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  1. I hope to get back in my shop soon. 2 weeks ago I developed a terrible pain that radiated from my right shoulder to my wrist. Sometimes it hurt so bad that my whole arm could only hang there. It was Bursitis. I had it 30 years ago in the same arm. It is much better now and I treated it with aspirin and Hemp cream. (Amazon) Its legal here maybe most places too. I bought it 6 months ago for my wife's hand pain. I had forgotten about it. When I did try it , it was a great relief. No pin pills that mess my stomach or make me feel looney. This stuff worked fine for me. No it does not make me high. It did allow me to sleep and relieve the pain (for the most part)
  2. I gave up sharpening blades, my efforts were not good. I had expensive blades that most pros didn't do a great job on. Now I buy carbide tip blades on sale at HD for less that I can get them sharpened. This tool could be good to sharpen all of your old blades. I tossed mine, didn't know I could buy a simple device like this.
  3. Very nice and beautiful grain............good job.
  4. My neighbor lady is going thru cancer treatments and it is a very exhausting, prolonged process. I thought I'd make her an ornament to cheer her up. She always loved the deep red color woods. I made this one out of Blood wood and a bit of Yellow Heart.
  5. I'm in the Denver area and we have had some hot, smoky weather. However last night it snowed in the high country. First time that has happened this early in many years. It has been a strange weather year in many parts of the country. Smoke, drouth, record heat and we are hoping for a record mountain snowfall. Many states depend on mountain snow for water.
  6. The hanger and bead are earring accessories I purchased at Hobby Lobby, michaels or on line. The tiny ibolt hanger has screw threads and I predrill a hole for it. Don't want to break it, it will break easily. I use pierced earring hooks and tiny chain from the same places. The bead comes with a short needle and I pre drill, cut it to size and epoxy in place. I use a couple of finishes, depending on the wood. Hard wood I use a homemade version of Crystal Cote Polish. Other times I use Rustoleum 2x clear cote spray. I spray while suspending the piece and twisting the string so the piece revolves to assure even coat with no runs. It drys quickly
  7. I had a piece of Poplar wood 2x2x12 and it had 2 colors, dark green and light wood. The colors went the length of the board. The board is pictured below the turned piece. I thought the grain was unique and tried an experiment. I ripped the board in 4 pieces, cut each to length and glued all 8 pieces back together doing my best to match grain and color. I turned it down for an ornament. You can see the joints if you look closely.
  8. I did find out that the lady that took the pictures does live here in CO. It does stop by regularily.
  9. Due to past fires, the vegetation along the mountains could not hold back soil, sand and rocks. I'm sure you have read about it. Now they have set an opening date and said that they are using huge chain link bags of rocks and boulders to hold things in place. Its a scary place. Many of the areas were already covered with chain link fence to put a damper on some boulders. Lots of people tried back country trails over the mountains this presented a BIG problem. Many did not know just how scary it was and didn't know how to drive on that dangerous trail. There were many rescues performed. One bus even tried. Busted tires and oil pan. Then someone had to tow it out. What a mess. Do you you suppose that they can move those nasty mountains with a 100 trillion dollar budget?
  10. The smoke in our area is really bad, but even worse in the Denver area. We live about 25 miles south. My wife and I had a Dr appt today about 5 or 6 miles from Denver. You have to look hard to see Denver, but it is there.
  11. I've seen many hummingbirds and a few different varieties. However I've never seen an albino. This was posted locally, but I don't know anything about location or any details. Amazing
  12. Heavy smoke and haze are the order of the day. We can not see the foothills that are about 10 miles away. A news article said that Denver residents and workers are breathing air equivalent to 2 cigarettes day. There is a condition caused by the Denver's location near the mountains that traps the air and pollutants. The area where we live is not nearly as bad. Sure will be glad when all the fires are out.
  13. I stopped at Goodwill and found some beautiful Purple Heart wood made into some junk shelves. I will be happy to use this cheap beautiful wood. While I was there I found this press, it is hand operated and only has a couple of numbers on it. Z-341 & Z-1211. I paid about $5. It has never been used and functions fine. It is made for a special use and looked up those numbers on the web........nothing. Any ideas?
  14. It is still not fully resolved but it does do OK. Sometimes it is spot on and other times not so much. Thanks for the advise.
  15. I found that they had change the sign in slightly and I was able to get in Ok. Probably a young mind would have picked up on it right away.........I'm slow, it took some time. Thanks for all the suggestions
  16. Well, that didn't last long. The second time I tried it........it failed again.
  17. About a year ago I got a mac air. It has some neat features. Last week it downloaded an update. The next day I could not go to any site without entering my passcodes. It did not remember any of them. No matter what I did, each time it required my password. I carefully went thru the procedures and did some research. I did not want to change settings that I did not know what the ending would be. I was not successful. Today I got an apple mac update that cured it all. You'd think that an update that caused that much of a problem would have been revised within hours, not a week later. Maybe they couldn't afford to do it quickly......................NOT!!
  18. I looked for the link and had no luck. I'll do some more looking. At no time was the use of both I'm having trouble findiing it. will look again tomorrow
  19. All my shop safety training said "Never use a fence and miter at the same time." when cutting a board. I was watching a Youtube video and I saw a guy on a large bandsaw using both as tho it was standard practice. I am sure it is not a big danger, like the circular saw, but Is it a good practice? If so ......why?
  20. If you were drafted into the Army, you heard a common term you knew pronounced so different that you weren't sure what they meant. At the same very instant, the guy you was talking to was confused by how you pronounced it.
  21. Thanks, very good explanation and pictures.
  22. That sure make a lot of sense, thanks Dan
  23. So this is a bad choice because of cracking. I do like to turn pieces like that and not had any bad experiences yet. Of course my pieces are small and well dried before I turn them. Thanks Gerald
  24. I am not to knowledgable about lumber and the various cuts of lumber. I was in HD today and I always walk past the cull lumber cart. I have gotten some good wood there before, including some small pieces of walnut. Today I saw this large piece that looked like it was a 8x6 timber. It didn't have any obvious flaws, however the end grain was very unusual. It was the center of the tree. I have rarely seen this and wondered if it was NOT a good piece to use and that was why it was in the cull lumber. Is there reasons why you wouldn't want it?
  25. Years ago i got a calculator that expresses in standard, metric and fractions. I often have to get it out and think for me
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