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  1. yeah, don't ya hate when somebody moves something? lol
  2. Lol I still can't add files, lol. Like pics and such. I'm pretty sure it's something on my phone that got switched. The more tech it gets the easier it screws up
  3. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Hs95yHtmjJvRYQSp8
  4. Hard as hell. Anything you make out of it will be a lifetime tool. ( Mallet, hammer, etc.) Running heat over it like gunstock finishing MAYBE will bring out the grain. Try it on a scrap BEFORE putting a torch to it.
  5. Anybody ever see this phenomenon? Same wood as other letters, same grain direction. Walnut for the back keep an eye on the l. What the heck happened? no. Same wood as other letters, same grain direction received_1829868993843337.mp4
  6. That gets an ATTABOY!!!!!! BET HE'S GONNA LOVE THAT!!!!!
  7. Can you send me a link to his Facebook page?
  8. I miss the quizzes Ralph used to do. I still use his rule "Nothing closer than 6 inches to the blade.
  9. Send some to me, I love stuff like roughsawn or imperfect stuff
  10. Been away for awhile, been working and making stuff for daughter and customers. Currently doing a 2 nd story garage rebuild into a workout studio. It's amazing how much I've lost on the ball. Went up ladders with full tool belt on and everything hurts!!!! Gotta get back in the game and get my head screwed back on,lol. Don't slow down lol, you might not speed up again!!!
  11. I've got few, wood , woodsmith, and shopsmith all on cd. Thanks for reminding me!!!
  12. Wow, can't believe it's been this long!!! Congrats everyone!!!!
  13. It's an old roller for making noodles out of pasta dough
  14. I've got a ton of Dremel bits just for that purpose . Also dental picks!!!! Good job!!!
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