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  1. Gene Howe


    "Here kitty-kitty."
  2. Cat says "Well, darn it anyway".
  3. Reading the available text accompanying the headline, it appears the $100 million was well spent.
  4. That's a fine idea, Bob. I'd really like to buy from the author. In some cases, I have. However, in most instances, the author's contact info can't be found. By me, anyway.
  5. With Al's and my vast turning experience, we could write a 1/4 page manual....with illustrations.
  6. Yay! Sounds like your on the road to recovery. Hopefully, Tuesday will bring great news.
  7. John Morris once accused me of having a "Just don't give a darn" attitude. He's about right. I sure don't get up tight about mistakes. There's always more wood. I used to consider mistakes educational. But, now I have problems remembering my lessons.
  8. Made my first normal picture frame yesterday. Normal, as in 45° corners. It's ID 24" x 14" . Son bought a beach scene from a street painter in San Diego last week. He brought up some very weathered 2x4s so, we used them. The frame pieces are about 1 1/4" square after ripping and planing. We left the weathered surface on the faces and out side edges. But, the raw fir shows on the inside edges. He thinks he'll burn it all over and might try soshugi ban when he gets it home. He'll pin nail the corners. What ever floats his boat. It's his frame. Tomorrow, Phyl, the two grandkids and I start prepping the front decks for it's renewal coat of oil. This will be only its 2nd renewal in 12 years. Sikkens is great stuff. Hope to have it done by Tuesday. Wednesday, we'll take the kids to an even more remote cabin up in the mountains for three days. Do some trail riding, Elk spotting, maybe some fishing. Won't get back in the shop til friday...maybe. Then Saturday, we'll meet the kids' parents half way between here and Tucson to give them back their offspring. It'll be Sunday before I can really get back at it...if I can remember where I left off.
  9. Hey @Artie, what's the minimum speed on your MK VII? I wonder if judicious use of sand bags on the tubes would dampen the vibration?
  10. Gator, I did that one, too. And the Lotus Flower. Both, on the little Shopsmith band saw. Here's a not great picture of the lotus. Walnut and curly maple. Sanding it was challenging, to say the least.
  11. I heard it was pretty easy. You just remove the stuff that doesn't look like a deer.
  12. Looks like you're in for some fun, Artie.
  13. Better late than never, I guess.
  14. I have both sets of Carter guides. They make a world of difference. No need to compensate for blade drift, any more. Just sliced some 5 3/4 mesquite without a problem.
  15. Son and family are visting. son wants to build a picture frame. Brought his own lumber....some well used 2x4s.Two grand kids will stay for a week. Might get some mesquite resawed, between trail rides with the kids.
  16. Thanks for the update, John. Maybe the trip to the hemocolgist will obviate the bone marrow test???? Hoping for good news for you on Tuesday. We'll likely be out of range Tuesday thru Thursday. I'll check in Thursday. Stay strong, buddy.
  17. The guys at the shop save those rotor filings for us. 5 gal. Lasts us a year. We split it up into 3 buckets to carry it home and, they're still heavy.
  18. @John Morris, have they done the bone marrow test yet? Anything to report.
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