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  1. My bad. I was always referring to 1/8" BB. Sounds like you got their good prices. Shipping would be a killer, I'd imagine.
  2. Yep. Much cheaper. The site I mentioned has the 20X30 pieces at $6.79 for 5 plus. They might deal on a large order. But, $6.79 seems pretty pricey, to me. BTW, I only used Waco to figure shipping because I didn't know your zip code.
  3. Great work, Steve. Good thinking.
  4. I've got your in between season. You can have it. Yesterday it was in the 40s and rain mixed with snow. Today, tomorrow and Thursday, mid 50s and low 60s. None of which would be too bad if it weren't for the blasted 30+ mph winds.
  5. "Low life" is correct. Hope Doug gets his tools back.
  6. Hey, an 8' length of good 3/4 plywood, a t track and a short insert attached to your saw's sole plate, and you're good to go. Well, ya gotta plow a groove for the track. Made one for the Skil 77 at 8 ' and, a couple short ones for cross cuts. Then a couple for the Skil 5.25 saw. Heck, who needs a jointer?
  7. Working with rough lumber, as well as plywood, my track saw sees a lot of use. I made mine and, it serves me well. With a good blade, my cuts are glue ready. I couldn't ever justify spending what Bosch sells theirs for.
  8. Way less expensive than metal. About half, or more, at Lowes.
  9. Great fun in the shop. Made a slew of box joints that don't fit. No biggie. Just plywood. Recalibration of the tool..and brain .... on the agenda today. Hope to get the mesquite cut and planed tomorrow. Should have the semblance of a box by Friday. Son, DIL and newest grandkid will be here Friday evening. No shop work till the following Tuesday.
  10. Good Lord. That is pure crap. That guy needs a world map! Vietnam is a long ways from the Baltic. Out of curiosity, I checked Woodworkers source in Tucson. 20 ea. 20" X30" sheets weighs 40 lbs and shipping (I used Waco TX) is $48.35 and the total with shipping is $118.53. Is that any help?
  11. 54° for the high. Rain and 30 mph winds predicted. Ugh.
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