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  1. In case y'all was wondering...The Ruben was FANTASTIC!
  2. I certainly remember Mark. I sent him a few devices I thought might be helpful.
  3. Gee, Ron. Mine's around 20 years old and, has never failed. Can you take it off and disassemble it?
  4. Hmmm, Herb. That gives drag strip a whole new meaning.
  5. Suh...weeet. That's one very nice plane, Herb.
  6. We left Tucson at 06:00. Stopped for a couple breakfast burritos at our favorite mom and pop place about 50 mi. North of Tucson. Then, on to Snowflake and, stopped for a few groceries and, got home a little before noon. Nice, leisurely drive. Looking fwd to left over corned beef on rye tonight. Tomorrow will find me immersed in more Inkscape and g code. Our sons and their families liked the burned family tree thing. So, after correcting the spelling of our DIL's name... and, learning how to speed up the burn, I'll get a couple more made. Then, it's on to the whisky logos. The next week or so will be all (?something?) and elbows.
  7. Same here. What happened to the paint brush to change the colors?
  8. Acetone or, lacquer thinner works. Let it soak a bit. Doesn't affect the wood. Might need to wipe off the residual adhesive with more solvent.
  9. Jesse, the Epilog is my dream machine. First, I gotta win the lottery, though😄
  10. Have a real good birthday, John.
  11. Mighty fine pens, Charles. have you considered Cactus Juice and a pressure pot? HF has a paint pot that's easily converted. Lots of you tube vidios on the conversion. You do need a compressor, though.
  12. I'm set. I've got a couple hats with the price tags hangin'.
  13. Dave, add my musical expertise to the head of that pin and there would still be room for Shakespear's Hamlet.
  14. Artie, what I know about a CNC would fit on the head of a pin. I just recently learned the difference between a G code and a G string.
  15. Thanks guys. Now, I gotta make two more. That one was practice. A little refining and some more research, first. I think I may be able to get faster, too. A local distillery has asked me to make a prototype mesquite gift box for their product. That sounds like fun. But, I do gotta get faster.
  16. Its on a piece of BB. It took 127 Minutes to burn. It took HOURS to make the design and get it from Inkscape to the Laser
  17. I hear they have begun charging their members for access to the forum. I left them many moons ago so, it's no biggie for me. Anybody here that visits them? If so, is what I heard accurate?
  18. With your experise, that shouldn't be a problem. A stain matching blog by you would be a great read and,I'm sure, quite instructive to more than a few of us. I'm particularly interested in matching BB and, hardwood faced plys to hardwood trim.
  19. Sounds just like my wife.
  20. Maybe a post script under the button that says "Don't Bother". Ah well. The vagaries of software are often inexplicable...to me, anyway.
  21. Got one like Jesse's. And like Jesse, I've used it twice.

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