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The Patriot Woodworkers with Operation Ward 57 Adopt a Wounded Warrior Family for the Holidays - 2019 project is live, please click on link to view our very special annual project.


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  1. Hey buddy, just a thought, can we get an app button like Facebook has or Google? Might up our fan base and ease of getting to the site. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! Dragon1

  2. DRAGON1


    got three of them. good looking out Stick!!!!!!!
  3. just do them for myself. may sell some in the future.
  4. Yeah, I miss Ralph and his quizzes. I miss Matt seiler? in Chicago and writing about punscatawny Phil and his adventures.et slot of good people over there as well as over here. I got out of there when it got negative vibes.
  5. Well after 6 months and 2 trips down to his business, uptite fasteners in Asbury Park, nj. I finally have my new Triton palm belt sander. Haven't had a spare minute to test it out other than to just make sure it runs. Didn't get thrown in jail, but it was close.
  6. I wanna cast out the "SHAME" vote but alas, been there, done that!!!!
  7. i use a three cut approach. first cut has the teeth going DOWN into the wood and i cut about a 1/4 inch down into the wood. second cut is short of the bottom, not all the way through. third cut starts all the way to the front of your piece, way deep so the teeth are actually cutting UP into the bottom of the wood face. you CAN get blades that have a inordinate amount of teeth but it still will come down to having the teeth cutting INTO the surface of the wood that will prevent blowout. One other thought is to find a 12 inch black and decker piranha blade, which would be worth its weight in gold as they don't make them anymore and can only be found once in a purple moon.
  8. rack for one book? hidden treasure? cd rack? record rack? Whatever it is it looks fricken nice!!!!
  9. Great job!!!!!!! I'm retarded cause all I can think about is how i'd go way bigger.
  10. Going to go down there after a few weeks ( gotta finish up some work) and show up at the store he works at. Will also send some nasty letters to the CEO of Triton as soon as I find his address.
  11. Well here's my gripe!!!!: Bought (or should i say paid for) a TRITON palm belt sander at the wood show up here in new jersey. The vendor I bought it from said they would ship it as soon as they got it in. Then they said they had sent it and gave me the tracking number to ups. ups said it never got to me as far as their tracking. I called debbie at TRITON customer service and they got ahold of the vendor and after MANY phone calls i got the promise they would refund the money. Didn't get squat. Debbie talked to district rep for TRITON who said the vendor would send the money. Didn't get squat. Talked to the vendor (eddie of u brite tools in Asbury park, new jersey) who said he would send me a refund. Didn't get squat. Tried to get back ahold of debbie at Triton customer service but she hasn't called me back for a month now. By the way its' been 4 months now and, you guessed it, Ain't got squat. So now I'm going to have to take a train down and back to asbury park to confront eddie to get my 69.99 dollars back. I'll never buy another Triton tool or deal with these yom heads at Ubrite tools in Asbury park. If you don't see me online for awhile it's cause I'm working in the prison woodshop.
  12. I'm mostly going to use it for cleaning out glue from corners. I use a sharp chisel for reading the grain on plugs then chiseling them off.
  13. Lol, I'm still on standby but new toys always get me thinking...
  14. Most don't realize the fine wood dust (flour) will clog a filter faster and will cause the motor to work harder. Do yourself and your lungs a favor and buy an extra hose to run the vacuum exhaust outside of the shop. Will also help the filter not fill as fast.
  15. Finally got the plane I ordered from veritas at the woodworking show. Alot of plane for 129.00
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