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Ron Dudelston

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My Woodworking Interests

My Woodworking Life:

My yen for woodworking actually developed through my father in law just after I separated from the Air Force.  He had a small shop in the back of his house and I honed the rudimentary skills I learned in high school in that shop and through him.  Life and the challenge of raising a family seemed to push shop time to the back of my priority list until our youngest left for college.  It was in the early 90's that I really caught the woodworking fever.  I started to amass a tool collection and work out of a 12' x 12' shop.  In 2003, I built a 16' X 28' two story barn which is still my shop home.


My Pet Projects:

I really enjoy building furniture, large and small as well as cabinetry.  I relish building anything that pleases my family because these items will bring joy long after I have passed this earth.  Two such items are a curio that I built for my wife and in 2012 I built new kitchen cabinets and a butcher block island for our kitchen.  Two years ago, I was commissioned to I build a communion table from re-claimed pews for the church I grew up in here locally.  These kinds of projects bring me great joy and as a side note, I sign and date every family piece I build.   As a vet myself, building veteran's burial flag cases is always a special time for me.  I'm at that cantankerous stage in my life that I won't built anything strictly for money



Favorite Styles:

I really don't have a very favorite style of furniture but I really don't care to build anything contemporary.  Must be an age thing.



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