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  1. jack morris

    A Boy Donates Funds to Our Lt Fallons Shop

    God Bless you young man. You are a credit to your generation.
  2. jack morris

    Challenge Coin Display Recipients (You'll Love This!)

    I can't describe how proud I am of the heroes and gallant young military people this generation has produced. I dropped a few tears.
  3. jack morris


    The missing tool that I always need and can't find is a pencil. Often I use a sharp object to scratch my mark. mike foley said:
  4. jack morris

    Taking a Poll

    I did and it's enjoyable reading.
  5. jack morris

    Havin Fun With Some Ply and a Simple Box (BOX FINISHED!)

    Any chance there will be any left over ply I can have?
  6. jack morris

    Walnut Challeng Coin Diplay Finished? I Need Your Opinions.

    No door. It would be in the way of close up inspection of the coins.
  7. jack morris

    Christmas Projects

    I am not capable of sending photos but my project is using thin ply and cut 3 inch tall christmas tree shapes. Yesterday I painted them green and today I will paint red dots as decorations. Then I will print the name of each grandchild on the tree and put it on their gift from Grandpa. I have had four straight days of rain but the weather man says the sun will be out Christmas day and the snow level will remain above me so I will have no problem delivering gifts.  Last year my Son prepaired a rib roast which was so successful he is doing it again this year. It is going to be great day and a great feast and I get lots of left overs. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and if you must travel, I pray for your safety.Â
  8. jack morris

    Planter Boxes

    I did exactly what you suggested and treated the edges several times with sealer and paint. Thanks for the reply Rick! I feel a lot better now. Jack Rick Mathison said:
  9. jack morris

    Who's got what in their shop

    The tools I use the most are old timers, namely a 10" Rockwell unisaw, a Delta radial arm saw, a Rockwell scroll saw and a Walker Turner drill press. I would'nt trade them for anything on the market today. Before I moved to where I am now, I lived in Pamana Central America. Before leaving Panama my Son (John Morris) bought me a great place up in the mountains. He also bought the old time tools mentioned above. As soon as I arrived to where I now live, John and I built a large shop and moved the old time tools into their new home. If it aint built in the U.S.A. it aint coming into my shop.

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