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  1. Folding wood chair and make an adjustable height staff with a gun cradle on top ( hint John Morris).
  2. I've taken off every guard on just about every tool I've ever owned. Knowing rotation, pressure, material and friction and staying out of the path of the blade has allowed me to cut everything from stone to metal accident free ( looking for a tree to knock on). I've had more trouble with cheaply made router bits than I have with guards.
  3. 4 pieces of duct tape should help you. Cut four pieces of duct tape one inch long and put them in easy reach of you. Attach one piece on bag, half on half off, and place that part of the bag where it needs to go. Repeat, going around the frame until the bag is in the desired position. Clamp it up!!! Course if you had a seamstress or a tailor near you and supplied him with some small gauge bungee cord ( available on the internet) I'm sure he could fold the top edge ( or bottom edge) and see a bungee cord inside. Make sure it's small gauge ( about the thickness of a Paracord) and that way it won't get in the way.
  4. Found this 1/2 inch plane in my tool caddy from an old purchase. Googled "bips" and couldn't find anything. Maybe someone could shed some light on this???
  5. Blum carries every size drawer slide you'll ever need. You'll need to get a Blum catalogue then go to a distributor that knows their stuff. Well worth the effort to get the right drawer slides.
  6. I'm old school. Butcher block wax only. There goes another towel cut into strips to do the screw and the rods.
  7. Should have checked there but don't go there too often!!
  8. Some things are super confusing and then I find out that my wife stuck it there because she thought "I keep stuff like that. There's the extra that's screwing you up!!!! Tell her to stop that!!!!!!
  9. Yep, feast or famine. And remember, no good deed goes unpunished!!
  10. Look up a pattern Maker's vise. I've only seen a few and I've used a chas Parker pattern Maker's vise. Definitely expensive but it's a lifetime vise if you can find one for sale.
  11. Just finished cleaning up my new aquisition chas Parker vise. Thought I was gonna need rust remover but the depot and 2 hardware stores had absolutely no evaporust, or anything else besides navel jelly. So I bought PB blaster and settled on good old elbow grease, plumbers cloth, wire brush on a drill, wire toothbrush and my screwdriver and a couple of towels. Put it in the bathtub and sprayed it down then started scrubbing. Came out ok after taking it completely apart and reassembling it. 2 new faceplates ( probably clear pine) and I can start figuring how to attach it to the bench.
  12. It would work. It needs to be finished on bottom and edges BEFORE you put it down to seal it, edges too. This will also keep the expansion/ contraction down to a minimum.
  13. Poplar can go from green ( young heart wood) to old, all tan wood. Depends on the size of the tree it was cut from. Sometimes lighter/heavier than pine and with the same hard/soft lines according to the grain. If it's all the same "softness" and color it may be basswood, good fo carving as it has a grain that's not distinct.
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