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  1. I'm kind of with stick on this one. I'd take it apart, reglue that piece back to the leg. Then I'd put it back together. I'd take a long pilot bit and drill through the right and left faces of the leg and into the skirt boards (offset them a little so the right screws don't hit the left screws). use a countersink bit in the pilot holes to clean them out and countersink them. Make sure you use the right length screw to screw through the face of the legs and into the skirt boards. Some bondo, primer and paint will finish it.
  2. I have found a few places online that make custom stencils (lasercut) but was hoping one of our members had a lasercutter. wanted to keep the money in the group. I might buy some special wood for lasercutting and just make my own.
  3. Marking tool for marking holes in belts and straps. My best guess.
  4. Kind of what I'm looking for. I also put the designs on boxes, and cabinets, drawers and other wood and paint them or sometimes I even carve them.
  5. Hey, here's hoping someone can help me out. I've been doing a lot of woodburning and artwork this past month and most of what i'm doing is repeatable patterns. My fingers have taken a beating transferring the patterns onto wood with carbon paper and a pen. I came across the idea that if I had a stencil I could not only speed up the time it takes but maybe I could save my poor fingers from cramping so much. I'd be willing to pay for the stencils made from my jpeg's so if anyone has a way to make them let me know. THANKS in advance...
  6. Where's your makers mark on it?
  7. cool, but i'd hate to see the insurance bill for replacing it!!!!
  8. proper pronunciation: droors drawers is what you wear under your pants ( or over them, depending) droor pulls, what you use to open droors to get a new pair (1) of drawers
  9. I use the expensive 4 flute bits with the custom drill bit in it. I've always found coming at the hole once for the drillbit, twice to start the countersink, then the final time is to put the countersink just below the surface.
  10. Everything is ok. Just busy working and planning out how to "ramp" up MY skills at wood burning.
  11. Another good reason to ramp up your skills for the next one!!!!
  12. If'n you have somebody video you slapping the ugly off them so I can put it on "Americas funniest videos" I'll bail you out.... just sayin....
  13. Sico makes some stuff that is pretty good. http://www.sico.ca/en-CA/Search.aspx?keyword=formula+33&take=3&skip=0&category= check them out

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