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  1. Depends on size of trim and what your nailing in to. I've used every gun I've got from 3 1/2 d head nails to 1 1/2 inch pinheads and liquid nails. I always err on the side of bigger and deeper but there have been trims that required smaller yet more nails. Also remember there's a glue on some of those nails that actually holds on like son of a gun.
  2. i still like my veritas plate grinder and my slow speed grinder. but hey, if a shopsmith is what you got, good job converting it!!!! necessity is the mother of invention!!!!!
  3. nice save!!!! next box include pics of the hinges!! lol
  4. Just a thought about plywood from the big box stores. $35 a sheet plywood may look good but it isn't as well made as the $170.00 a sheet Baltic Birch stuff sold at high end mills. The expensive stuff is almost 100% stable with little or no voids inside the plywood.
  5. How are you getting rid of the glue squeeze out without jamming up a plane? I usually wipe the excess with hot water and a rag to minimize glue blobs.
  6. Black walnut or horse walnuts are inedible. Regular walnut produces a nut that is edible.
  7. Hinges aren't strong enough to handle the weight. Try bigger hinges or a piano hinge on both sides. Also check to make sure the cabinet hasn't racked and that the corners are still square.
  8. A dado is as a dado does. Leave the "back" dado in. It shouldn't affect it.
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