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  1. DRAGON1

    Birthday Greetings to...

    Thanks guys!!! Still looking for what new tool I want to get, lol.
  2. DRAGON1

    Pencil marks.

    I use carbon paper for scroll saw patterns with a brown gum eraser ( same as sanding disc gum.) For layout on fine wood I use a layout knife. No pencil needed except for arcs.
  3. Yeah stick I could get car tires cheaper, but I'm hoping those tires on the bike help me get rid of the spare tire on my gut!!!!
  4. Nah, lol. I was trying to get over the 70.00 each tires I had to replace!!!!!
  5. Went to get my bike fixed today and ran across this in the bike shop. Made by a guy out in Colorado. All wood frame and fenders, wood handlebars and leather grips. Price: 6,000.00
  6. DRAGON1

    Just a Couple Carved Walking Sticks

    Very nice!!!!
  7. DRAGON1

    Plane Books

    The key to any plane is a sharp blade. Without that you are dead in the water. The ability to be able to control the amount of wood you are removing is key, just like a jointer or planer. Veritas has some good sharpening systems.
  8. Sounds like removing the bark is the way to go.
  9. DRAGON1

    Shop Dust Fan

    Hang it from the ceiling and pipe it out through the roof.
  10. DRAGON1

    WW Magazines

    I used to subscribe to quite a few of them but since I've gone pro I look for pics then make my own design.
  11. DRAGON1

    Homemade Hybrids

    Looks good to me!!!!!
  12. DRAGON1


    Peachtree. Cost, availability and decent quality.
  13. DRAGON1

    Hole Saws

    Lenox brand is good, Milwaukee or greenlee is better. Remove the guide bit in the middle and make sure you have a 2 by for backing under the bit. Also use a fence and clamp down the piece so it doesn't spin.
  14. DRAGON1

    MWTCA May 2018 'What's It' Project

    I'm with Ron on this one. Could have had hay put in it then chained while horses hooves being shod, cattle being dehorned, or maybe sheep being sheared.
  15. DRAGON1

    Just Puttering Around In The Shop.

    Route all the edges!!!!!!!

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