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Gene Howe

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  1. Gene Howe

    Why I don't build ships

    I once saw a FSBO sign in AZ that read "Future Beach Property".
  2. Gene Howe

    Using gloves when turning

    No gloves around spinny things. Especially, spinny things with teeth. YMMV.
  3. Gene Howe

    Screen name info expanded..

    Get them bytes corralled, podna.
  4. Gene Howe

    Why I don't build ships

    Once ya hit Yuma, it just a hop, skip and a Jump to San Diego.
  5. Gene Howe

    Why I don't build ships

    Only ex Marines called Gibbs do that. Ever notice there's a lack of measuring tapes in his basement shop?
  6. Gene Howe

    Tabs on the Weather...

    A while ago, now that it's daylight, we measured the snow. It's 12" deep! And, more is on the way. Areas to the west like Flagstaff and Payson have had 100 year record snowfalls. 40" so far. The shop is as far as I'm venturing for a while. The dog loves it. But, she's not too smart.
  7. Gene Howe

    Why I don't build ships

  8. Gene Howe

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Phyl’s bro. and sis in law pulled their 5th wheel up from Tucson a couple days ago. They’re in a park in town. Last night, we drove in and picked them up for a meal out. It was spitting snow. By the time we finished eating, there was 6” of snow on the car and, it was snowing harder. A regular blizzard. We drove them back to their park and could just barely find the entrance. Then we headed for home. 18 miles of white out in the dark. Never got over 20 mph. Couldn’t see the edge of the road. Luckily, we made it home without incident. Well, I did wander off our lane and did some cross country driving for about a 100’. Town got about 10”-12” overnight. I’m guessing we got around 8 or 9. Bro and wife were planning on heading to Dallas today. That ain’t happening. Forecast for another 6” or so today. NOTHING is moving on the mesa.
  9. Gene Howe

    Food! . Food! and Grub.

    I'm banned.
  10. Gene Howe

    News new to me

    Make it a practice to only use that door on alternate days.
  11. Gene Howe

    Retirement is Hard Work...! ! !

    Or, Irish whisky or, Kaluah.
  12. Gene Howe

    Food! . Food! and Grub.

    I only cook out of dire necessity and, multi ingredient recipes are way outta my league. But Phyl more than covers for me. Although, her methods of measurement is quite similar to mine. She's not good with numbers, either. she's a pinch, dash and, just a tiny bit more, kinda chef.
  13. Gene Howe

    Tabs on the Weather...

    That winter storm warning for this area is till in effect. It hasn't hit here...yet. but, radar shows a steady march our way. Payson, AZ is about 50 miles west of us, and a few hundred feet lower and, they're bracing for 30" to 40". Forecasts a two day total of 7" to 15" (possible) for us. If the wind keeps up like it is now, we may have some decent drifts. .
  14. Gene Howe

    No 51. Shoot Board Plane (Lie Nielsen)

    The best to your mom. Take care of her. The plane can wait.
  15. Gene Howe

    News new to me

    In the Whooda Thunk It dept. Linky Always looking out for the health and safety of my friends. You're welcome.

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