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Gene Howe

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  1. Gene Howe

    Do I Need This?

    Wonder if it could be rigged as a miter trimmer?
  2. Gene Howe

    Large Images Are Non-Constrained To Frame

    Great. It was a hassle some times.
  3. Gene Howe

    Do I Need This?

    Wife had one of those paper cutters. Found it at a garage sale. When it got too dull to cut the paper she used, she gave it to me. It cut paper backed sandpaper ok but the thing just took up too much space for the few times I used it. I junked it. It's simpler to use the old hacksaw blade screwed to piece of ply.
  4. Gene Howe

    Tabs on the Weather...

    It got hot. Humidity is only 7%,, though. 93 today. 100 tomorrow.
  5. Gene Howe

    Do I Need This?

    Cutting sandpaper? Veneer, possibly.
  6. Gene Howe

    Tips Forum

    Maybe @John Morris will add a forum for us.
  7. Gene Howe

    Safety Caps

    It's not rocket surgery to sharpen files and, rasps. Some sulfuric acid (liquid drain cleaner) and water is all you need. I use a 10 to 1 water to acid mix. You'll need a tube like container. A length of pvc pipe (with end cap) works well. Size the pipe to fit the file/rasp. Measure out and pour the water in the pipe. Always add acids to water, not water to acid. Add the measured amt of acid. Drop in the file/rasp and wait an hour or so. Take it out and bathe it in strong solution of baking soda and water to neutralize the acid. Use the wife's hair dryer to dry it.
  8. Gene Howe

    Tips Forum

    Tips and Tricks?
  9. Gene Howe

    Layout Software: Good for Beginners +

    I'm with ya. My visualization skills are less than adequate. But then, my realization skills are worse.
  10. Gene Howe

    Large Images Are Non-Constrained To Frame

    Oooh, that brings back some not so pleasant memories.
  11. Gene Howe

    Safety Caps

    Sure is. They cut any wood like it's butter. Great for fine work. If you want to get a bit more agressive, check out farrier's rasps. They can remove a ton of wood fast. They're two sided and the fine side leaves a decent, ready for sanding, surface. .
  12. Gene Howe

    Safety Caps

    @John Morris turned me on to a great set of http://www.thebestthings.com/newtools/iwasaki_floats.htm They're hand stitched and from Japan. Best I've ever used.
  13. Gene Howe

    Safety Caps

    Nicholson? I'll pass.
  14. Gene Howe

    John Moody's Mother

    Sad news. So sorry to hear that. Thoughts and prayers to John and family.
  15. Gene Howe

    Tabs on the Weather...

    No need to mourn his loss. He's not gone, just in the recycle phase.

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