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  1. I had an entry not long ago about my Porter Cable 20 volt drill chuck was slipping and one of my two batteries would not hold a charge very long. I ordered a new Ryobi 18 volt drill with a half inch chuck. After I ordered the new drill, I found the video of how to lock your chuck. I didn't know that!! I got out my new Ryobi and started using it. Right away I didn't like how it fit my hand, the pistol grip was too large in dia. Next was the speeds. The lower one is fine, but the high speed is to slow at its highest rpm, compared to my Porter Cable. These drills are used for many other beside
  2. My drill chucks are causing me problems by coming loose. I may be one of the few that didn't know this.
  3. My wife bought one of those bird feeder cages with suet inside. She want me to hang it in the tree. I told her the squirrels would empty it out in short order. She asked if I could fix it so that wouldn't happen. I said "sure" I had a 4 foot piece of three quarter angle iron, which I drove in the ground 5". Next I installed a 5' section of half inch slick PVC pipe in the top of the angle iron. At the top of the pipe I put the feeder cage. The very next day I watched as a squirrel climbed up the angle iron and proceeded up the PVC pipe like it was a ladder. So I got out my secret weapon, Tefl
  4. My thoughts exactly!! If I like them,,,,,,I know where she keeps them now. When she shops the craft stores, she can always buy more. That works for me
  5. My wife heard me complaining and said "Try one of these" and suggested I keep it in a pocket attached to my cell phone. She uses them with her sewing and crafts and likes them a lot. Its a 0.07 mm.HB #2. So far I like it and it fits nicely in a pocket attached to my phone...........if I remember to put it there.
  6. I have had bad luck with pencils. I like the ole wooden pencils to mark my wood with. Nearly all I have purchased have faulty graphite that breaks easily or the outer wooden/artificial substance falls apart. There are a lot of my pencils located around my shop in unusual places. That is where they landed when I threw them when they failed. The flat carpenters pencils are too large for my liking. How about a recommendation for quality pencils. The ones at HD (for wood marking) are predictably awful . I don't like the mechanical, not because of cost, but they mysteriously hide shortly after purc
  7. Postal, you are either a tall guy or the saw is sitting very low. I'd have to have it at a height that was convenient and not back bending.............by the way.......HAVE FUN!!
  8. I do have a beading tool, got it and didn't know what it was. I went to a garage sale and found 8 tools for $10. Some looked like turning tools and others I had no ideal. One of the guys here on PW told me that I had several carving tools and a couple of beading tools that were also good for carving. I have used them in the past and they do OK. I haven't used them much at all since carbide tools came out. "ONE OF THESE DAYS"...........I had forgotten about them, Now I intend to try again.
  9. Yes and I've regretted it ever since.
  10. I had pieces left over from the first box. Not all were long enough to make another box. Then I thought "what if". What if I glued the smaller left over pieces together end to end. That would make enough to make another box. The joints wouldn't show if I turned a groove and burnt in a line on top of the joints. It took planning, but it worked.
  11. Wow, that was an eye opener. Very few original manufacturers still in business on their own.
  12. John Morris wrote an excellent bio on Easy wood carbide turning tools. I was surprised to find out they invented them. Its a good read. II hope I found the proper link for his story.
  13. Where I worked, my company bought good heavy duty tools. Milwaukee was one of them. Of course I've been retired 22 years, so maybe Milwaukee has changed
  14. I did not have any problem at all, I wonder if it is due to turning with carbide tools
  15. I'd check the for play/movement in the shaft. Worn bearings and brushes in older equip will alter accurate cuts. It may not be worth saving if it has extensive use.
  16. My daughter's birthday is coming up and she requested a pencil box for her desk. It must be large enough to accomodate pencils, pens and markers.( Plus who knows what else.) She wanted it colorful, so I made it of cedar and maple that I already had. I put felt on the bottom of the inside and outside base. Cutting those angles is always a challenge, followed by glue up and turning it round. I don't use aromatic Cedar much anymore, but when I do I use a lot of caution, a good mask and plenty of vacuum.
  17. I like it and it looks great. Good job
  18. That makes me feel more like I do now than I ever have!
  19. My wife's mother had one and called it a Curtain stretcher. She helped her mother and remembers jabbing her finger on the needles. She said you washed your curtains, lace or thin linen, used a lot of starch and then stretched them on the rack outside in the sun or on the porch. After dry they stayed straight and looked great on the windows.
  20. I think you got it Larry. My mom had one too.
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