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    Ron Altier reacted to FlGatorwood in #3 Ornament With Cross for Windows   
    Dan, thank you for this tutorial.  Once I figured it out, it is almost simple except for the 2 processes.  The most complicated thing to me is the math and measurements.  
    One point if I may, is to ensure that all 4 pieces are as close to the same size as possible.  If they are not, you may have varying widths of cross and bar.  I did not see it in this thread, but in another you pointed out how to number the ends and mark the inside corners so you know when you have them turned correctly for both turnings.  Thank you again, Dan.  I owe you big time.  
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    Ron Altier got a reaction from lew in #3 Ornament With Cross for Windows   
    I like it and it looks great. Good job
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    Ron Altier reacted to John Morris in Seam Rippers For My Sister And Mom   
    Thanks for the wonderful tutorial Lew, and a great project. The photos are awesome too.
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