.
  6. Basketball is king in Indiana! Tomorrow our local high school team is playing in the state final four semi state so naturally it is road trip weekend. Go Blackford Bruins!
  7. Less than $1 a board foot is a steal.
  8. I’ve just about had it with our postal service. I have an Etsy store and ship two day priority mail. For the past month two day priority is 7 day snail mail. On February 22nd I mailed a flag case to a customer in Rochester, New York. The shipping cost was $39. Here it is March 5th and it still hasn’t arrived. Unfortunately, Etsy uses USPS exclusively. I’m totally po’ed right now.
  9. My son in law is a grief counselor/pastor for a group of funeral homes here in Indiana. My plan is to work through them on the project. Keith provided a link and I built the cask to those specs. However, I’ve learned some things since this build. This cask is a one size fits all cask and measures about 7 1/2” x 7” x 11” tall. The interior volume is about 300cubic inches. After a bit of reading I found out that a rule of thumb for a cremation cask is 1 cubic inch for every pound of living “flesh”. A 200 pound person would need a cask with about 200 cu. in. Of interior space. I think tha
  10. A couple of weeks ago Keith Mealy (I think) posted a link to a cremains cask for veterans. I decided to build one so I selected a piece of slightly spalted black walnut for the lower section and a piece of burled walnut for the top. Unfortunately, The burled piece wasn’t quite wide enough so I had to glue them but the results were beautiful. The sides were sanded to 400 grit and the top was sanded to 1000. Oddly, it took 5 coats of GF Arm-R-Seal to get the look I wanted. On a slightly different note, I was honored this week by a sale on my Etsy store of a burial flag case. It will ho
  11. Welcome aboard! Great to have you with us!
  12. Larry, about 100 years ago I inherited my FIL’s Craftsman jointer and it had the same problem. I did fix it by shiming the rail.
  13. That stuff will dull a set of planer blades in a heartbeat.
  14. Hate to sound morbid but I’m building something for myself. I’ve probably built 50 veteran flag cases and sold them all. I found a beautiful piece of quarter sawn cherry so I’m building myself a flag case for my burial flag. Just put the first coat of GF Arm-R-Seal on it today.
  15. Musta had a bad day OR she figured out your price was more than fair.
  16. Didn’t watch it at all but did finish a great book about a WWII bomber pilot. In fact, I haven’t watched NFL in 2 years. As a vet, I can’t watch them kneel for the flag and anthem that I gave 4 years of my life for.
  17. UPDATE: the new fence has been purchased and installed. I looked at all of the reviewed and bought a Vega primarily because it had great reviews and it was an easy swap out for my Uni. In fact, it works a lot like my 73 year old OEM fence. I really like it because it slides off the front tube rail quickly and it has a killer micro adjustment feature. All in, $329.
  18. I think Cliff is right to some regard. There does appear to be a bobbin on this gizmo, but what is its purpose?
  19. Darned autocorrect. And to think that I have just heaped praise on my iPad.
  20. We have top shelf sponsors! General Finishes is truly top shelf. I’m so very pleased to see this partnership. Welcome aboard.
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