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  1. Ron Dudelston

    John Moody's Mother

    I am saddened to report that John Moody’s mother died today shortly after 1pm CST. Miss Moody (as she was affectionately called by all) fell 2 weeks ago and broke her hip but was recovering nicely when she suffered a stroke last week. I met Miss Moody a couple of times and she was the quintessential southern belle and will be missed. John has been carrying a heavy load recently and unfortunately his TPW time has suffered. Please keep the Moody family in your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time.
  2. Ron Dudelston

    Display Case Question

    Dave, I was referring to the depth of the case. I’m guessing no more than 2 1/2 or 3”
  3. Ron Dudelston

    Display Case Question

    I hadn’t thought about brass corner caps. Hmmm
  4. Ron Dudelston

    Display Case Question

    Since we have the best woodworks in the world right here, I have a question. I just took a job building a display case that will hang on the wall. The customer’s father was wounded in WWII in the South Pacific and apparently was to be part of a Japanese invasion force. He was carrying a silk double map of Honshu and this is the map that will be protected by the case. Side note: The map still has blood stains on it. Anyway, I’m thinking about a basic oak frame on all four sides with either glass or plexiglass on either side. Weight will be an issue because the map is 26” square. The map will be suspended by gold clips inside and a gold chain to hang the case. Here’s the question. Because of the weight the case has to be strong so what type of joinery on the corners? It is too narrow for dovetails or box joints.
  5. Good Monday Morning! Patriot Woodworker, we have survived the weekend to move on to this warm June week. The weekend brought a bit of fulfillment and completion for me. My son and I can finally say, "The end is near!" The deconstruction of his property is complete and we built an 80 foot fence on Saturday. He has scheduled a local company to bring in 7 loads of top soil to fill in the hole from the house and level the yard. New Member A special and warm welcome goes out to our newest member Steve Williams. If you see him on site, give him a big welcome. Your Week: So gang, what's shaping up for your week?
  6. Ron Dudelston

    Happy Father's Day

    Sure did. In fact, I stained a bookcase before I slipped into the pool.
  7. Ron Dudelston

    Happy Father's Day

    Thanks Gene. Spent the day in the pool.
  8. Ron Dudelston

    Land Surveying Equipment Lockers (Build In Progress)

    Very clean lines John. Well done, Boss.
  9. A good Friday morning to all of you Patriot Woodworkers. If you've been keeping up on the forums, it has been a very busy week for y'all and it appears that many projects are in the works. This week, my wife and I broke down and bought new phones. My carrier had a BOGO on iPhone 8s so we're now learning the nuances of the new toys. Also this week, I built a small bookcase, just because. Just because I had a half sheet of plywood in the corner and it was more fun to build something with it than move it around. The case is only 24" wide and 48" tall and I'll probably put it up for sale at my next show. Its been fun because I really didn't know what color(if any) to dye or stain it so I made a sample board and threw it out on my Facebook page as a poll. As of now, its either golden oak or red oak stain. The weather here is predicted to be extremely hot and my son and I are going to build an 80' fence on his new property that is now totally houseless. So gang, what's on your agenda for this weekend? Starting a new project, finishing one or simply relaxing?
  10. I’m lucky in that my son loves woodworking and guns so I’m saying my shop and toy box will go to him.
  11. Ron Dudelston

    Router Setup

    Bosch has a history of making quality tools and that’s why I bought Bosch. I have been accused of being a router hoarder since I have seven of them but the Bosch is my fave. I have a Porter Cable and a very powerful Makita but the Makita doesn’t have a soft start. You better have a tight hold when you start it.
  12. Ron Dudelston

    Router Setup

    Lissa, I'm a Bosch guy and I have a Bosch 1617 EVS mounted under my table. I bought my table and built the base myself. That being said, I see that Lowe's has a Bosch table and a 1617 EVS available. Its a table top unit so it is short and you may have to build an extension for it to raise it up. The 1617 is 2 1/4 HP and that should be fine for your projects. I have swung a 3 1/2" cutter in mine and it is still working fine. Whatever you buy, when you go to Lowe's to make the purchase ask for a manager. The manager has the flexibility to give a discount if you explain your charity.
  13. Ron Dudelston

    Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! June 11, 2018

    I love to have the name Studley. Then they could call me Studley Dudley. Today is get new phones day. Our old iPhone 5c is getting slow to we're moving up to 8's. Shopwise, I'm build an oak bookcase just for fun. Don't have a buyer (yet) but I had a half sheet of oak plywood in my way.
  14. Of course, there's a story behind the stiff horse. We ate lunch at the Blue Gate Restaurant and there was an Amish gentleman giving carriage rides. Val, the older of the two, tried to touch the bridle of the horse and it turned its head to see her and scared the daylights out of her. This stiff horse was in a fake stall just around the corner. She said, "This is safer."

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