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  1. steven newman

    Next Up?

    Well...yard sales today were a bust......Was told by the Boss we could not go to Menard's today, to buy lumber...but..we could try at Lowes here in town....Yeah..Riiight.. Shopping list said I needed 1 x 10s and 1 x 8x...and 1 x 2s.....Showed the Boss the prices Lowes wanted....STICKER SHOCK! Lowes 1 x 2s? I could buy 3 at the price they wanted for ONE, and is was 2' shorter, at that! Got to looking through the racks.....found some glued up Pine panels....looking like they used to be part of a much longer panel...price was a bit better....and I didn't have to do any glue ups of my own.... Two panels for the sides. 3/4" x 12" x 36", and a panel for the top..3/4" x 16" x 48" Picked through, and found four of the best 1 x 2 x 6' boards they had, to build webframes with. Also dug around and found the best 1 x 3 x 6' in the rack.... Will go to Menard's at a later date, and get the parts for the drawers, and a plywood back. Spent $42 at Lowes...for 8 boards...sheesh. Before I can get anything done IN the shop, I need to clear the bench... Hmm....now you see them ( see anything you can ID?) Look quick.... NOW I can do a bit of work, here....need to get the mitersaw dug out, and ready.. And swing it back to 90 degrees...have a bunch of parts to make ( hope I bought enough 1 x 2s..) The plastic case? Somewhere in the shop..there are a few other of these bits....need to round them up and into the case...set of 25. Plan is to build 4 webframes...then sliding dovetails to join the frames to the sides. Then add a back and the face frame. Then see about a trip to Menard's for drawer parts. it is a start...stay tuned.
  2. steven newman

    Next Up?

    Appointments are being rescheduled.....don't have to go to Columbus, OH in the morning.....maybe I can get this project done in the meantime? Slipped back to the shop, this evening. Drawer #2 was started... There goes using this to resaw things to width......( maybe this weekend, I can tear it down, and rebuild it?) Old school....Drawer front didn't need a whole lot removed.... Took a while...made a bunch of Moxxon TP... The other half is on the floor. Checked the ends for square....nope. Tried a plane to "shoot" it square.. Meh....went with Old Reliable, instead.. Takes a while to cut a 1 x 8, on the flat. Got the Stanley 45 and a jig set up.. There is a bench dog at the far end, a block behind the board, then a screw to tighten it all down...yes, that is a Pitch Pocket....will clean it out, and fill it back up, later..Laid out the pins again...somehow wound up with a few extras... Then used the backsaw to make a few cuts.. Then clamp the board to the bench....and do a bit of chopping.. Half from one face, then finish up on this face...transfer the lines to the other end, lay out the lines and saw those. Then do some more chopping.. And the Chopping Crew. Front is done. Needed it to size one side panel ( for now..) Was a bit more than I wanted to jack plane off.....clamped the side panel to the bench, circular saw to buzz the 3/16" off, then a pass with a plane. Then I used the front panel one more time...to lay out for the tails....and then saw the waste side of the lines...leaving the lines.. Then chopped the waste out. Then did a dry fit... Mallet just to get it started. Was getting to be almost 10pm....time to stop. Staggered upstairs, and called it a night.. maybe tomorrow, I can get one drawer done....we'll see about the third.. Stay tuned..
  3. steven newman

    Next Up?

    Got Drawer #1 out of the clamps this morning....lot of clean up, and fitting done....sticks a bit right before it closes up all the way... Trying a bit of candle wax.....it will close, just binds a bit at the end. Other boards have been cut into MOST of the parts for the other two drawers... Yeah...and these are the good ones. I can work around some of these knots, I hope.. These? No way.....the two underneath? May be able to rip the good part off.... Taking a break for now.....and trying to decide which bit to use as an edge treatment.. mainly along the top's edges. Circular saw needed a break, anyway.. May go back and sweep the shop....again....already have twice today.. I do make a mess, don't I? Maybe when the shop cools down this evening, I can start on Drawer #2? Stay tuned...
  4. steven newman

    Next Up?

    Ok, dovetails, the Dungeon Shop way... Laid out for the pins on the end of the drawer front.. Nothing fancy here....just a combo square and a bevel square... Tried the new saw.. Not sure I like that boxy handle....went back to the old saw on the next set.....anyway, chopped the waste with a chisel, first one side Leave a little for support, flip the board over, and remove the rest.. Then transfer the marks to the other ends, and repeat....this is the front of the drawer front. I then either stand the pin board up To mark the tails. or.... A couple corner clamps to hold things still, while I trace around each pin. I use a pencil, and it doesn't really need to be all that sharp...as I cut on the waste side of the lines, trying to leave the lines... A few "extra cuts" helps out. This was just before the bandsaw fell apart....the other set of tails was by handsaw..just like the pins, chop 1/2 way then flip over and complete the cuts...then a test fit.. Then repeat for the other end.. Ok, reset the jig for the Stanley 45.. As both side pieces need a groove. Then they need a dado....I cut the dado walls with the mitre box.. Set to the depth needed. had to redo the jig. I was just going to chisel the waste out.....then thought of a different plane.. Called a Stanely#39 3/8" Dado plane...they did make a 3/4" wide one....all I have is the 3/8"....no biggie, just cut along both walls, and meet in the middle.. Works for me. Got both side parts done...still needed a few holes drilled.. The "Twins" came over, drilled and counter-sunk a few holes. The miter cut is to help start a drawer into it's opening. Got some glue and clamps installed...had trouble with the plywood bottom..needed the sabresaw to trim it to size.. Once I could get the plywood installed.....I pulled the drawer into as square as i could..THEN added screws to the plywood Yep, it be square. Will let this sit until morning, then fit it to it's opening. have two more to get done...and a bandsaw to repair. Just imagine all the cussing that went on today We'll see IF I get anything done tomorrow....no wheels, can't do a whole of anything else. Stay tuned...
  5. steven newman

    Next Up?

    Estimate for the repair of the van...$500....ouch. Lung Doctor visit this afternoon...meant a 5 block walk to the hospital, and a 5 block walk back....kind of put a dent in the shoptime.....sooo, do you want the entire 48 picture shop story, or just the Cliff's Notes? May do a couple shorter entries....had two separate jobs done today.... Ok, Plugs. Set up the Veritas 3/8" Tapered Plug Cutter in the drill press. Which tends to eat a plug now and then. I needed to mill at least 29 plugs, plus a couple extras, just in case.. Yep, it ate two plugs...and I had two others that weren't usable....still, was able to install all the ones I did need.. Simple enough to do. Use a screwdriver to pop a plug out, coat the narrow end with glue, and hammer each one home... And, IF you pay attention to the grain.....the plugs will vanish after you trim them down... These two are the "trimmers". A light tap with a hammer is all they need. As for the plug vanishing? Look right in front of the chisel's edge...there IS a plug sitting there. I had gone upstairs to get one 1 x 8 x 8' plank and bring it to the shop....allowing enough time for the glue to set up. A little sanding with some 180 grit....then I could set the case back on the floor. Needed to saw the plank into a few parts.. Circular saw was having "issues" following a line....couldn't decide which side it wanted to be on....Used the plane to square an end. Checked for fit..was a bit too wide Bandsaw to hog most of this off.. Junior Jack to even things out. Same thing with the two pieces for the drawer's sides....the one for the back of the drawer needed even more removed.. A little bigger Jack plane. I also clamped the two sides together, then planed them...they also needed a little more done on the ends. Test fit the front of the drawer... A little tight yet....I also tested the two sides.. And...before I throw these three things away.. There is one more, but it is already in the trash can.....where these three are headed. Set up the Stanley 45, to plough a #12 sized groove.. And, set up a jig, to hold the drawer front in place.. Groovy......needed this done first, so I can lay out the dovetail pins. Yes, I do pins first. Decided to try out a "new" dovetail saw today.. To kind of give the old guy a bit of a break...I also got out the Shop Stool...as the next episode will be sitting down on the job.. Stay tuned.....episode 2 will be here, shortly...
  6. steven newman

    Next Up?

    Shop was closed today, and not just because it was a Bad Monday.......had a Gulley-washer rolling through town....next thing I know, there are a few creeks running across the floor of the shop. Good thing I left the case up on the bench. New glue bottle has been bought, and a few knobs. No sawdust was disturbed. Will see what I can get done in two days....anyone want to help?
  7. steven newman

    Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! July 16, 2018

    First a Lost Weekend.....then a Monday from... Troubles getting the finger poked, to draw a blood sample.....4th time worked. Drove the Boss on her Monday Road Trip...almost didn't make it....white smoke from under the hood. When I finally was able to pour more into the radiator....it just peed on the ground....$75 to have it towed home....and to the Garage to be worked on...when they get time. Did manage to pick up a bottle of glue, and some knobs....about the only "bright" spot for a Monday. Hoping they fix the van soon, hate to hitch hike to Columbus,OH..twice each way...may see IF the Veterans downtown can provide a ride...at least one day... No sawdust was endangered, today...
  8. steven newman

    Chisel Tray Complete

    Took a bit today, to assemble the parts, and fit things into the tool chest. Tray turned out a bit wider than needed. Lumber was a bit thicker than needed to be. had to cut a rebate along the tote tray's side, to allow the tray to sit down in the chest. Next time, will use a thinner stock..( and there seems to always be a "next time") Ok, a look or two of the completed tray, all nestled into it's new home I suppose I had better hide than level, before Moody shows up. A view from the other direction I think this chest is getting ....almost full nah, I think i can fit a few more things in there...
  9. steven newman

    Need a Tray for Some Chisels

    so, back to the Dungeon Shop I go. Have a nice stash of chisels, nothing real fancy, but they need a better home. Already have a spot for the router bits but I don't think it would work to hold chisels. Grabbed a pine board that was long enough to go in the Tool Chest as a tray. It was a might wide so I ripped it down the middle with the old Craftsman circular saw. There are just some things I will not do by hand, and ripping long boards with a handsaw is one of them. Got the two halves into the vise, to take care of any dippity-dos I did both edges, too. That Wards #78 was next. Needed a rebate to house the bottom of the tray. Photo is a might fuzzy( again) but There IS a rebate there. The wood was so smooth, it shone like a beacon. Then, hand sawed for some dados. needed one on each end, and one in the middle. I was going to rebate the bottom of the dividers, but the fights were starting. So, made the floor board the full length, instead. One dado was in some knotty grain, and broke out, screws for that end. Trial fits as i go I WILL get YELLED at for having my "junk" on HER washer. The floor boards are two pieces. The old sycamore one there wasn't quite long enough, and had a bow at one end. Had a thin piece of QSWO available, just a might wide, and too long. Saw the end off, and used a jointer to get to the right width. Did find out something strange about this old oak It makes little curly things, instead of long shavings. I did get the floor for the tray ready for a test fit Just some screws, nails and glue. then come the fun parts, getting a way to set all them chisels in the tray. That will be...next time. Stay tuned.
  10. steven newman

    Next Up?

    Ok..baby steps in the shop....work for a bit...sit for a longer bit....work for a bit....call it a night...maybe.. Back is completed.. I also added a pair of runners for the top drawer to slide on...just a couple pieces of scrap pine, cut to length, then glued and screw in place I also added drawer guides for each drawer.. These do not have to go all the way to the back....3/4 of the way is fine. Had to place the case back up onto the bench...to get the last two at the bottom... Even did a bit of rough sanding....need to start hauling planks to the shop, and see what kind of cuts I need to make....to build 3 drawers Stay tuned..( Ground Control to Major....)
  11. steven newman

    Next Up?

    Managed a little bit....no spinning saw blades, nor chisels sliding by... Most was with a hand powered mitersaw...and a couple drills....does sabresaw count? Side view...Just 6 sticks of pine, glued and screwed in place. Screws are in counter-bored holes, that I will go back over and plug with Pine plugs. The way the plywood came into the shop...have to do the back in two sections. Glued and nailed in place. IF I can float to the shop...I might get the back panel done.....Maybe later this week, I can start on the 3 drawers? Looks like there will be plenty of "Knotty Pine" showing...unless they paint this....
  12. steven newman

    Next Up?

    Yeah.....and I lost almost an entire weekend...somewhere. Not even sure what day this is... Migraine ( I think..)hit late Friday night......ER most of that night.....not sure.... Maybe I can get the head back where it belongs....so I can do a bit of woodworking.....
  13. steven newman

    Bandsaw Issues

    Somehow....I have lost almost an entire weekend......Monster Migraine hit.....late Friday night, spent the rest of that night in the ER.....spent a little time shopping with the boss, yesterday and today...I think.... Head is still on another planet.....spent a lot of time sleeping, or so I have been told....not sure what was in all them shots the ER Nurses hit me with...both shoulders are sore. Never found a Romex clamp the correct size.....went back to tape.....will use a few wire ties, to make a strain relief. Will update when the head returns....
  14. steven newman

    Bandsaw Issues

    Issues with my Craftsman 113. 27350 bandsaw......way to much shaking going on....drive wheel wobbles.....tore the thing down today.... Removed both the belt pulley and the lower wheel.. 2 wheels, only found one key stock....one for the belt pulley was MIA. Large snap ring holding the shaft in place on the belt side.. Metal cap swings down out of the way, once the shaft is out... (nice and cleaned up..) to get the shaft out, I had to remove these two bolts..which went right back in as soon as I could....hate losing parts. Shaft "looked" good when it came out, and the rust removed.. Bearings themselves are fine, it seems to be a problem with the shaft itself.. Mainly on the drive wheel side. Bearing will slide around a bit. Looking like a new shaft will be needed...I did find my snap ring pliers..finally.. Need to skinny the points down a tad, so they fit. Will take the shaft, bearings and all to the TSC Store, and see what they have handy. Bearing No. 3203 RS FAG..... Wondering IF I can find a washer that fits over the snap rings, and can be held in place with those two bolts. Maybe tighten things up a bit? IF I need a bandsaw for the next project..we have back-up.. That little 12" Craftsman 3-wheeler will do for the small stuff....has a 3/8" blade onboard. Would have to dig it out of the hole... And..NO, I am unable to just go out and buy a new/used bandsaw right now....not an option. Will just have to fix what I have.
  15. steven newman

    Bandsaw Issues

    Well, since it was still the 12th, and not the 13th....decided to test the motor to see IF it even runs....extension cord, so I could unplug it fast, if need be...... Plugged it in, right where it sat on the table. Heard it make a burp-like sound..that was about all....hand was placed on top of the motor, barely feel anything...looked down at the shaft....could not see the flat spot? Shaft was turning at full speed...making zero noise! And..it was spinning the correct direction! Started it a couple more times, to double check....motor did not even get warm. We be HAPPY. Need to go shopping....and then find enough time to install all the goodies. And build a dresser? We'll see..stay tuned....
  16. steven newman

    Bandsaw Issues

    That is about what I'll be looking for. Once I can get some shopping done...
  17. steven newman

    Bandsaw Issues

    Well....got rid of this ...mess There WAS two large wire nuts inside all the tape...and a good thing they were taped.....they came apart. Found some better wire nuts. Cut just outside of the bare spots on the wires....worked on the one pair, then the other...And added a ground lug to the green wire.. dad used to solder these things together, and then add the nuts and tape.....When I get a roll, I'll tape these up. More to prevent them rubbing against each other. The self-drilling screw goes through the box, but not into the motor's case. Along with the tape, will need a wire clamp. Should be able to keep the dust out, too. Used enough hand tools, this might have gone over to that thread.. Although, I did use a cordless drill...to drive the ground screw Once the other stuff gets here, I can get going on the rebuild. Stay tuned
  18. steven newman

    Bandsaw Issues

    Ok, an update on the saw. Priced a new pulley at TSC today....1/2" bore, 3" diameter, no keyway slot....~$12-$16....did not find a new cord for the motor,,,,but, since the old lathe was junked out, with a bad motor...I could use the cord from it..( found out an Aldis backsaw will cut cords..) Even has a ground! Took the cover off the wiring box... "Rat Nest"? This was AFTER removing 1/2 a roll of black tape! Pulled the cord back through and separated the two sides.... Into a "Red side", and a "White side" Handsome, ain't they? A bit more tape came off, since it was loose, anyway... Them's bare wires there! Thinking I could just wire nut these to the new cord's wires, and add a ground to the case? Short of tearing the motor down..this is about as far as I can go. I also dribble a few shots of 3in1 oil down the oilers, and spun the shaft a bit by hand. Still wanting to dig into that mass of tape....mind find a couple wire nuts? Might just use new ones, though. Will need a conduit clamp, for where the new cord comes out at... Stay tuned....hopefully, the results aren't too shocking....
  19. steven newman

    Lowe's Snags Craftsman Tools

    Here is a scary thought....the same factory making Craftsman tools....also making Kobalt tools......just a different paint job?
  20. steven newman

    Yard Sale Find

    So..how about a Family Photo? Since the D-112 was basically a D-8 version of a D-12....might as well include it? Used each saw to cut it's own kerf to sit in...L-R: D-8 Panel saw, 10ppi D-8 26"long crosscut, 8ppi. D-112, 26" 10 ppi crosscut....and the D-100, 10ppi 26" long Panel saws also only got 4 bolts, instead of five...The two D-8s have readable etches...with the 8 inside of the D ( pre 1928)...the D-112 has a barely readable etch...the D-100 has almost a full etch showing... Panel saw is about...20" long. It is hanging on it's own peg, on the side of the til...the other three have their own section...along with the "other" D-8 ( 10 ppi) Not too bad..
  21. steven newman

    Yard Sale Find

    Boss wanted to check out a few yard sales, have Lunch out, visit Wall E World.....Ok.. On the way back home from such things...made one more stop at a yard sale....nose was itching.... Table had a metal B&D saw...sitting ON four hand saws.....Didn't need the circular saw...two of the handsaws weren't really worth picking up....#3 had a $20 price tag! OUCH! However...#4? First glance..looked like a Disston D-8....until I looked a bit closer at the handle.. 26" long, 10 ppi, skew back. Covertop handle. And CARVED.....a D-100. Price tag said $10...got it to $5 and bought it... Got it home....cleaned around where the etch should be...found one from about 1917 or so. Saw was made from 1900 or so up to 1922...The way the heel of the sawblade is made, and the DISSTON PHILA medallion looked...it is closer to 1914-1917 era. Still straight, still sharp. Non"show" side is a bit rusty, should clean right up. But......while there is the older Keystone ( 1840...and the French and Spanish trademarks) and the writing from Henry's signature......there is a VERY faint etch right in front of the handle.....about where the "Victory" etch would be.....Hmmmm...will see how it cleans up... Handle is very comfy...almost don't want to let go of it.... not too bad of a morning?
  22. steven newman

    Next Up?

    Shop was closed, yesterday....that "Monday" thing.....after almost T-boning a semi....decided to just sit around, where it was safe... Today? Got the clamps off the case, and stashed out of the way.. These are just the pipe clamps.... Most of the c clamps and other goodies hide out here....got out the vintage drill.. Then rock the drill front to back a few times.. To make a slot for a screw, to attach the case to the top... After some debate over which face of the top panel looked presentable....set that side down onto the bench, then got the case onto the top, and centered.. Sitting upside down on the bench. My 2" screws were a tad too long.....bad form to have the points poking through... Visegrip pliers to hold the screw, grinder to shorten each...between 1/8" and 1/4", dunk them into the cup of water, and then reform a point, and dunk again... Yeah...I also had a piece of plywood, used it to recheck the case for square.. Close enough. Will save this chunk of plywood, for a drawer bottom.. May have to trim it down a bit. Maybe by Friday, or so...I can go and get the rest of the lumber needed. Install the back, build a face frame..build 3 drawers? Maybe ready for stain and such by next week? Might just make that 18th of July deadline...
  23. steven newman

    Saw Bolt

    Have had more than one saw come through the shop....using those rivets... PITA to remove.. Usually I just kept the blade, as I had to rip the handle ( usually plywood, anyway) apart. Either had a spare handle....or just made a new handle....IF the plate was worth saving....
  24. steven newman

    Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! July 9, 2018

    Got a glue-up done...amid much cussing....even had two pipe clamps left over Monday? Usual BS....Got my finger poked again...every Monday. Monitoring the Blood thinner... On the way home this afternoon...came to an intersection..St Rt 235 meets St Rt 47....with 47 having the stop signs...which the driver for Knight Transport apparently disregarded....pulled right on through....just missed him by 10'....good thing I had slowed down to make the turn..otherwise would have T-boned the tractor of the semi... Yep...one of THEM days.....chose not to open the shop, today....
  25. steven newman

    Yard Sale Find

    Seemed to clean up nice enough.. Show side. Then, after a second coat of shellac... Tried to get a picture of the etch.. There is a LARGE "D" in the keystone area...big enough to hold the "100" inside it. The "extra etch...was just a bunch of scratches. Got the bolts "clocked". This side had a lot of pitting going on...may try again to "sand" it out....or just oil it up and use it.. Will need a label or two made...so I can tell this from the Disston D-112.. D-112 was made for 2 years 1928-1929....D-100 stopped being made in 1922....

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