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  1. Nope. Not either of my sons. Like their parents, neither one can carry a tune...even with an air guitar. As for the bandana, when I quit sweating, around Christmas, the remnant of my hippie days goes back in the dresser drawer. Actually, I never was a hippie. The closest I got was to flash a one fingered peace sign at them.
  2. As Keith said, most store employees fall into one of two categories, those who know their products well and, those who have no clue. I'd add another, more dangerous, one. That's the guy...or gal... who fakes their knowledge of the product.
  3. My Makita drill/drivers are still going strong after about 15 years. My Dewalt has caused yellow tools to be added to my banned list. Right up there with red saw blades. Although, a friend who makes a good living with router carved signs, swears by his corded and cordless Dewalt routers. Different strokes, I guess.
  4. Only if it's gonna be driven. In some neighborhoods, that's a primo yard ornament.
  5. I don't need to hang that sign, Artie. A mirror will suffice.
  6. Yep, It's that day again. Got anything dangerous planned for the rest of the week? My shop is closed for the next 10 or so, days. Packing up for a trip to OK for 7 days of epidermal rehydration on Lake Ten Killer. We leave at daybreak tomorrow. Google estimates 17 hrs. driving time. For us, that's two and a half days. Can't check in at the lodge till 16:00. IIRC, there's a nice restaurant and bar nearby. Might as well get a head start on this week of wild reunion celebration. Right!! At 80, I'm the senior member but, not by much. Our wilding days are behind us, I fear.
  7. Looks like a brake inspection might be in order, too.
  8. Gap setting tools, spark plug cleaners and, whatever that tiny little file is called....all obsolete???
  9. That, or his innovative resawing.
  10. How did we miss your birthday, Marv? Hope your 88th party was a great one. You deserve it!
  11. Apparently, I'm a "Mentor", now. God help my mentorees! After all, I apprenticed under the designer of the Tacoma Narrows bridge.
  12. Ever hear of Brother Dave Gardner? Had a couple of his party records. One funny guy! He often talked about an "Aracee" and a Moon Pie. After school snack for a bunch of us was a 12oz Coke (little one pump gas station only sold coke products) a bag of Planters poured in the bottle and a Moon 'pye'.
  13. Didn't know that about our hasty retreat from Afghanistan. Hope the same care was exercised with the weaponry.
  14. One advantage to using tape for penciling cut lines is that it gives you a cleaner cut.
  15. Artie, glad you survived the fast. BTDT with a bout of diverticulitis. Not fun! Hope the gastrinterologist has good news for you. Neat little tables, Dan. What's the wood? Maple? Those pics are fine. I Can't get good pics with our phone. That curly cord is too short. Got a final mowing in yesterday before our two week hiatus for a mini reunion. We leave Thursday for OK. The Automatic irrigation seems to be set and adjusted well enough to leave it for awhile. More organizing done in the shop. Down to separating the smalls as to function. That particular job may be ongoing, as it can be accomplished piecemeal. After we get home from OK, assembling the Frankensmith is on the agenda. Then replacing some helix cutters on the planer. Doing some work with something other than scrap 2 bys, plywood remnants and pallet wood will be welcome! It's been over a year since the smell of cut walnut has wafted past my nose. Plus, it'll be a joy to work with something that doesn't require screw and nail removal.
  16. Sunny and 96°, today. One could probably C&P this forecast for the next several dsys. Add one more adjective to an AZ forecast. Hot, dry and, .... boring.
  17. I've been vaccinated. I don't need no %$&# mask! Actually, I do. Mine are these from 3M https://www.amazon.com/3M-Particulate-Respirator-8210-Pack/dp/B008MCUZZS/ref=pd_bxgy_2/130-9237707-6089756?pd_rd_w=wc6a8&pf_rd_p=c64372fa-c41c-422e-990d-9e034f73989b&pf_rd_r=RS0P2FVDH6H9FPW9XT0C&pd_rd_r=9cb94f39-eaf9-4809-9127-107c82b47fae&pd_rd_wg=tqMkO&pd_rd_i=B008MCUZZS&psc=1
  18. Those cool magnetic devices make me want to trade my 'Smith (aluminum table) for a Saw Stop...Well...on second thought, HF clamps are cheap.
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