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  1. steven newman

    Use for Scraps.

    Ok, they decided to do something different to stop those AFIB Attacks I keep getting.....may be a few weeks before the surgery.... Ok, Clamps removed, things assembled...and sanded, and a router round around..and sanded some more....then remembered where the camera still was...hauled the Plant Stand upstairs.... sat the thing here, and took a few pictures... Had to use two sizes of dowels, wasn't enough of the 1/2" one... After this gets painted, those screws will get covered. Cove around the top edge, lets water drain off.. A small planter makes this look bigger... I have a feeling this is the size that will be used... Have to wait and see what colour the Boss wants to paint this..since this will go outside. Not too bad of a Project? Thanks...
  2. steven newman

    Use for Scraps.

    Need to get this finished up. Starting a blood thinner trial this weekend..lab tests next Monday....waiting to see IF they have to go in, freeeze a part off on the inside of the heart, then install a "Watchman" device. Overnighter, at OSU, Columbus, OH...after the the trial is done....maybe a few weeks. Trying to correct something, and prevent a stroke. Will update as things go along. I will get that forest of clamps removed later, after the shop cools down a bit. Then see about some dowels, and a couple blocks.... Stay tuned
  3. steven newman

    Use for Scraps.

    Well...I was just going to take that backsaw down to the shop, clean it up a bit, and maybe a test cut....that WAS the plan.....fan was on "HIGH"..got to looking at that plant stand...maybe if I lay out a mortise...... Wound up chopping all the remaining mortises...spreading some glue ( more on the parts, than on me) clamped the mess together.. Checked the diagonals for square,,,yep, had to add a fifth clamp....then laid out a couple blocks for tomorrow.. I'll cut these to length, and notch around the legs. May add a few pilot holes for screws.....these will be to attach the top. About that saw...was a 4" x 22" saw..too short for my Stanley #2246 mitre box.....I got most of the rust toned down.. I may have the mitre box that will work.. Or...just keep the saw as a "carcass saw" and see how it works.
  4. steven newman

    Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! June 18, 2018

    Well, there IS a fan going done there....
  5. steven newman

    Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! June 18, 2018

    Monday? Shop has been closed Sunday and today.....Rust hunting Saturday....maybe tomorrow, I'll open the shop back up. Too bloody hot right now...
  6. steven newman

    Happy Father's Day

    Those were the saws that taught Team Work.....IF the two people that were using it, did not learn how to work as a team....the term "Misery Whip" came to mind... US Forestry Service has a youtube show about these saws. And there is a pdf file floating around, somewhere. Not a one person saw
  7. steven newman

    Hit and Miss Yard Sale Day

    OK, STILL June, and yet another Village-wide Yard Sale event....off to the home of Airstream.... Hinges were from a sale before we even got to Jackson Center....$1 a pack. $0.10 on the coping saw ( had a new price tag on the other side of the handle...4" x 24" backsaw was$1.75..I think... Came across the REMAINS of a mitre box the saw would have fit....too much wrong with it, too many parts were gone.... Picked this 1/2" x 36" BESSEY pipe clamp for $4 and.. A Hargrave #600 pipe clamp with a 4' long 3/4" pipe installed....also $4....but..there was something else at that sale..kept pulling me back.. Finally asked how much...$4....ok, I think I can handle that... Millers Falls No. 900 "V" Line....same size as a Stanley #4 Boss wanted to head over to Sidney.....skimpy sales there...meh. Did get an oil change for the van, though. Wasn't too bad of a day.... Backsaw is straight as can be, and SHARP. Have since added a 6" blade to the Craftsman ( Atkins?) coping saw....have already cleaned the cutter in the plane... Was a busy day...
  8. Might get a Plant Stand done.... Saturday is a Village-wide yard sale at Jackson Center, OH. May see what I can "pick"...... Try a coat or two of Amber Shellac/ Orange Shellac....
  9. steven newman

    Use for Scraps.

    Well..it was until the legs started to cramp up..mine, that is....got bevel #2 done... 2 down, two to go. Planes? Made in England, Stanley #4c...the jack and the block plane? The little Shelton has already hopped off the bench a few times..didn't seem to bother it...Miller s Falls jack because it has no camber to the iron..."new" one does. Turned the board 90 degrees,and laid out for bevel#3 Jack plane to get close to the lines. then the #4c cleaned it up... Same routine with the last bevel, trying to get that "crisp" corner Sellers likes...then the #4 smooth plane to clean things up.. Moved this aside...but had one more item to do to it... I took one leg, and traced around it, at each location the legs will go. Then I get mark for a 3/8" tenon, and the final length of the aprons.. Small mitersaw to cut to length...then mark out the shoulder cuts for the tenons...and set the depth stops on the Langdon75. Laid out the cuts.. Used the mitre box to make a few cuts.. First cut, to double check how deep it was....handle side was a hair shallow, adjusted that. and made the rest of the cuts.. Depth stops are holding the saw up. Then to the bandsaw for the rest of the cuts...until I had these.. Time to set up for mortises.. Thanks to those feet...I had to hang them off the side of the bench...marked out for the mortise, and did a bit of chopping.. Rotate, rinse, and repeat....got three done, and dry fitted.. And was setting up to do #4... When MY legs started to cramp up....guess I was done, for the day... Maybe try to get something done..tomorrow? Cleaned the shop...couple of times...about 9 dust pans full.... Stay tuned.
  10. steven newman

    Use for Scraps.

    Coughing jag hit last night..pulled something in the back, right under the right shoulder blade......only HURTS when I cough.... Anyway, decided to at least try to move the planes around....IF I could keep them small....and LIGHT. Legs needed worked on, so did the wood ones.. but, I worked on the wooden ones, this time.. Saw marks needed to leave, wavy surfaces needed to be flat, and the square part needed to be 1" x 1" square.....couple of these were a bit..FAT Spokeshave to round the outside corner of the leg. Sanding Center's beltsander to smooth the curves. Palm sander to smooth the rest... Not perfect, but close enough. Then it was the aprons' turn under the planes.. These two were not even close to the same size...thickness or width....Planed them until the matched each other, benchdog as a stop. Once these two were done, then the long ones were done....one of those had a surprise.. One face was clear, turn it over, and find a knot. Jack plane never noticed it. Had to joint the edges, until they matched the short aprons for width Shavings were piling up, too. Got all the aprons to match each other, for width, and thickness... Yes, that knot is under there. Marked the tops of the legs, to show where the tenons will go... Set these items aside...need to work on that plank, under the legs.... First, I needed to remove a pile... Had to move the trashcan over to this mess...took a few dustpan loads....now, about the plank.. This is the "bad" side. This will be the bottom of the stand's top. Marked this end for a bevel.. Marked one along the end, 3/4" down ( or up?), the second line is 1-1/4" back from the edge....these are the stop lines for making the bevel.. Couple of clamps, and the benchdog (hiding behind the plank) to keep things from moving. Coarse set jack to start the cuts, then the #4 to smooth and finish the bevel Next time, I'll turn this and do the other end....then the two sides. Once all four edges have their bevels done, then I can size the aprons for length, as the base will sit inside the bevels.. IF the back straightens out....hate when I cough. this one bevel make a mess on the floor... Just one bevel's worth..imagine four. Cleaned this up, and called it a day....back didn't like going over the 2 hour time frame... Maybe tomorrow, I can get something done? Stay tuned...fun is about to begin...
  11. steven newman

    Chinese Rant

    Place down in Springfield, OH....."Heart of Ohio" is a HUGE store....and always seems to have a lot of old hand tools.....
  12. steven newman

    MWTCA June 2018 'What's It' Project

    May look curved....but it is mainly just tapered, along both edges.....Wider on the left side, both the toothed AND the non-tooth edges taper down to the right side. Look where you can see under the narrow end, light is coming through. May have been used by Plasterers, to do fluted details. The straight edge to level the "mud" then flip over to do the flutes.
  13. steven newman

    Use for Scraps.

    OK, so..after Lunch...got the other three legs sawn.. The hardest part was making sure #4 was curved in the right direction... Had to recheck a couple times...even after the first cut...anyway, set these aside. One of the other 1 x 10s seemed to have been a Knot Farm.....Marked things out to get 2" wide blanks..then resaw for 3/4" thickness Then sort through these....and cutting out the bad spots....most of them...using the mitresaw.. Knots and splits went to the burn can...somehow found enough good parts to make four aprons.. Allowing for tenons and such...better to be a tad long, than too short, right... Which left this stack of "Just-in-case" parts.. Have a LOT of work with planes coming up.....Green Can was empty time to call it a day. May bevel the bottom edges of the top...say to 3/4" at the edge? Well...maybe 1" and go from there... Made a bunch of dust, today.. Dust collection in this shop is called a broom and dust pan. Maybe tomorrow, I can get a bit of work done? Stay tuned...
  14. steven newman

    Use for Scraps.

    Roh-kay...here is what I have to work with.. Ummm...yeah. Needed a lot of room.. Even cleaned out the tool well And put the chisels away.. Someday, I need to add a second row of holders.... Laid out for a few bandsaw cuts....not up to hand saw ripping, nowadays.. And got four blanks for legs...that thing in the middle? Have other plans for it.... First cut. Frenchy provided the curve at the end. "waste" is now a pattern...three more cuts... Can't use that little scrap. I marked over 1" to be left after the cuts...stood this thing up.. Side view 1.. Other side...and... looking at the outside corner..need some tools to smooth the blanks, once all four are done.. I think these two will do that job? Edges without any curves, will get a regular plane. May round over the outside corners.... Maybe after Lunch, I can get the other three legs cut? Maybe decide on the size of the top of the stand, and see IF a shelf could be added.. Stay tuned...
  15. steven newman

    Use for Scraps.

    That are too big for the burn pile? Got three 2 x 10 x 18" scraps.....will try to build a plant stand of some sort out of them. Will take quite a bit of resaw/rip cutting...we'll see Single Brain Cell Sketch Up is right now working on the details......waiting on the results. One of the three will get made into a set of legs.....may be a bit different style than the last batch.....other two MAY be a glue up....maybe. Stay tuned.....

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