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  1. Ron Altier

    Ralph Jones

    Anyone know how Ralph is doing, haven't seen an entry lately. Maybe I didn't look at the right place
  2. Ron Altier

    Ralph Jones

    I think his last name is Jones
  3. Ron Altier

    Teslas At the Mall

    My wife asked if I'd like to tag along and go to one of those huge malls. She said it would take less than an hour and I like some of mall food, so I went. As we left I noticed a Tesla charging station with 12 stalls and 7 had Teslas in them. I wondered why they put the station as far from the entrance as possible. Then it dawned on me. Put it closer and it would be full of Teslas that didn't need charged, they just wanted a close place to park.
  4. Ron Altier

    It's Gone. Good Riddance

    my 6" Craftsman jointer I had one also, for many years and I had the same opinion as you. I even overhauled it, still didn't like it.
  5. Ron Altier

    Small Vase/Box

    My wife does a lot of crocheting, knitting, etc. She keeps her knitting needles and hooks in containers that I make. She loves the exotic woods and wanted a new one that she sized for me that is about 4" high. I found some Purple hart and I'm not sure what the other wood is. I put felt on the bottom of the hole and under the base. She is happy, happy wife, happy life
  6. Ron Altier

    Question About Woodsmith 'Tip'

    The solution to pollution is dilution? Tom, remember when they put air pumps on cars so that they tested within the limits? Same amount of pollution, just diluted.
  7. Ron Altier

    Question About Woodsmith 'Tip'

    Our collection system features trash and recycle. The trash pickup is all automated and is touched only by machine. Everything I have (that can't be recycled) is picked up, so I just toss all sharp stuff there. My neighbor had a leak in his radiator and replaced it himself. He asked the water/sewage people where he could toss the antifreeze. Their answer......just flush it down the toilet. By the time it gets a ways down, it will be diluted so much that it will do no harm. I was surprised at this answer.
  8. The web site changes make it look really great and professional. I did have a problem navigating thru the first few times, but I am not a guru or even close. About half the time I start an entry, the old entry is still there. Not a big deal. I would like to suggest that you make the "submit topic" in a darker color so it is more easily seen. Again, great looking site, good job!
  9. Ron Altier

    Web Site Changes (Button Color Too Light)

    Reply to topic, submit reply and submit topic are all in light pink. I have a mac
  10. Ron Altier

    Lathe Switch Failure

    I am in the middle of another experiment on the lathe (Jet mini) and the power switch failed. Failed in the ON position. It is nothing more than a toggle switch, but is a pain to deal with. Mainly because of my ability to drop things that fall in never, never land. I unplugged and got a new one at HD. Not a direct match (never is) So I had to improvise. I made it work after fumbling and dropping things. It missed fitting in the old switch mounting by one eighth inch, after I had it all together and tried to mount it. I am frustrated and dropped some screws. Many years ago as an instrument tech, I could work for hours on the same mechanical instrument. I am not as patient now and much clumsier. So I got me a glass of iced water and got on this forum. After about 15 minutes I returned to the lathe, got a flash light and looked for dropped parts. WOW, I found the screws and pieces quickly. Sometimes you just have to chill out.
  11. I have been playing around with the $1 solar sidewalk lights from the Dollar store again. If you remove all the stuff, metal top cover and stakes, you end up with only the collector, light defuser and LED. I cut off the extension that the stakes slide on. I built a lamp housing with a hole the same size in the top. A little Goop seals it and keeps it in place. This is a prototype, pending the approval of the CEO........wife. I have other ideas in the mix and will show that soon
  12. I was at the dollar store looking for the sidewalk solar lights for a buck. I had an idea and wanted some cheap ones. I used fencing board and drill holes for four of these lights. As luck would have it, a perfect fit with my 2 1/8 forstner drill bit. Its hanging out . in the sun charging now. Now that I have a prototype, my next one will be more precise
  13. Ron Altier

    Jig for Cutting Strips

    Years ago I came up with this idea for cutting strips by using my wooden feather board. I submitted it to a wood magazine. I won $25 and signed away all rights. As you can see, I just installed roller bearings. It worked very good. 3 months later, in a wood working sale flyer, there it was and labeled as "Dual use feather board, exciting new tool" That was my last submission of any kind.
  14. Ron Altier

    Hope This Makes You Smile

    A 70 year -old man is having a drink in a bar. Suddenly a gorgeous girl enters and sits down a few seats away. The girl is so attractive that he just can't take his eyes off her. After a short while, the girl notices him staring, and approaches him. Before the man has time to apologize, the girl looks him deep in the eyes and says to him in a sultry tone: "I'll do anything you'd like. Anything you can imagine in your wildest dreams, it doesn't matter how extreme or unusual it is, I'm game. I want $100, and there's another condition". Completely stunned by the sudden turn of events, the man asks her what her condition is. "You have to tell me what you want me to do in just three words." The man takes a moment to consider the offer from the beautiful woman. He whips out his wallet and puts $100 dollars in her hand ---He then looks her square in the eyes, and says slowly and clearly: "Paint my house." (Our needs change as we get older, and we tend to look for bargains) .
  15. Ron Altier

    Lathe Switch Failure

    GrandpaDave, the HD is about a quarter mile away. I know more about what and where they stock thing than 75% of their help I have also gotten some great bargains, when they want to move unselling stuff out, they really give it away. I have gotten flying insect spray for 1 cent per can. LED lights that sold on TV for $19.95 I got for $2.47, actually what they are worth
  16. Ron Altier

    Ergonomic Crochet Hook

    I learned a lot and ended out making 12 sizes with a keeper rack, also of exotic wood. I learned a lot and some did not work well, wrong shape for her hand. She uses them a lot. I also purchased bamboo hooks and adapted the hook part to my handles. crochet hoks.JPG difficult to get it right.
  17. Ron Altier

    Ergonomic Crochet Hook

    My wife saw some ergonomically designed crochet hooks and decided she would like to try one. So she showed me a picture of one. I have made 6 or 7 of the long thin ones and this looked much easier because it had strength in the bulkier handle part. She said it is much easier on her hands. The dia of the small end for the one she wanted was 5MM. It came out pretty good and she liked it so much she wants 3 more sizes. Sorry about the picture quality, but my iPhone was all I could use at the time
  18. Ron Altier

    Little Jug

    Just finished a small jug for my wife. It is made to her specs and she has plans to keep some of her craft/knitting/sewing tools in it. I made it of Leopard wood. She likes it............mission accomplished.
  19. Ron Altier

    Little Jug

    I brought some wood to CO from OH. There is a huge Lumber company run by the Amish that has so many different woods that it is unreal. One I nearly picked out had beautiful red streaks in it. Just as I was going to pick it up I read a sign above it "Caution this wood is in the sumac family" (Poison ivy family) I got as far away as possible
  20. Ron Altier

    Dollar Store Hanging Solar Light Idea

    She said they were too bright the way they are now. Go figure
  21. Ron Altier

    the Pitfall of Retirement

  22. Ron Altier

    Saving Faces

    I had some repair work to do on some of my faces. The calypso guy was mounted on a stump, up about 3 feet and the stump fell over. Busted him up real good. Fortunately, I found all the pieces.

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